Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nostalgia, Ultra - Frank Ocean

This is the only, at least to my knowledge, mix tape released sole by a member of the hip-hop collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. This guy is the member who sings and sings pretty good. I guess that Kanye heard this mixtape and ended up collaborating with Frank and Frank met Beyonce and Jay-Z. I'ma let you finish but I think that this looks like it might be a good listen. I already heard American Wedding and Swim Good and that's it so far.
  1. Street Fighter: The beginning of this song is sounds. It is just the sound of him moving tapes around and playing them.
  2. Strawberry Swing: This song is upbeat and pretty good. It doesn't sound like Frank is offbeat on this song. It is also a very pretty sample going on in the background. It irritates me that Frank could have been more on beat with American Wedding because he is right on with this. I love that song, actually more than this one, but I don't think its good how he did it. The sample is a Coldplay sample and the song ends with a sample of the song where Chris Martian sings. That fades out while an alarm clock fades in. The song ends him turning the alarm clock. {8/10}
  3. Novacane: This song is a song that I could see someone dancing to. Like a '90s song, not so much the lyrics, but more the song. This song is a pretty good song. This song is also intresting, by that I mean it made me want to listen to the whole song. I think that this song also reminds me of that rapist Michael Jackson. That effects the enjoyment of the song a little. But I can over look that. There is this almost over powering feel that makes me want get Straight Up with the one and only Paula. I guess this song is about a girl who wants to get throught dental school so she becomes a porn star. And the singer is in love with the girl and she goes to drugs, and because he loves her he does it to. {7.6/10}
  4. We All Try: This song is a pretty cool sample. This is like his political song, I guess. He mentions he believes "that marriage isn't between a man & woman, but between love and love". I kind of disagree, but what ever. I still like this song a lot. This song is pretty solid and his vocals actually work with the entire song and it sounds good. This is one of the good songs on this album, by that it's not put together poorly. 
  5. Bitches Talkin': This song is another "cassette change" song. But it does contain a Radiohead sample. And there "Bitches Talkin'" in the background.
  6. Songs For Women: This song sounds like a '70s, I want to get laid song. By that I mean this is what you would play if you want to get laid. This has that old school '70s R&B vibe to it. This songs title even hits at that theme. This song is actually good, and pretty neat. I don't think this is the best song, but it is one of the better songs. I also really think that the "do, do, do, do" beat in the background sounds pretty cool.
  7. Lovecrimes: This song has this classic rock/jazz feel to it. The piano actually reminds me of Van Halen's song Right Now off For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, released in 1991. It also gives me this Peter Colins/Genesis feel to it. And a little African influenced music. There is a voice sample in the background that is buried and he is on beat with this one. Towards the end of the song it slows down and it is a pretty cool idea. The way the song went was that it reminds me of a vinyl record that fades out.
  8. Goldeneye: This is a "Cassette Change" song.
  9. There will be Tears: This song has this type of dubstep beat. Not like the ones that The Weeknd uses, like actual dubstep. It's not extreme, but it's more powerful in the song. This song is kind of  uplifting, and it has a good vibe to it. I could see this song being on the radio. There is enough autotune and it's upbeat enough so yeah. This is a pretty cool song. I'm not in love with it but its pretty chill {7/10}
  10. Swim Good: This was the first solo song I heard by Frank Ocean. I liked it the first time I heard it and it has only grown on me. This song is probably the second most emotional song in this mixtape for me. I think that it's neat that he is going to drive in the lake/river/ocean because of a girl left him. He mentions he is dressed for a funeral. That is a pretty good image of what is going to happen. I like when people make songs about suicide, but do it with taste. It obviously depends on the style, but if Frank had one and it said "I want to slit my fucking troat, chop off my cock" that'd be a little extreme of his type of music. This song is also pretty upbeat for a song about suicide. I also love that seagull ocean sound at the end, like he drove into the ocean.
  11. Dust: This song is pretty cool. I think that this song is a more "normal" song. This has more of a radio R&B, Hip-hop, Rap sound. This reminds me very much so of something that I would hear if the radio was on a pop station.
  12. American Wedding: This song. I think that this is my favorite on on the Mixtape. The thing about it is that it is Hotel California without vocal track and Frank's vocals instead. This is my favorite song for the fact that it is awesome. I love the way it sounds and the feel I get from it. The new lyrics give this song a new perspective to it for me. I think this song helped revive Hotel California, the song, for me. The song is really good but there are down sides. The vocals are off a little. Like the singing doen't sound like it's on temp. The lyrics aren't that good either. They don't go with the flow of the song. Look at this "it's an american wedding they don't mean too much but we were so in love, we had an american wedding, now what's mine is yours, thats american law". That doesn't work, at all. I love you Frank but don't do this to me. PLEASE! It hurts my belief that you might have a really good album coming out this year. Another things is that this really hurts trying to sing along with it, after you learn to get over the offbeat vocals. I would give this a 10/10 but because of all the negatives it gets this. {9.3/10}
  13. Soul Calibur: This is the same like mix tape song switch as some of the other songs. This one has a couple seconds of MGMT's song Future Reflections off their 2007 digital, 2008 physical, full length debut Oracular Spectacular.
  14. Nature Feels.: This song has a MGMT sample, and guess which one it is. It's Electric Feel, that makes sense after you see the title of the song. This song has so much potential, he's fucking sampling MGMT's song Electric Feel. But he doesn't pull it off. After many listens I still can't really get into this song. It seriously bums me out that it's like he gave two shits. This is worse than, offbeat, than American Wedding. The lyrics are ok, but the way he performs this is just.... god awful. The only good part where it flows is on the chorus. The breakdown of the song he also flows a decently. And it think that it's better that he used the outro of the song to end it until he took the tape out {7/10}
Over all I'd have to give this mixtape a 7.8/10. It was not as good as I wanted it to be. There are its moments where it is awesome, but there are downsides. This could of been so much better, and so much potential. I think that I really want to hear another solo mixtape from Frank. Either that or maybe a full lenght album or something. And also I think that he should rap more, he was very suprising on Oldie. But from my gathered thoughts I believe this isn't a mixtape set up like an album/ep. No it's just a compilation of songs he recorded. But the over all theme I get from this is that its a guy who wakes up and is singing along with his favorite songs and changing some in the process. I have no idea if thats right, but that how it seems to me. And it also seems better in my opinion if you look at it like that. Hopefully this bitch will grow on me. :(

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