Wednesday, March 28, 2012

EARL - Earl Sweatshirt

This is currently the only solo mixtape released by the rapper Earl Sweatshirt from the rap group OFWGKTA. I've reviewed Frank Ocean's mixape Nostalgic, Ultra, The whole Odd Future gang's The OF Tape Vol. 2, and Tyler, The Creator's sophmore album Goblin so far. I plan on reviewing all of their stuff. ALLL OF IT!!!! You know why, "Cuz I'm... Mother Fucking Radical". No but seriously I've learned that with these guys their stuff is a lot to take, at least for me. See Goblin has grown on me, certain parts on Nostalgic, Ultra went every way, grew on, against, or stayed the same to me. That's why I'm gonna take my time reviewing this mix tape. It starred this review 3.25.12 and well see when it goes up. Also I think that this is going to be an interesting review. Hopefully I'll be able to put on Odd Future solo effort each week day, this week. I'm going to upload two on Friday because I messed up with Monday. This is going up on 3.28
  1. Thisniggaugly: This song is more of an intro to the mixtape. It is just a really short song like a minute and a half. This song isn't that crazy amazing. It sounds like them dicking around.
  2. Earl: This song is kinda scary. I could see someone being intimidated by this song.  This was the first song by Earl that I heard. This song was unattractive to me at first, but it is kind of cool. 
  3. Couch Featuring Ace Creator: This is a song that continues this Goblin Demos feel for me. I think that this song is pretty ok. I love how Tyler mentions Twilight, and Kelly Clarkson in this song. This also has this same aggression to it that would be on Goblin.
  4. Kill: This song is on the list. I do think that this song has a very strong and good flow. I really like this song a lot. Another thing is the pop culture references and illusions he uses on this song is sick. I think that this is probably one of the best bashes I've heard. He just but fucks everyone on this song. His bashes are better than anything that I've ever heard anything Em say EVER! {11/10}
  5. Wakeupfaggot: This song has this sample of like trumpets and strings in the beginning. This song is like a skit. But it is a weak skit. It's he is mad at his mom for waking him up.
  6. Luper: This song makes up for the poor attempt at a skit. This is defiantly a piano part that was used on Yonkers. This beats hurt it, but they don't.
  7. epaR Featuring Vince Staples: This song has a dub step beat...... NO!!!! The beginning kind of scared me. But it kind of ends, so to say. This song is fucking sick. Vince reminds me so much of Em on some  song where he would be in the Shady persona.
  8. Moonlight Featuring Hodgy Beats: This song starts out with the futuristic outer space sounds. Then Earl and Hodgy's voice is distorted, kind of like The therapist for Bastard and Goblin. I'm not that crazy about this song, but it think it kind of works for the name. When I heard the name and the title, it reminded me of like the levels in Pokemon with the ghosts Pokemon and stuff.
  9. Pigions Featuring Wolf Haley: They mention "Kill People, Burn Shit, Fuck School" in this song. That is also the anthem of Radical on Tyler, The Creator's 2011 sophomore effort Goblin. This song is really good. I like this a lot and can look over the massive use of the word swastika. I really think that this song is Bad Ass {9/10}
  10. Stapleton: This song is another song that I could see on Bastard. Yesterday, I got a taste of Bastard and it's basically like Goblin, but worse produced beats. This is comparable to Bastard more so than Goblin. This is the song were he mentions the KKK. This song's flows are ok, but what hurts the song for me is the beats. I don't really think that the beat compliments the flows.
Overall I have to give this mixtape a 7.5/10. These song has this scary beat to it. One that I could see being on something like "Goblin demos". If you know what I mean, by that its not like as good quality sounding beats as Goblin, but Goblin isn't that good beat quality either. I don't love this song, but that's because I feel like it's a little too much. It feels like it's a lot to take in, it isn't not Kanye, or Rhianna where it takes one listen to see if you like it. In the beginning I was scared to listen to this, and I wouldn't like it, but I LOVE THIS MOFO. The first time I heard tracks Kill that set my interest and I was addicted. It was also a really quick 23 minutes. It was also very interesting. Something else that I noticed was that they mentioned the KKK a lot in their rhymes. I have to fix something so I went back and added something.

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