Saturday, March 10, 2012

Van Halen III

This album is supposedly Van Halen's forgotten album. The album cover isn't that attractive, It was released in 1998, Sammy wasn't on it and they had that singer from Extreme on it. Now I'm not a Halen addict but I do like some of their stuff. Their first album is their best, then 1984 is also good. There are various other songs off various other albums that I like but beside that, that's pretty much it. So going looking at this I thought it was a joke... until I accidentally listened to A Year To The Day.
  1. Neworld: This is an acoustic piece that is accompanied by a piano. It has this type of a country/classical feel to it. It is also I think a good way to start something new. #NewSinger should bring new style. And it's more chords than soloing.
  2. Without You: The drums pick up right where the acoustic guitar in Neworld's harmonics end. This is powerful song. I think that this has more power behind it than A Different Kind of Truth. This song has backing vocals that sound like they are being drowned underwater. The verses guitar somewhat resembles something like the Red Hot Chili Peppers but good. Cuz Anthony Keidas sucks major cock. This song sounds like they are experimenting a little more and I applaud them for that. It isn't that extremely different but it has a different feel. The singer sounds like a medium between Sammy and David. It also sounds like there is more acoustic electric guitar on this album than the others.
  3. One I Want: The beginning of the riff sounds something like Panama. The bass in this song is more funky and it is the drums are a little overshadowed by everything else. The backing vocals are also a little buried in the mix. This song is something that I could picture Dave singing on. This is still a cool song. Though I could picture Roth on this song, they changed it to fit the singer a little more. The guitar at parts sound like a sitar. There is also picture Sammy singing on this.
  4. From Afar: The beginning fades in with Eddie playing arpeggios of chords. Then the riff comes in and sounds like something off 5150. The first album to feature Sammy Hagar as the singer, and the beginning of Van Hagar era. This song feels like it has this feel of bigness to it. There is the bass that at parts makes a pounding noise. The persuasion on this song sound like it is going to get bigger. The song doesn't really get that much bigger. But the false feel of that is a good one. The pre-solo in this song sounds chaotic, by that I mean that it sounds like he was hitting random notes and put them in different channels. There is also parts in the song where the vocals remind me of Alice Cooper.
  5. Dirty Water Dog: The beginning of this song starts out with drums pounding along with what sounds like someone using sandpaper. I could picture this on For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. I know that they did some weird stuff like that with Sammy but this has a different feel. The guitar in this song is just has this over all plucked sound to it where it is awesome. This also has a touch of Finished What You Started
  6. Once: The beginning of this song starts with a piano and an acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar has this type of distortion to it that reminds me of Buckethead's 1998 album Colma (which will hopefully go up soon). This has much more of a lounge feel to it than any other Van Halen song. This song is really cool and also has this type of 90's pop music appeal to it. This reminds me of that music I used to hear when I was younger and 90's music was still popular during the 2000's. I was 2 and a half when this came out. This also has a type of a soul feeling to it, this somewhat reminds me of, dare I say, Titanic. I could see this being on the sound track. Another thing is that the guitar solo is in the mix on this song, not over powering everything and goes to the fade. This
  7. Fire In The Hole: There is a outer space sounds that are in the beginning of the song and are then followed by a riff. There isn't much difference between this song and any other song on the album. Each song sounds different and you can tell, but this one just doesn't stand out like some of the others. The instrumentation at parts are really cool and sound driving, but that doesn't mean that it's that different. There is a part right after the solo in this song that sounds evil. It lasts like 5 seconds but it is pretty cool. I like how the singer is talking to the fade of the song.
  8. Josephina: This sounds like, from the chords in the beginning, an 80's ballad. One problem with Van Halen was their songs had a distinctive sound to it. This song sounds like it is a different step for them. Parts in the guitar remind me of Misty Mountain Hop. I don't know why but it does. This song just has a totally different feel to it than other Van Halen songs. This song has a guitar solo that sounds like the beginning of Panama. The distortion of animal sounds and stuff. This song is pretty cool and just an interesting way to look at them in a different light. And yes there is sounds of a Carnival at the end of the song that last past the fade.
  9. Year To The Day: Now I'm not very old, I'm 16 years old. I haven't been around a long time. But I've grown up listening to classic rock and I've gone wayward musically with suggestions and my own ideas. Now I'm not a perfect person and stuff, I don't really see what that has to do with anything. But I have not been hit with a Van Halen song this hard for a couple years. They have progressively lost their edge as I have grown older into my mid teen years. This song is the exception. This song is fucking the shit. The clean Spanish sounding guitar part in the beginning of the album reminds me of any classic Eddie solo song. The thing that's different about this song is that it can make me cry. The lyrics on this song are simple but they are actually good. This song is very pretty and builds, This is kind of like Stairway to Heaven, in the way that it builds, but it stays there and continues to drive on, until the end. The solo in this song is so different than any other Van Halen thing I've ever heard. It just feels so fresh. This IS! my favorite guitar solo I've heard Edward play. {12/10}
  10. Primary: This song is like a new revamped alternate Eruption but for like a sitar or something. 
  11. Ballot or Bullet: This song is different. I don't recall ever hearing a Van Halen song sound this way with this distortion. The vocals sound strained. The lyrics aren't amazing, but when are they when it comes to theres guys. This song sounds like it was influenced by Extreme but with a Van Halen twist on it. This song is ok. I don't exactly know how I feel about it. There is also a type of garage rock feel to the riff of the song. Kind of like The White Stripes, the guitar sounds pretty cool and he obviously uses a slide on this song.
  12. How Many Say I: To date this is the only song that Eddie does lead on. How sick is that . Eddie's vocals are surprisingly warm feeling. Though he doesn't sound amazing he sounds like his voice is fit for the piano. The way they sing the chorus sounds very cool. This song is the furthest thing away from their traditional sound I've heard. There is really no question in the matter, it is a fact. This song is pretty and shows that Eddie isn't just a guitarist. It's a shame that he hasn't sung more than lead this once. The piano is accompanied by strings from a brief stint. There is a keyboard what I want to call movement that makes me cry. This is an awesome way to end a new start and say get the fuck ready for the next album with this new sound. I am legitimately shocked at this song. Never would I think that they would do this. Ever. {9.8/10)
Overall I give this a 9.8/10. I respect that this is the lonely Van Halen album in their discography and is overshadowed by all the factor that contribute to it. There are times where I feel like they are still trying to have both Sammy and Dave on the album. But they couldn't go that far off and not lose fans. This album defiantly is overlooked. The day when this is remembered as on of their best is the day I know the world will be smart. There are parts where the vocals and backing vocals are buried in the mix, along with the drums, ore the bass sometimes to, but never the guitar. This was a fun album and it feels like they just wanted to try something new. You can't hate on them for that, look at A Different Kind of Truth they went for that 70's feeling and couldn't pull it off. Also the songs on this album don't really leave this overall sound of any of the songs. I think that worked for this album, though they did experiment a little, they did it the best I can think. The only thing that they could improve on is maybe experiment a little more to show that you are using this new singer. I also like how they use fade on this album a lot more than any other album. If you want to listen to Van Halen in a different light that I suggest listening to this album, whether you want to or if it's just for fun. I didn't realize this till I was about to upload it, This was released March 17th, 1998. So I guess this is an early 14th anniversary review for this album. To wrap it up, all I know as a fact is that I'm gonna get this on CD.

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