Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dark Room - Hot Fiction

I found out about this group on, where I have all my albums I've recorded uploaded to. Hot Fiction is a garage rock band from the UK. These guys look ok, and I want to free space on this bitch so here we go with this album review of this UK garage rock band. The thing is I'm planning on having one review uploaded daily. I'll get a good start because I have a four day weekend (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday).
  1. Start It Off: This seems like it is an atempt to be The White Stripes or The Black Keys
  2. If I Had A Girl: This song is another song that I've already heard before. Nothing suprising
  3. My Girl Dances: The beginning riff sounds like a rip of Gimme Three Steps. This song sounds like a rip of Gimme Three Steps.
  4. War of Attrition: Major differences between other songs.... This sounds like El Camino in the worst way possible.
  5. Autum Girl: This has a funky bass in it. The vocals on this track somewhat remind me of Jack White. Not in a exact way but a similar way. Also there is a harmonica solo on this song. It is ok, not amazing but ok. But then it picks up at the last 40 seconds into something that reminds me of The Black Keys.
  6. I Just Want Your Body: This song isn't very original either
  7. Thump: This one is good... psyche
  8. When Nothing Mattered: Hey the beginning of this one isn't that bad. For realizes. This is not amazing but it is a decent song on the album {4/10} unlike the rest of the songs {3/10}
  9. Get Out Of My House: And this is back to well... no
  10. Truly Dark: Bad
  11. Laid Me Low: BADD
  12. Creepy Disco: This song has terrible lyrics.
Overall I think this sucked... so it's 3/10. This isn't very original and its not like I haven't ever heard this before, you know. These guys sound like they copied the bands I mentioned before. There are people who will like this because they like everything to sound the same... that not me. The album lost me after track 3.

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