Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The OF Tape Vol. 2 - Odd Future

This is, I guess, The second official album by the hip-hop group Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. For this release I noticed that they shortened their name down. I like it more as Odd Future than the full name. It's much too long. I have been waiting for this album to come out for over a month. I was a little late into the whole Odd Future world. I saw the music video for Rella either the day it came out, or the day after. I was pumped for this since I am SUPER in LOVE with that song. By no means is this my last review for these guys. On the contrary, I hope to review all of their stuff.
  1. Hi.: This is the introduction to the album. This song isn't really that amazing. It serves it's purpose, but I am not like, this is not in anyway a Rella. Some guy named L-Boy and he is just telling a story.
  2. Bitches feat. Domo Genesis and Hodgy Beats: This is the first actual song on this album. The first time I heard this song I wasn't really that impressed. I don't really know anything by either Domo or Hodgy. The beat in this song is kind of obnoxious. The second time hearing this song is better than the first time. But that's how most song by them are, if you don't like it the first time. This song still doesn't have an amazing beat, but it still sounds better after being able to digest it.
  3. NY (Ned Flander) feat. Hodgy Beats and Tyler, The Creator: I didn't really like this song the first two or three times I heard this album. But while I am listening to it during this review of it, I like it more than before. I like that there is a like Spanish girl talking in the middle of the song. This song is kind of depressing. Tyler is pretty good on this, and his raps flow. I didn't really think that his lyrics were that good at first. But as I said it grew on me. I also didn't notice his Goblin reference. The ending of the song has some girl talking about sucking his friends dicks. The song is kind of depressing, and the video reminds me of like a ''black'' version of RV by Faith No More. Not sound wise, just concept wise. {8/10}
  4. Ya Know feat. The Internet: The only think that I've ever heard by The Internet was Cocaine. I didn't like that video and that song in general. I only listened to it once, I am going to give it another chance but I remember not liking it. In the middle of the song there is like a beat solo where it is just electronic sounds. It kinda reminds me of like outer space. She even uses reverb or something after that to make her voice sound like an astronaut and far away.
  5. Forest Green feat. Mike G: The only thing that I know about Mike G is his name. I don't know if he's good or bad. From this song he isn't that bad. Left Brain produced this song and it seems that he is pretty good at production. There is a heavy dub step background in the verses. The chorus reminds me of Eminem's song, I think it's Without Me, which I know is off 2002's The Eminem Show. I don't like that album, I kind of think that it sucks... bad. There is also this like violin sample in this song that make it neat. I actually really like this  song and there is a part where it kind of reminds me also of So Bad off Relapse. I hope you know what I'm talking about.
  6. Lean feat. Hodgy Beats and Domo Genesis: Oh shit, Hodgy and Domo, I hope this will be good. Ironic enough the first words in this song are "Oh Shit". I put my first sentence of this before the song started. The sample in this song reminds me of a mix of Nintendo sounds and Jeopardy song. This seems to be a weed rap. I don't really like weed raps, I don't smoke. Though it might see, I have never shot, snorted, sniffed, smoked, toked, drank, or performed a self enema. This song is really an ok song like it think that it is 
  7. Analog 2 feat. Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean and Syd: Frank didn't disappoint me with this song. Nor did Tyler and with the addition of Syd this song is more R&B influenced. I got bored of Analog off Goblin but this one is much better and more "professional" and seems like they took more time doing this. There is a hidden track in this called Wheels 2. This song is fucking R&B straight up. I really think this reminds me of a better quality, more clear, version of  The Weeknd on his House of Balloons mixtape.
  8. 50 feat. MellowHype: I haven't heard any thing by MellowHype but if all their stuff is like this than I'm psyched. This song is very aggressive and angry, the same anger, if not worse, that is on Radical off Tyler's album Goblin. The beat on this song is solid and angry. This song is a song that I could see people moshing to. This song is also kind of scary. There is a part where the vocals are sung together and it reminds me of the song Bright Light Fright by Aerosmith off 1977's Draw the Line. This is probably, out of all their albums, either my favorite or in the top 3. This song makes me want to punch a wall. I was very angry before I listened to this song and now I'm not so mad. It drains the aggression out of you.
  9. Snow White feat. Hodgy Beats and Frank Ocean: I like this song, I don't think that this is the best song on the album, but I still like it. The rhymes aren't shocking me, first time through, but I know that I have to relisten to it. There is this like static sounds that. I don't really think that Hodgy and Frank are that good of a mix. They are completely different, in my head. Hodgy seems to me like a Lil' Wayne type of thing. Frank is like a Chris Brown, except for the Rihanna thing. The chorus doesn't sound very good. The flow into it doesn't really sound that good. I think that it isn't that good of a match up to start off with anyway. And the static sound kind of fights, not very much, but little bit the song. It ends up winning but still. I think the static is a sick way to lead into, the one the only....
  10. Rella feat. Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis and Tyler, The Creator: I took me 5 listens to get enough to be pleased with the information fo accurate info for this song. This beat is FUCKING CATCHY. There is no denying, and this is produced by the one and only Left Brain. This song is my favorite song I've ever heard by anyone who has to do with OFWGKTA. The beat on this is aggressive and pumps me up. I could see people moshing to this song. There isn't as much anger in this song as there is on 50 but there still is. The rhymes are perfect, Hodgy fucks his lines and makes the song drip shit out of it's asshole. Then comes Domo, who continues the fucking, but a little softer and slows down, but picks it up. When he is all done Hodgy has this little fill until...... UH!!!! Tyler stick his thumbs in this songs asshole and fucks it till it bleeds out. His words are super easy to understand the meanings, alone with the rest of the song, but Tyler just skull fucks his part. There is no way to explain how good he is at his part. This song is so fucking catchy... WHY!!!! I think that this is honestly the best song to come out of 2012 so far. I don't think that its humanly possible to explain this song. The only negative, which is so small I'm gonna make the text for it smaller than the other text. The little problem is it kinda ends abruptly {12/10} PS on my play lists in the past 2 weeks this song has 55 plays. 
  11. Real Bitch feat. MellowHype and Taco: This song is more R&B feel to it. This song isn't really that good. The flows are lacking. There is a part in this song where it has them say swag like 15 times in a row. And the vocals of the chorus are not very good. This song is sexist, but who cares about that, it's just not good.
  12. P feat. Hodgy Beats and Tyler, The Creator: This song is solid. I really think that Hodgy does good on his part, but Tyler is solid on his parts. He takes this song like a pro. I could see this song being an outtake from his solo album Goblin. I really like this song
  13. White feat. Frank Ocean: This song is actually pretty pretty. This is a decent one by Frank Ocean. The beats are more emotional and more sweet than the others. This kind of reminds me of The Weeknd. This is a pretty cool song. I think that it  also has this keyboard in the background that reminds me of like some '70s R&B thing. The trumpets in this song remind me of the sample from Set The World On Fire off Megadeth's 1988 album So Far, So Good... So What! I feel like there isn't enough meat to this song, and it is a little too short.
  14. Hcapd feat. Domo Genesis, Hodgy Beats and Tyler, The Creator: This song is the power trio that is featured in Rella. This beat isn't nearly as good as Rella. I'm not ripping on this song, but I wish it was better beat. This could also be an outtake from Goblin. It sounds like the Therapist is on this song. And also there is reference to Wolf Haley. This song is also pretty cool thought. This is an angry song and it also mentions Gold Wang. This song is better the second time hearing it.The sample in the background reminds me of a cop car siren.
  15. Sam (Is Dead) feat. Tyler, The Creator and Domo Genesis: The beginning of this song reminds me of an old school underground hip-hop. This song reminds me of Eminem's first full length album from 1996 titled Infinite (hence the verse "From Infinite down to the last Relapse album" lyric in the song Not Afraid). This song is really cool. I kind of wish that they saved this for a Goblin 2.  This isn't really all that much of a collaboration as much as Tyler rapping alone. I disagree with how this feels on this album. I feel like this should be a mix tape, not more of a second half of the album being like Goblin: Refill. That is my only gripe so far with these songs that sound like that. I think they are perfect for a solo album for Tyler
  16. Doms feat. Domo Genesis:  This seems like it is a R&B song, kinda. This song sounds like Domo was having trouble coming up with a free style, and he doesn't start until about 1:15 seconds out of a 3:13 seconds song. This song is ok, but I don't like the beat. I don't like how it doesn't sound like it's very good quality. The rhymes aren't that amazing either, but I like the song. It isn't that bad.
  17. We Got Bitches feat. Tyler, The Creator, Taco and Jasper Dolphin: There is a person screaming on this song, I am assuming Jasper Dolphin because he says "I'm Back" and this is his first contribution to the album. This song reminds me of like a hardcore rap version of a song that Key of Awesome would do. Like the voice sounds like the guy from that who is like the main guy. It don't really sound serious, which it probably isn't supposed to but, they aren't terrific at showing being serious or not. I do like this song though. I think that this is another song aggressive. This is actually like a more pop version of a song I could picture on that Death Grips mixtape Exmilitary.
  18. Oldie feat. Tyler, The Creator, Hodgy Beats, Left Brain, Mike G, Domo Genesis, Frank Ocean, Jasper Dolphin and Earl Sweatshirt : Fuck... Look who's on this bitch. EARL... he's free. And bitch it's fucking 10:36. When I first saw that I almost cumed. The song starts with them giving shouts out which lasts 0:24 seconds. Tyler is the first MC up. He is a solid flow going on to the song. Hodgy takes on the flow. He does a good job at it, not as good as Tyler but it's still good. I thought that Left Brain's verses was interesting. I didn't really know what his voice was like. I think he should rap more, and not just as MellowHype with Hodgy. Mike G. comes fourth, and he is good. Like I said I don't really know Mike G. that well, but I don't even know if he has an album or ep or mixtape out there. I think that he is good. I kinda want him to do a solo album. The other one who should have a solo album is Domo who does a good job on this. I can't say he is as good on this as the standard set from Rella but it is still good and cool. Frank is better at singing, I didn't really like his part much. Jasper fucking reminded me of Ol' Dirty Bastard. Like no joke it's like around 6:20 he starts. He also announces his name. He fucking KILLS this Ol' Dirty Bastard sound. Then comes Earl, and he fucks this song more than Tyler. I have only heard the song Earl by him but if all his songs are like that it is gonna be fucking sick. Tyler ends this song up and ends it up in a good way. And he mentions Radical as "his" anthem. This song is like a big ass long Wu-Tang Clan song. Actually it reminds me of the last track on Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). I didn't realize this but one of my favorite part in this song is Frank's part. He is sick as a rapper, and I like his raps and flows better on this than his singing on Snow White. This song gets better everytime I listen to it. {9/10}
Overall I give this a 8.75/10. I really liked this muther fucka' in general. Obviously, as you have read, I don't think that this is Gods gift to rap. There is a ton more R&B style songs on this. This is like the other stuff I've heard by them. By that, I mean that, the way these guys are is if you don't really like a song, it you take it, it will grow on you. These guys are intense and they aren't nessicarly some type of group you can half arsed listen to and like it. You need to pay attention to this and actually listen to it. This is a process, once the process is over you will enjoy it. I'm going to try to pick up a copy tomorrow, too late and my ear has this abnormal sized zit/sis so I am going to the doctor tomorrow. So I'll try to buy it tomorrow. I was pretty caught up in the whole ear thing to buy it. I will have to live with the fact that it was the day after thought. :( But in all seriousness I'm kind of scared about this sis thing, it's been there for a month and I am scared. I went back and re-reviewed this as a 9.2/10. Ok this is now April and I regret giving it suck a high score. This thing has pulmeted and it is going to get a 5/10 instead of a 9. Sorry it just hasn't kept it's edge with me.

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