Friday, June 5, 2015

Cherry Bomb - Tyler, The Creator

As I promised, here is Cherry Bomb. This is 4th studio album by California rapper and producer Tyler, The Creator. He is probably my favorite OF member for the fact that all three albums, prior to this albums, I've either loved or liked a lot. I reviewed all but Bastard so far for him. No other artist have I almost reviewed their stuff, the closest is probably The Weeknd, but I still need two more albums excluding Trilogy. I digress, this is something I'm curious about so why not review it. And well after one listen I know how I feel sadly. PS I'd do I Don't Go Outside, but its boring and I like it quite a bit less than this album. Straight up, I'm not gonna take much time to note samples or ever features beyond main or one that I care about. Tomorrow will see the release of my review for someone who should have had it a long time ago.
  1. Death Camp: I don't really... well I think I have to listen to this in order to say how I feel. I remember hearing this at the end of the Fucking Young music video and kind of being interested in what what to come. The guitar is very fuzzy and I like the sample that he used, but I prefer the original over this album. This is a very repetitive song, and if I'm being completely honest, I rearranged this in my head. There is so much more he could have done to make this song amazing. I mean the best part is definitely the "I don't like to follow the rules" clap, and percussion solo. Like the bass, such a missed opportunity. And while I think the fuzz works here, I think the over use gets old. I also like that old synth sound that reminds me of Miami Vice.
  2. Buffalo: There a few different jokes I could make, "Shiny Shiny" or Buffalo Voice but no one would get those. This song opens up with a cheer of sorts, which is a sample from Shake Your Booty by Bunny Steiger. But the guitar on this isn't as fuzzy, but this seems a little cluttered. I mean only like at the first few seconds in the verses (?). Just listen to it, it's the part before the Goblin call back, you know the very "Kill People, Burn Shit, Fuck School" sounding synths. I mean I like it more then the last track, but it's a little cluttered. The ending is good though, like the every ending with it's just vox, piano, synth.
  3. Pilot: Episode of what?  Damn it! This is a return to the not very good compression. I do like interlude thought, inbetween the vocals. This really honestly reminds me of Sara. It's not as good as Sara, but it's okay.
  4. Run: "Run Run Run Gypsy Death" (?). But seriously this reminds me a little of Outta My Mind by B.O.B. and that's really all I have to say. Well other than may it modulates and that the vocals sounds pitched up. But picture Outta My Mind.
  5. Find Your Wings: This title reminds me a lot of Spread Your Wings by Queen. Also I think it's kinda sick he got Roy Ayers to play on this song. My favorite thing he did was the soundtrack to Coffy with Pam Grier. My problem with Roy is that most of his albums are just covers. Now Coffy is original material and its music to a Pam Grier movie so it scores points regardless. Now I should talk about the track but honestly I'm more interested and invested in talking about the pointless filler I did earlier for this track vs the actual song. Because honestly I have nothing to say that isn't said anywhere else in the review, it's just not that great and interesting outside of the choices of instruments. 
  6. Cherry Bomb: "Che Che Che Che Che Cherry Bomb". Actually, honestly I sing the little "cha cha cha" part before the song starts. I did it to the drum rhythm in the beginning. This title actually irritates me quite a bit. I mean Bastard, Goblin and Wolf aren't anything at all unique and original or different in terms of titles, but this is just so stupid. It takes the cake kinda. This is very distorted song that isn't done very well. I mean Death Grips distorted song stuff off Jenny Death but they, you could understand what Ride was saying. This just, it sounds like it was recorded on a cassette and instead of the hiss being too loud the hiss was traded in for digital distortion. And the part you can make out isn't good enough to make out the track. I wonder if he did this to cover up something that wasn't as interesting. Although I do dig the soul vocals and the very New Slaves vibe beat that you can make out when the female vocals come in. Also not huge on the ending, and the very very ending like that car radio thing, reminds me so much of nostalgia, ULTRA. and channel ORANGE.
  7. Blow My Load: Classy title, well but then again it is Tyler. But you know, this title is just so dumb. But that ultimately won't effect my out look on the song. Another track that reminds me of Analog. I wouldn't be surprised if the synths are the same synth or this is based on that track. I kept singing "meet me by the lake" while I was listening to it. And the fact that there is a "hidden" song. Damn it it reminds me so much of Analog.
  8. 2Seater: This title reminds me of Analog and Slater. This title almost sounds like it'd fit on Wolf without issue. I also play Bimer in my head when I see this title on its own and without music yo back it up. But anyway I feel like maybe if the synth wasn't so farty and "sawed" then it'd work better. I do like that saxophone in the track, but still.... I mean this doesn't really stick out as mind blowing. I do enjoy how it goes into that whole short string section thingy. It's arranged very well, but it still feels a little off. The whole idea of this jazz thing on the track has everything to sound good, it just doesn't really click for me.
  9. The Brown Stains of Darkeese Latifah Part 6-12 (Remix): This track features Black Hippy member Schoolboy Q. I think the title is bizarre and like it for that reason, though I'm not digging the "remix" in the title. The hand claps in the beginning remind me of the hand clap section in Cherry Bomb. I like the Jared Leto reference, but not up to snuff.
  10. Fucking Young / Perfect: This features Charlie Wilson (of the singing parts in Bound 2) and Kali Uchis. This is the only song that doesn't piss me off or leave me completely unsatisfied. Okay there aren't any tracks that piss me off, but just about every track leaves me unsatisfied. Just about, and honestly this track looses a little of it's appeal after multiple listens. Also I wish he would have done this topic a little more tastefully. I'ver tried to write a song in this vein, not because if it but love before it (like it dates back to last Fall). The thing is I have to wait to write the words more tasteful, but they are still more tasteful then Tyler's take. Thought I love the transitions between the songs and reminds me of a part in Siberian Breaks. This tracks ending also reminds me of Treehome, and honestly this is much more tasteful then the first half. I imagine a younger girl wouldn't realize the consequences of dating or fooling around with an older guy. She like the adventure and the thrill and to experience it, he just wants to not deal with the problems that come with it.  
  11. Smuckers: This features Kanye and also Lil Wayne. The horns in the beginning of this track totally remind me of Goblin or Bastard, fuck what song is it. It's just better quality sounding and more clear. I think it's funny that that's what it reminds me of because there is a guy who said this album, in a review, sounds like he never made those two albums. This is such a great song Damn! This could be one of my favorite songs by TC. This is really great track, but then again, who knows. This is the only track that I'm probably a big enough fan of, maybe it's because it's slightly better than the others.
  12. Keep Da O's: Shocker guess who comes to visit for round two Pharell, and also Coco O who was on Treehome 95. It also sampled I Only Have Eyes For You by the Flamingos. There are trap sounding drum sounds. But really it isn't anything I like. When I hear this I think of drill, which is a genre, but I am not sure if this is that. So I'm just gonna say it's sounds like an alien invasion drill. There is sawed or boxed. I don't' remember the second name because it's 7 in the morning and I've been up, minus an hour of sleep, since 2 yesterday.
  13. Okaga, CA: And this ends with an underwhelming closer. This reminds me of the soul part in Fucking Young. Why it's because it's a reprise. You know I love the idea of playing with the idea of sex with a minor. You can make a compelling song about that taboo or a raw song. Examples of raw are Jailbait by Ted Nugent, Christine Sixteen by Kiss. Then the compelling thoughtful, for me at least, is I'm On Fire by Bruce Springsteen, and though Anyone's Daughter by Deep Purple is more tongue in cheek the music is very touching for me. Hell I think that Cradle of Love did it better and was more enjoyable. I think when you make a soul song you should make it either very creepy, when covering this topic, or make it very soulful. Like you love her. Whatever.
Overall I have to give this a 5/10. I'm very disappointed, though I quickly got over it, by TCs new album. To be honest there isn't much difference between this and Wolf, not conceptually but like setup wise. Instead of Jazzier stuff on Wolf he tackles more hard rockin shit, for lack of better word. This track also features more soul and r&b which are probably the better tracks, and moments,  here. But I can easily say this is my least favorite album by him. Well there are still other albums to look forward to, regardless of how well the previous 2015 anticipated albums have went down with me. At.Long.Last.A$AP (which wasn't what I hoped for, it didn't live up for me), Buckethead (he's probably gonna put out about 100 this year one is bound to be good), while I'm not looking forward to it I'll probably review SWISH. Oh, also i almost forgot, look forward to my upcoming Unconquered Sun review, which should be the next review of 2015 (release year not overall).