Friday, March 30, 2012

Try This At Home - Finding Fiction

This is an indie band from Brooklyn. I found out about these guys via FrostClick. The album cover looks pretty cool and mysterious. Like I am curious to see how this plays out. The cover of this kind of reminds me of The Weeknd's mix tape House of Balloons. Oh yeah, I posted this ten days after I started the initial review
  1. Migraines & Sheep: This song isn't that bad. The way it starts out is pretty cool. This song gives me a feeling of that this is going to be a good listen. And that I have not made a mistake choosing to listen to this Ep. The only thing is this song kind of drags on. And it doesn't recover from that drag for me. The second time hearing this, ten days later, I think that it is a little better. The drag still goes on, but it's not as bad. This really reminds me of that band Fun. that I heard from the commercials on YouTube.
  2. Panic Rooms: This song starts out, for me, not so hot. I really was hoping to get swipe off my feet, in order to make up for that drag of the last track. #This song is only like 13 seconds shorter than track one. This song is just, no other way to say this, Bad. The beginning of the song kind of sounds like a panic. This song kind of reminds of These Animals. The name of this song kind of reminded me of Coldplay's song Don't Panic off Parachutes 
  3. Weathermen: There is nothing that really appealed to me in this song. This is the longest song, only by a couple seconds, but still. I don't like this. This just has no appeal to me. I feel like this is just to repetitive for me to like. The vocals in the mix are to in there. It sounds like there it this wall and everything is trapped within that wall. And nothing can get passed that wall. Somethings are louder than others, but thats only because they are fighting stronger. And his vocals are also just have this echo to it to where I personally can't understand a word the singer is saying. That song was just... it just went on.
  4. Dear Daylight: This song is ok  There is nothing that is overly amazing about this track but it is still decent. There is this thing in the background that sounds like this siren, and it just has this odd feel to it that makes it irritate me. It kind of gets on my nerves, and it just is irritating. There is also this feel to it, that reminds me like they want to try to sound like a band that I'm not super fimilar with, but The Cure. The songs off Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me remind me of this Ep. But it's like, they are failing at it. This song just doesn't grab me.
Over all  I give this a 4.2/10. I think that this kind of dragged on. It would of been so much better if it were shorter. Not to mention track two was just bad. I hope these guys make another Ep but make it a lot better than this one. It wasn't that fun of a listen, for me at least.This is a "very indie" band that would be on the radio. One that I tend to find that I like to stay away from. They don't really sound like anything that I've never heard before and liked. One plus to this is it's only 22 minutes, but that is killed by the fact that these song are not very good. They have another ep called Plastic & Change Ep, I hope that one's better than this one.

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