Saturday, March 31, 2012

Exquisite Corpse- EP - Warpaint

this is a band that formed in 2004 in Los Angeles. I remember listening to the first I heard Elephants. That song, along with the video, remind me of those late "Summer Nights". The ones where I listened to Faith No More and Mr. Bungle. It also gives me that good feeling that I got from, this will sound ironic, summer school. I felt like that was a new family for me. It was fun, but it stinks getting up. I do kind of miss it though. Enough info crap and back to the review. This is for realz holmes and now to the review. PS I'll fix the album cover later. Doing this on my iPod. Also note to self this was uploaded at 12:37pm
  1. Stars: This song starts out with a feeling that reminds me of the Foo Fighters. With the exception that it's a girl singer. The song in particular that comes to mind is The Pretender off the 2007 album, whose name I can't think of but if you knew those Foos you know what I'm talking about. The drums and bass through the entire track remind me of that. The song then changes a little way into it and it turns into a Zeppelin sounding guitar with vocals from girls. The second half of this song remind me of that breakdown of the lie version of Since I've Been Loving You {7/10}.
  2. Elephants: The video to this song is a welcoming one. I love it so much. This has like a magical feeling to it to where it's hard to explain. I don't really know how I can explain it. This is a very psychedelic song and has awesome guitar finger picks. The distortion to the guitar and vocals is awesome. The drums an the bass are so clear. The drums are sick and they just add to the song. This song is so clean and clear and easy to hear everything. There is a part where the girl's voice sound like its underwater. At that same part the guitar cuts out and it's just bass and drums going with her voice. The part where the song slows down and then just ha this feel of building up. Orgasm, because it goes back to the beginning. {10/10}
  3. Billie Holiday: This song is ok. I don't think that it's the best song on this album, but I do think that it is neat. This song is an acoustic song, that with headphones, sounds better and more pretty. The drums in this song are a little quieter in this than the last track, but they still are sick sounding. This drummer on the Ep is really cool style of drumming, at least I think. This song is a love song and could be a love song that I could see someone having in a movie after the lead lost their love interest. There is this synth that sounds like strings. In the ending they have one of those two different people singing two different things. That is followed by two acoustic part that was in the whole song an is goes into like a distorted underwater sound kind of. Then is goes to the fade, and tw0 track fades in and his this cool feel that it comes back in. This is a really cool song {8/10}
  4. Beetles: This song reminds me of Elephants, but it doesn't. This is a cool sounding song like Elephants but it has a more clear almost Undistorted feel to it. The bass and drums are more loud than the guitar. The song goes into a breakdown and during this breakdown the song has this type of pretty arpeggios that are accompanied by drums and bass. That ends and it's sole guitar playing what sounds like Greensleeves. After that a synth comes and gives it this more emotional feel to it. Then come the drums and after that the vocals. That part kind of reminds me of the breakdown in Since I've Been Loving You off the legendary live album The Song Remains The Same. After that it goes into this other kind of sounding Led Zeppelin feel. They pull it off like pros. I really enjoyed this song {9.7/10}
  5. Burgundy: This song starts with sole bass and drums and then the vocals. There is the guitar that sounds like it is waiting in the background waiting to attack. This song seems like it is a tiger, so to say, and is waiting to attack. This song progressively gets louder and faster. It has this slow fade in feel to it. The most of the track sound like it is still fading in. This is really cool and I like that that the way it was produced. The instrumentation impresses me like a mofo. I can't believe I enjoyed this so much. This is a really sick song. The song then sounds like it begins to fade out to acoustic arpeggios. {9/10}
Over all I would have to give this album a 8.6/10. I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. I would suggest this album to anyone who in interested. This is a good Ep, and from what I understand the album is better. Can't wait to do that one. I think that this is neat, especially since I poked out the Led in there. Ha ha ha ha… I am hoping to get this, one day, on Vinyl and CD too, if that make that. That would be sick. Oh yeah one last thing I'm doing one tomorrow but after today the daily reviews is going to end and I will upload them as I feel. But the weekend ones will still be there. I'm hoping for, excluding the weekends, three a week. So yeah, that's it

Weezer (The Blue Album)

This is the debut album by 90's alternative band Weezer. The first real time that I heard of these guys, to where I could remember, was in Guitar Hero 3. They had the song My Name Is Jonas in the game, and I remember trying to beat it. I couldn't and it drove me nuts. Well when I finally did on Expert I was glad. After that I heard Buddy Holly in the original Rock Band. Then one of my friends showed me Pork and Beans. Well I'd never really given this whole album a try so, this is it. I know I really liked Pinkerton. Funny fact, I think that Rivers on this album cover reminds me of Josh from College Humor, the website. And Pat reminds me of my cousin Heather's boyfriend TJ. Another thing is that Brian also reminds me of Patrick from College Humor.
  1. My Name Is Jonas: I like that this song is so mellow, for the most part. The ending picks up and is more energetic, leading up to a guitar solo then an outro harmonica solo. The song then finally ends with that arpeggio thing. But the intro with that acoustic guitar arpeggios sound pretty. It has this Spanish feel to it, and it keeps my attention through the song.
  2. No One Else: This song is a classic sounding Weezer song. This song is, I would describe it as, Alternative Punk, but I don't know. This song is one where I could see being a punk song. Not a Misfits or Stooges song, but like the punk that was from the decade of the 1990's. I don't really like these song. I'm not huge on Weezer, and songs like this are the reason.
  3. The World Has Turned and Left Me Here: This is another classic Weezer sounding song. The one thing that I've noticed is that almost all Weezer song sound the same. This song is not an exception. I wish that there were more songs like El Scorcho or Island in the Sun. There were songs on Pinkerton that sounded like this, but at least they changed it up a little. Like the piano intro on Across the Sea. This song isn't anything that has grabbed my attention.
  4. Buddy Holly: I HATE THIS SONG. Well I don't actually hate it, but I can't stand it. It drives me nuts. I know this song is a little different sounding than their other songs on this album, but I just want to shoot Buddy Holly (Not Literally). I just don't like this song at all. I feel like I contradicted myself with what I said in the last track, but This is one of those different song exceptions. This song is too upbeat and annoying to me. It's like they are too happy, almost gay.
  5. Undone -- The Sweater Song: I like this song. There is this type of surfer feel to it. Like the instrumentation, not just the guy talking in the beginning of the song. This song is kind of catchy, not as much as some others, but still I like it. This song has this cool sounding distortion to the guitar solo in the song. This is accompanied by a louder buried acoustic guitar. That acoustic guitar strumming helps the solo sound better. The song kind of falls apart at the end and ends with this plucking of piano strings. It sounds really odd for a Weezer song.
  6. Surf Wax America: The title of the song fits the style of it. They say surfing a million times before the chorus. The riff in the song reminds me of some type of pop riff from the 80's. I think that it's cool sounding, and I like the double bass pedal in the song. This song is pretty fast, and it is good. I think Rivers did a good job on this one. During the breakdown the song completely changes style and sound. It almost turns into an a Capella type song. Then it obviously turns back to the chorus. But that whole breakdown is sick and adds this almost shocking atmospheric feeling for me.
  7. Say It Ain't So: This is another song that I heard via Rock Band. I like this song and I think that it is catchy. This song is a different tone from the rest of the album. The reason isn't just the more mellow, depressing feel to the song, but also the lyrics. I feel like this song is a song about his past. I later checked and I was right. It's talks about his idea of why his parents got divorced, and that his step father was becoming an alcholoic to. This song has two guitar solo part. This is sick, and the bass player is rocking on this track. This song is overall one of River's most impressive song's, and probably his best, that he's written, at least to my knowledge. {9.8/10}
  8. In The Garage: Yeah this one. The harmonica intro really gives me this bad feel to the song. I don't really think that this song lives up to Say It Ain't So but more on the list with Buddy Holly. I can stand this better, but it isn't. The guitar solo kind of reminds me of blur's solo in Coffee & TV off their 1999 album 13, a song that I really like a lot. Comparing this song to Buddy Holly might have been a little harsh. It's more of a No One Else on my list of songs by Weezer.
  9. Holiday: This song is good. I like this song. This isn't on my list of songs that I think stink by Weezer. I just think that this is a good song. I like the vocals and the overall feel I get from the vocals and the instruments. The bass is sick in the song, especially at the breakdown. I feel like they were going for a barbershop quartet in a part of this song, and well... it worked. This is a different song, and for that I applaud them
  10. Only in Dreams: This song has this bass that opens the song. Then comes in an out of tune acoustic guitar and a drum. This is a long song, and you know what I have to say this is the most mature Weezer song. Not in terms of lyrics and content, but musically. It's a shame they'd make this then eventually make songs like Beverly Hills. That bass riff in the beginning pulls me in. The dynamics and contrast in their song are awesome and I think it's the ultimate Weezer song. And awesome solos at the ending.
Overall I give this 1994 album a 8.5/10. I don't think this is an amazing album, but it did impress me a lot. I didn't think that this album would have as many surprises as I was expecting. This is an album I would suggest to anyone who likes any song off this album or just wants to give these guys a try. Another album to check out, my favorite, is Pinkerton. These are both two really good '90s alternative rock albums you should check out. And I look forward to reviewing all Weezer albums in the future.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Try This At Home - Finding Fiction

This is an indie band from Brooklyn. I found out about these guys via FrostClick. The album cover looks pretty cool and mysterious. Like I am curious to see how this plays out. The cover of this kind of reminds me of The Weeknd's mix tape House of Balloons. Oh yeah, I posted this ten days after I started the initial review
  1. Migraines & Sheep: This song isn't that bad. The way it starts out is pretty cool. This song gives me a feeling of that this is going to be a good listen. And that I have not made a mistake choosing to listen to this Ep. The only thing is this song kind of drags on. And it doesn't recover from that drag for me. The second time hearing this, ten days later, I think that it is a little better. The drag still goes on, but it's not as bad. This really reminds me of that band Fun. that I heard from the commercials on YouTube.
  2. Panic Rooms: This song starts out, for me, not so hot. I really was hoping to get swipe off my feet, in order to make up for that drag of the last track. #This song is only like 13 seconds shorter than track one. This song is just, no other way to say this, Bad. The beginning of the song kind of sounds like a panic. This song kind of reminds of These Animals. The name of this song kind of reminded me of Coldplay's song Don't Panic off Parachutes 
  3. Weathermen: There is nothing that really appealed to me in this song. This is the longest song, only by a couple seconds, but still. I don't like this. This just has no appeal to me. I feel like this is just to repetitive for me to like. The vocals in the mix are to in there. It sounds like there it this wall and everything is trapped within that wall. And nothing can get passed that wall. Somethings are louder than others, but thats only because they are fighting stronger. And his vocals are also just have this echo to it to where I personally can't understand a word the singer is saying. That song was just... it just went on.
  4. Dear Daylight: This song is ok  There is nothing that is overly amazing about this track but it is still decent. There is this thing in the background that sounds like this siren, and it just has this odd feel to it that makes it irritate me. It kind of gets on my nerves, and it just is irritating. There is also this feel to it, that reminds me like they want to try to sound like a band that I'm not super fimilar with, but The Cure. The songs off Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me remind me of this Ep. But it's like, they are failing at it. This song just doesn't grab me.
Over all  I give this a 4.2/10. I think that this kind of dragged on. It would of been so much better if it were shorter. Not to mention track two was just bad. I hope these guys make another Ep but make it a lot better than this one. It wasn't that fun of a listen, for me at least.This is a "very indie" band that would be on the radio. One that I tend to find that I like to stay away from. They don't really sound like anything that I've never heard before and liked. One plus to this is it's only 22 minutes, but that is killed by the fact that these song are not very good. They have another ep called Plastic & Change Ep, I hope that one's better than this one.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

EARL - Earl Sweatshirt

This is currently the only solo mixtape released by the rapper Earl Sweatshirt from the rap group OFWGKTA. I've reviewed Frank Ocean's mixape Nostalgic, Ultra, The whole Odd Future gang's The OF Tape Vol. 2, and Tyler, The Creator's sophmore album Goblin so far. I plan on reviewing all of their stuff. ALLL OF IT!!!! You know why, "Cuz I'm... Mother Fucking Radical". No but seriously I've learned that with these guys their stuff is a lot to take, at least for me. See Goblin has grown on me, certain parts on Nostalgic, Ultra went every way, grew on, against, or stayed the same to me. That's why I'm gonna take my time reviewing this mix tape. It starred this review 3.25.12 and well see when it goes up. Also I think that this is going to be an interesting review. Hopefully I'll be able to put on Odd Future solo effort each week day, this week. I'm going to upload two on Friday because I messed up with Monday. This is going up on 3.28
  1. Thisniggaugly: This song is more of an intro to the mixtape. It is just a really short song like a minute and a half. This song isn't that crazy amazing. It sounds like them dicking around.
  2. Earl: This song is kinda scary. I could see someone being intimidated by this song.  This was the first song by Earl that I heard. This song was unattractive to me at first, but it is kind of cool. 
  3. Couch Featuring Ace Creator: This is a song that continues this Goblin Demos feel for me. I think that this song is pretty ok. I love how Tyler mentions Twilight, and Kelly Clarkson in this song. This also has this same aggression to it that would be on Goblin.
  4. Kill: This song is on the list. I do think that this song has a very strong and good flow. I really like this song a lot. Another thing is the pop culture references and illusions he uses on this song is sick. I think that this is probably one of the best bashes I've heard. He just but fucks everyone on this song. His bashes are better than anything that I've ever heard anything Em say EVER! {11/10}
  5. Wakeupfaggot: This song has this sample of like trumpets and strings in the beginning. This song is like a skit. But it is a weak skit. It's he is mad at his mom for waking him up.
  6. Luper: This song makes up for the poor attempt at a skit. This is defiantly a piano part that was used on Yonkers. This beats hurt it, but they don't.
  7. epaR Featuring Vince Staples: This song has a dub step beat...... NO!!!! The beginning kind of scared me. But it kind of ends, so to say. This song is fucking sick. Vince reminds me so much of Em on some  song where he would be in the Shady persona.
  8. Moonlight Featuring Hodgy Beats: This song starts out with the futuristic outer space sounds. Then Earl and Hodgy's voice is distorted, kind of like The therapist for Bastard and Goblin. I'm not that crazy about this song, but it think it kind of works for the name. When I heard the name and the title, it reminded me of like the levels in Pokemon with the ghosts Pokemon and stuff.
  9. Pigions Featuring Wolf Haley: They mention "Kill People, Burn Shit, Fuck School" in this song. That is also the anthem of Radical on Tyler, The Creator's 2011 sophomore effort Goblin. This song is really good. I like this a lot and can look over the massive use of the word swastika. I really think that this song is Bad Ass {9/10}
  10. Stapleton: This song is another song that I could see on Bastard. Yesterday, I got a taste of Bastard and it's basically like Goblin, but worse produced beats. This is comparable to Bastard more so than Goblin. This is the song were he mentions the KKK. This song's flows are ok, but what hurts the song for me is the beats. I don't really think that the beat compliments the flows.
Overall I have to give this mixtape a 7.5/10. These song has this scary beat to it. One that I could see being on something like "Goblin demos". If you know what I mean, by that its not like as good quality sounding beats as Goblin, but Goblin isn't that good beat quality either. I don't love this song, but that's because I feel like it's a little too much. It feels like it's a lot to take in, it isn't not Kanye, or Rhianna where it takes one listen to see if you like it. In the beginning I was scared to listen to this, and I wouldn't like it, but I LOVE THIS MOFO. The first time I heard tracks Kill that set my interest and I was addicted. It was also a really quick 23 minutes. It was also very interesting. Something else that I noticed was that they mentioned the KKK a lot in their rhymes. I have to fix something so I went back and added something.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nostalgia, Ultra - Frank Ocean

This is the only, at least to my knowledge, mix tape released sole by a member of the hip-hop collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. This guy is the member who sings and sings pretty good. I guess that Kanye heard this mixtape and ended up collaborating with Frank and Frank met Beyonce and Jay-Z. I'ma let you finish but I think that this looks like it might be a good listen. I already heard American Wedding and Swim Good and that's it so far.
  1. Street Fighter: The beginning of this song is sounds. It is just the sound of him moving tapes around and playing them.
  2. Strawberry Swing: This song is upbeat and pretty good. It doesn't sound like Frank is offbeat on this song. It is also a very pretty sample going on in the background. It irritates me that Frank could have been more on beat with American Wedding because he is right on with this. I love that song, actually more than this one, but I don't think its good how he did it. The sample is a Coldplay sample and the song ends with a sample of the song where Chris Martian sings. That fades out while an alarm clock fades in. The song ends him turning the alarm clock. {8/10}
  3. Novacane: This song is a song that I could see someone dancing to. Like a '90s song, not so much the lyrics, but more the song. This song is a pretty good song. This song is also intresting, by that I mean it made me want to listen to the whole song. I think that this song also reminds me of that rapist Michael Jackson. That effects the enjoyment of the song a little. But I can over look that. There is this almost over powering feel that makes me want get Straight Up with the one and only Paula. I guess this song is about a girl who wants to get throught dental school so she becomes a porn star. And the singer is in love with the girl and she goes to drugs, and because he loves her he does it to. {7.6/10}
  4. We All Try: This song is a pretty cool sample. This is like his political song, I guess. He mentions he believes "that marriage isn't between a man & woman, but between love and love". I kind of disagree, but what ever. I still like this song a lot. This song is pretty solid and his vocals actually work with the entire song and it sounds good. This is one of the good songs on this album, by that it's not put together poorly. 
  5. Bitches Talkin': This song is another "cassette change" song. But it does contain a Radiohead sample. And there "Bitches Talkin'" in the background.
  6. Songs For Women: This song sounds like a '70s, I want to get laid song. By that I mean this is what you would play if you want to get laid. This has that old school '70s R&B vibe to it. This songs title even hits at that theme. This song is actually good, and pretty neat. I don't think this is the best song, but it is one of the better songs. I also really think that the "do, do, do, do" beat in the background sounds pretty cool.
  7. Lovecrimes: This song has this classic rock/jazz feel to it. The piano actually reminds me of Van Halen's song Right Now off For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, released in 1991. It also gives me this Peter Colins/Genesis feel to it. And a little African influenced music. There is a voice sample in the background that is buried and he is on beat with this one. Towards the end of the song it slows down and it is a pretty cool idea. The way the song went was that it reminds me of a vinyl record that fades out.
  8. Goldeneye: This is a "Cassette Change" song.
  9. There will be Tears: This song has this type of dubstep beat. Not like the ones that The Weeknd uses, like actual dubstep. It's not extreme, but it's more powerful in the song. This song is kind of  uplifting, and it has a good vibe to it. I could see this song being on the radio. There is enough autotune and it's upbeat enough so yeah. This is a pretty cool song. I'm not in love with it but its pretty chill {7/10}
  10. Swim Good: This was the first solo song I heard by Frank Ocean. I liked it the first time I heard it and it has only grown on me. This song is probably the second most emotional song in this mixtape for me. I think that it's neat that he is going to drive in the lake/river/ocean because of a girl left him. He mentions he is dressed for a funeral. That is a pretty good image of what is going to happen. I like when people make songs about suicide, but do it with taste. It obviously depends on the style, but if Frank had one and it said "I want to slit my fucking troat, chop off my cock" that'd be a little extreme of his type of music. This song is also pretty upbeat for a song about suicide. I also love that seagull ocean sound at the end, like he drove into the ocean.
  11. Dust: This song is pretty cool. I think that this song is a more "normal" song. This has more of a radio R&B, Hip-hop, Rap sound. This reminds me very much so of something that I would hear if the radio was on a pop station.
  12. American Wedding: This song. I think that this is my favorite on on the Mixtape. The thing about it is that it is Hotel California without vocal track and Frank's vocals instead. This is my favorite song for the fact that it is awesome. I love the way it sounds and the feel I get from it. The new lyrics give this song a new perspective to it for me. I think this song helped revive Hotel California, the song, for me. The song is really good but there are down sides. The vocals are off a little. Like the singing doen't sound like it's on temp. The lyrics aren't that good either. They don't go with the flow of the song. Look at this "it's an american wedding they don't mean too much but we were so in love, we had an american wedding, now what's mine is yours, thats american law". That doesn't work, at all. I love you Frank but don't do this to me. PLEASE! It hurts my belief that you might have a really good album coming out this year. Another things is that this really hurts trying to sing along with it, after you learn to get over the offbeat vocals. I would give this a 10/10 but because of all the negatives it gets this. {9.3/10}
  13. Soul Calibur: This is the same like mix tape song switch as some of the other songs. This one has a couple seconds of MGMT's song Future Reflections off their 2007 digital, 2008 physical, full length debut Oracular Spectacular.
  14. Nature Feels.: This song has a MGMT sample, and guess which one it is. It's Electric Feel, that makes sense after you see the title of the song. This song has so much potential, he's fucking sampling MGMT's song Electric Feel. But he doesn't pull it off. After many listens I still can't really get into this song. It seriously bums me out that it's like he gave two shits. This is worse than, offbeat, than American Wedding. The lyrics are ok, but the way he performs this is just.... god awful. The only good part where it flows is on the chorus. The breakdown of the song he also flows a decently. And it think that it's better that he used the outro of the song to end it until he took the tape out {7/10}
Over all I'd have to give this mixtape a 7.8/10. It was not as good as I wanted it to be. There are its moments where it is awesome, but there are downsides. This could of been so much better, and so much potential. I think that I really want to hear another solo mixtape from Frank. Either that or maybe a full lenght album or something. And also I think that he should rap more, he was very suprising on Oldie. But from my gathered thoughts I believe this isn't a mixtape set up like an album/ep. No it's just a compilation of songs he recorded. But the over all theme I get from this is that its a guy who wakes up and is singing along with his favorite songs and changing some in the process. I have no idea if thats right, but that how it seems to me. And it also seems better in my opinion if you look at it like that. Hopefully this bitch will grow on me. :(

Monday, March 26, 2012

Through The Rough - Merriment

This is the debut Ep by the band formed by Christie DuPree and her brother Colin. They are the siblings of the Elsley band members. The first releases was credited to Christie DuPree. I haven't really given her a chance. So why not do this now and review it today. I hope it's good because my favorite song off the Eisley Christmas Ep thing was her cover of Oh Come Emanuel. I recently saw these guys, along with Eisley on July 10th, 2012. They were way better live than on the Ep. So I'm re updating the albums review.
  1. I Give Up: This is the first song that I heard of the Ep and I didin't like it. I gave it a couple tries and spread them apart, but I can't get into this song. And it only gets harder from here on out.
  2. Blessed Soul: This song sounds like Stacey singing someone who can't really write music's song. There is also a country feel to it, and it isn't fun.
  3. Through the Rough: This song kept up that overall boring vibe I get from this Ep. It isn't a fun listen.
  4. Rewind: I am completely serious, I fell asleep to this song. That's how good I thought it was.
  5. Sunday Morning: This song went over my head. I just didn't like it, I couldn't pay attention
Over all I unfortunately give this a 3.5/10. I wasn't interested in this and probably will be timid to check out anything Christie does like this again. After relistening to this, and having their live performance I hav to give this a 6/10. When you see them live you gain a new appreciation for them. Not a live video, a live performance.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Requiem - The Confession

This is a band called The Confession from California. I found out about these guys from the Avenged Sevenfold radio station. The first time I saw them pop up I thought they sounded cool, and I really like some of their songs, the was like a year ago in Mayish. But I found out M. Shadows produced this album. How sick is that, and you can tell too. There are sound that I can see him having something to do with. But This album has done nothing but grow on me. Because of that fact, I am over joyed to listen and review this album and it's songs and inform you of, in my opinion, one of the best albums of the 21st Century so far.
  1. Burn The Virgin: This song starts out on a very strong start. This song has this overall power behind it. I could picture a guy using unclean vocals to it. It really is a more original take on music I know. I mean, it's been done, but this seems a lot different. I actually enjoy this. This song has a hard rock type of feel and it could go into this post-hardcore style, but instead of using screams the singer sticks out using cleans. He is an awesome singer to. This is a really good way to start off an album, and sets the tone well for the rest of this. The chorus is pretty, while the rest of the song is pretty bad ass. The solo legitimately reminds me of Avenged Sevenfold's song Tension off the 2008 release Live In The LBC/Diamonds in the Rough. I love this song so much and it is one of my favorite songs I can say I've heard. This song is defiantly one of their best {10/10}
  2. Through These Eyes: This is the first song that I heard off this album. I think that this song is really cool, the bass on this album is a little hidden but you can feel it. There is some "unclean" vocals, but it sounds more like he is yelling. This song is more Bad Ass in the fact that it is more of a post-hardcore style song. I still like this song a lot, not as much as Burn The Virgin. I could see a band like Escape the Fate playing a song like this. This vocals are more raspy on this track. And the song is a little heavier, and the guitar riff is more of a post-hardcore riff. The solo reminds me a little bit Bat Country, but that's just one part of the song. This song is sick {9.5/10}
  3. Dance With The Devil: This song reminds me of Girl I Know. That song is also on Avenged's Diamond in the Rough bonus CD that came with the purchase of Live In The LBC. The lyrical content also kind of reminds me of the song, and the whole vibe of the song. This song isn't the best on the album, but it is still good. The solo in this song has this more of a simple version of a Neo-Classical/Yngwie style solo. It's nowhere as fast or cool as Malmsteen but it just has a taste of it in there. The outro to this song also kind of reminds me of A7X's style that was on 2005's City of Evil album
  4. Time is Gone: This starts out with strings and this whole orchestral, movie soundtrack feel. Then after that a sick riff comes in. I don't know if that was a sample or if it were actually recorded for the album but it is cool. during the pre-chorus of the song it sounds like a timpani, army march drum roll in the back, and an acoustic guitar that makes it pretty. The fill between the solo of this song has this sweep that is ended by a heavy down strum. The chorus is sick. I forgot about this song and it is one of my favorites now. This song like shifts genre's and it's hard to tell. I think that this is that way because they wanted to change it up, or maybe Matt had something to do with it. I don't think that this song changes to the extremes of John Zorn or Mr. Bungle (Which is my 3rd favorite band of all time, behind The Beatles, then followed by Avenged).
  5. Jealousy: This is a track where he actually uses unclean vocals. The singing on this track is pretty cool. This song is a return to that post-hardcore feel of Through Theses Eyes. This song is so sick, like I could see a possible mosh to it. I think that the instrumentation is heavy and the singing on the song portrays emotions. The song ends with this arpeggios guitar on an acoustic guitar that flows into the next song. This song is still one of my favorites on the album and probably will stay that way.
  6. The End Is Near: This song starts out with this far away arpeggios on guitar that sound like, production wise, something I heard on Yngwie's 1984 solo debut Rising Force. This song then goes into a sick riff and vocals. The way the chorus is sung reminds me of an "emotion" part of a song off This War Is Ours. Towards the end there is a part that kind of reminds me of  a Disturbed song because it has this drum roll and this heavy guitar. The song flows well from that Disturbed part into the rock of this song. And then goes into this acoustic ballad for no more than 20seconds. And flows oh so well into the next part of the song. The song then goes back to normal and ends with an acoustic guitar chords. {10/10}
  7. Dead Man Walking: This song is good, it's not the strongest on the album, at some parts for me, but it still is good. This song also gives this Escape the Fate feel to it. It has a fricken cowbell in the chorus. The song then goes into this heavy post-hardcore thingy. The vocals on this song are really cool and neat. After the 2nd chorus, the breakdown has these medium paced scale sounding guitar part and the vocals that come in make it worth re listening to that one little part. During the solo I was just waiting for an emotional breakdown because of the And All Things Will End vibe I got form the guitar. This song doesn't end with a meltdown, but instead with feedback. {9/10}
  8. Requiem: This song starts out with an acoustic a guitar accompanied with strings. When the strings end the vocals come in and he sings playing acoustic guitar chords. I picture him sitting in a chair in the studio singing and just playing the chords. The chorus brings the other instruments and it is pretty emotional vibe. The vibe of this feels like it is a requiem for a friend or family member or lover who has passed away. The solo in this song is on piano and in this mixed in with strings that build up the song and make it lead into to the next chorus. This song reminds me of a better version, and more heart felt version of Harder Than You Know.
  9. Rise And Fall: This song begins like a classic heavy ass marching 80's Metallica feel. There are bells in the song and though there are little guitar fills in parts it kind reminds me of Symphony X's new albums title track Iconoclast mixed with For Whom The Bell Tolls. But there is that victorious feel that I get from this song, on that is epic and is often on song by Symphony X. The riff comes in and is a total fucking Symphony riff. The verses remind me of Set The World On Fire (Lie of Lies) and some Avenged Sevenfold mid 2000's album. This song also kind of gives me this epic feel of Wicked End. There is a bass that builds in this song to the solo. And this is a less technical and not as fast solo of one of the epics off City of Evil. This is probably the most epic song on the album. The songs ends with that same type of beginning feel it had before and fades out. It's a shame that it's only 5:47. This gets a huge ass fukings {10/10}
  10. No Angel: This song picks up and kind of reminds me of Burn The Virgin a little. I think that if that was intentional it is good to wrap the album the way you started. Right before the pre-chorus there is a voice that sounds like the evil voice on City of Evil. This song also has this, "Congratulations, You Did It. You Are Victorious and you are coming home." but with that I also get this feel of "It was such a good journey that I'm setting of to start it over and relive the joy it's brought). The solo on this song is one like most any other on this album. But this song has this overall feel of victory. It is an amazing way to end this album.This also reminds me of the often Escape the Fate sounds i compare them to. But also the hard rock feel to. At about 4:15 this song goes into this thing that would be a perfect outro but it then picked up and the song goes into this overall victorious feeling is re instilled. The ending is just.... wordless {10/10}
Over all this album gets a 9.7/10. There is no doubt in my mind that this album deserves this. I can't understand why these guys would have broken up. They fucking rock, and they are better than 90% of any Alternative/Post-Hardcore band I know. In fact they shit on Epitaph records, (excluding Escape The Fate when they were still singed to Epitaph, and Falling In Reverse). I didn't really mention this but all the songs have the production feel that reminds me of Avenged Sevenfold's 2007 self titled album, with a little bit of City of Evil. I can tell there is a bunch of influences on this album and that is good. I think that these guys started strong and ended strong. Add this to my list of CD's I Want

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hotel California - Eagles

I have been obsessed with Frank Ocean's mixtape Nostalgic, Ultra. I should be uploading that review up on Monday. My favorite song so far is American Wedding which he pretty much reworked Hotel California, by that he took the original track and just took out the vocals. Don Henley threatened to sue him for using the song, for a free mix tape. But long story short he can't play the song live. That is a load of crap, #Beach Boys and Katy Perry. I can't stand it when people sue people because they want more money. This was, at one points, one of my favorite albums I'd ever heard. But that was pre-Bungle and before I began experimenting with music. So at that point in my life I only knew old music, it was even before I was into Avenged, I was a little, no where near as much. But I remember that this album had this over all warm feel to it. I don't remember the last time I listened to any song off this album by choice. I vaguely remember all the songs and how they go. So I am excited to review this 1976 Classic. And I don't think that I really need to give the Eagles an introduction, If you don't know who they are, google Eagles and it will probably have like 100 different links to them.
  1. Hotel California: This song starts out with the acoustic guitar that everyone seems so familiar with. The bass, That I have now realized is bass is perfect sounding. I put on my headphones and this song is much better. There isn't that much open space in this song. I actually like the way this seems to be produced. The harmony vocals and everything else go together so well. This song is an instant classic, and pretty much irresistible to not like. I have given the song my time and those "Over Played Wounds" have been mended. I remember being a Scout Camp about 4 years ago and hearing this song and not being able to wait to get home to buy the song. I kept telling my self the name of that song, along with some other songs. That was when I was a "one song" type of a guy. Before I liked or would listen to a full album. This song is just so perfect and gos by so quick. It is a really quick 6:30 minute song. The bass at the ending is a fricken bad ass riff. I love that and the guitars solos are complimented by it. Everything in this song works together so well, I just can't explain it to those who haven't ever heard it, the "irony" is that everyone has. {9.5/10}
  2. New Kid in Town: This is one of their country songs. I used to like this song a decent amount. I think that this song is ok. The one thing is these are some of the classic rock songs where I can't stand it anymore. The production on this song is pretty good. There is a little more open space on this song than the previous track. I think that the bass is pretty solid. This song drags a lot for me. I couldn't wait for this song to end.
  3. Life in the Fast Lane: This song has this "bad ass country man" feel to it. The intro riff is a pretty cool one. I really like the distortion used on the guitar on this song. What this song is about isn't really that tricky and hard to get. But what songs about sex are. There are more songs that don't talk about sex in a clever way or try to not make it so obvious (I try to make it less obvious too, but it becomes more blunt than probably almost anyone else). The singer on this song has this raspy feel to it. The one thing that bugs me about his voice is that it sounds distorted weird. Like I don't think his voice is loud enough because if the music were a little louder than it would be over powered by the instruments. I still think the solo to this song is ok. Like I said I used to like this song more than I do now. {7/10}
  4. Wasted Time: I've never liked this song. In fact I still don't, but I think that this song is a good example of how there are songs that I don't like on this album. The intro to this song tries to hard. It has strings and all this other instruments to accompany it, but It doesn't work for me. I mean someone else might like this song more than me, and might think that it's better than I do, but this is my opinion. This song also sounds like it would be a Styx love song or like some attempt, during the '80s to make an emotional power ballad, except with out the guitar part so much. The guitar solo's/fills are actually pretty buried and hard to heard. This song is a good way to end the first side though. The guitar is less buried toward the very end. But there is a part where I could barely heard it.
  5. Wasted Time (Reprise): This is just an instrumental orchestral part play the parts of Wasted Time. Actually I like this one more than the non reprise version. I think that this song would be good on a movie soundtrack or score. {8/10}
  6. Victim of Love: This song is a return to the heavier parts of the album. This is a pretty ok song. I don't think that it's as good as before. I think that this song is a cool song but I don't really think that I like it. I mean the vocals are ok and the instrumentation is cool to. It's just... it hasn't kept it's power from before like it used to for men. This song also kind of reminds me of the type of '80s songs where now I would make fun of them, not in a review, but in real life because of the song/video.
  7. Pretty Maids All in a Row: This song starts out with piano. This is a ballad type of song. I really didn't have interest in paying attention to this song. I did and I kind of regret it. It dragged on like a bitch. So this is a big bad no good part for this album and helps give this album it's impending rating.
  8. Try and Love Again: This song can join the list of boring songs. It was just... This song is boring and bores me. Like I want to skip this song and listen to the next one in order to finish up the review and post it up. This on also drags like a mother fucker, it has like a good minute outro that annoys the fuck out of me. It is pretty much drone to me, but not good drone. {4/10}
  9. The Last Resort: This is a good way to wrap up a good album. Emphesis on the word GOOD. I really can't say more about it than that.
Overall I have to give this a 4.2/10.  This album is not what I hoped for. I think that it is what I thought that it would be. I knew from he start it wouldn't be a 10/10. But I was hoping for an 8/10. Looks like it's not. Also they went over board with the ballads on the album. I don't really like ballads as much as I used to. This album, as for any other if you like it, that's your opinion. But I don't so yeah. I don't like the way Glenn's voice sounds, it really bugs me. This song has the set up of a Classic Rock Album. But you can only take so much from the similar production and sounds. I have no interest in revisiting this album in any way, except for the title track. This album is a classic, just not for me.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Threads - Now, Now

This is the first full album I am going to listen to by a band called Now, Now. I know that they were originally Now, Now Every Children. I found out about these guys via Eisley radio station. They are a indie band, and I kinda am excited to listen to this album. I found out about this album because of some link that led me to the Rolling Stone Magazine website where they had a stream of School Days. I thought that that was pretty cool so I wanted to check it out. I know it might not be amazing, but I don't know. I really do hope  it does good.
  1. The Pull: This is more of an ambient beginning to the album. It is kind of like Prelude to Joanie on Aerosmith's 1982 album Rock In A Hard Place (that's the only album without Joe Perry performing on it) but instead of in the middle of the album, like the beginning. This song is not that crazy bizarre, I know, none of the top of my head, albums where they do that.
  2. Prehistoric: This song did, in no way, grab my attention. It kind of sucked. I was hoping for a better "first song", because of the prelude.
  3. Lucie, Too: This song didn't catch my attention either. It also kind of sucked. I don't like it and it isn't good. I still think that others might like this more than I, but I do not.
  4. Dead Oaks: This is a cool sounding song. It is a little different in the fact that I wanted to listen to the rest of the album after this song. Before this song the album was bland. And this helped it get a little better.
  5. Oh. Hi.: This song reminds me of one of Eisley's heavier songs. It sounds like it would be on the Deep Space Ep, that is in dire need of me re-reviewing it. This also kind of reminds me of Coldplay. Like the instrumentation of the song. I like this song. I don't love it, but so far that has been my favorite track on the album. No other ones has really grown on me, or caught my attention.Towards the end of the song there is a xylophone sounding solo in the song, kind of, but it reminds me super of Mylo Xyloto album by Coldplay
  6. But I Do: This song reminds me of The Honey Trees. From the one Ep I've heard from those guys, The Honey Trees, I think that they are ok. I don't think that they are gods gift to indie pop, but what ever. This song sounds like it would most definitely be on Deep Space.
  7. Separate Rooms: The beginning of this song reminds me of The Honey Trees/Coldplay/Eisley. The thing is that it isn't very good. Like it is more of a boring version of some Honey Tree song. I am not really enjoying this album so far. Not so much the fact that its a lot to take, just it's not good
  8. Thread: This song sounds like it would be a college rock song. Like it is from New York. And I've come to learn that that it's very good for the most part. I don't really enjoy this type of music, the New York indie bands, with some very few occasions.
  9. Wolf: This song doesn't pay homage to Tyler, The Creator in anyway... at all. See I made a funny. This is the first song were they used synthesizers. This song started out, not so bad. This song reminds me of a more indie version of Paramore. Their songs that are softer like When it Rains. But in the middle of the songs they begin like spelling out sounds and the word sleep. Those vocals sound like very tight. Down side to this is it reminds me of '80s music, but the music from the '80 I can't really stand.
  10. School Friends: This was the first song off this album that I heard. I heard it back when it was first put up on Rolling Stone website. This song, I feel could be so much more emotional and meaningful to me, but it's not. There is so much that goes into a song that makes it mean something to someone. It could be related to emotions or memories you've had from the past. That doesn't hit me, the way I wanted it to. I actually remember liking it more when I first heard it on Rolling Stone.
  11. Colony: This song has this country bluegrass feel to it. It is actually, not very good. I don't like this, it is bad country. This album has gotten so dry for me. I really don't want to revisit it. The drums are kind of cool thought, I'll give them that. This reminds me of a crappy attempt at trying to remake Eisley's album Combinations
  12. Magnet: The song starts out dry. It kinda almost puts me to sleep. And the drums come in they are buried but they still kind of sound ok. In the middle there is a solo where the guitar playing arpeggios is buried in the background. This song then goes into a build up. This song isn't terrible, just could be so much more {5/10}
Overall I give this a 4/10. I think that this reminded me a little too much of Eisley's new Ep Deep Space. It is too familar to me to actually enjoy this. I think if you love indie pop music you might like this album. But I just don't. This did have ups though. It kind of reminded me of Eisley, The Honey Trees, and Coldplay. All good bands, just this isn't. I don't feel it lived up to that sound. Another thing about it is too much like '80 College Rock, or what ever you call it. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Martina Matwiejczuk-Extended Play

OK heres the problem. My keypad on my computer stopped working. So I have to do this from my iTouch. So I apologies for that and hopefully ill do the The Beatles and Frank Zappa tomorrow. Now on to the reason I am reviewing this Ep. This is an artist that I found out about via FrostClick. I know someone who has the last name Matwiejczuk from school, so I decided to see if that was some type of relation to her. Well there is no relation and I decided to check into this Ep. And the girl looks attractive so I was pretty excited to listen to this. So I don't really know what to expect going into this.
  1. Give Me A Reason: This gives me this '90s electronic feel to it. It kind of reminds me of the music I used to hear when I was like 5, in like 2000. I think that her voice is pretty cool. This then goes into an electronic beat that reminds me of '90s hip-hop. This would be a good song to have on a work out mixtape. I could see this being a song by No Way Josie
  2. . Probably not my best review
  3. Kilimanjaro: This name makes me think of Africa. This has an African style beat to it. At least that is what it reminds me of. This song is actually pretty good once it sinks in. {7/10}
  4. At Night: This song has a dub step beat in the beginning. This song reminds me of Lady Gaga. The way she sings is like her. This has autotune on it. It also reminds me of ET by Katy Scary. Her voice also kind of reminds me of The Weeknd. That is actually kind of funny, but not. This is a really cool song {8/10}
  5. Searcher: I'm not as big on this song as I am on all the other songs. I don't really know for sure why I think that way. But it's probably because I think that it is... I don't exactly know? But I don't hate it {7/10}
  6. Black is White: This song is probably my least favorite. I don't like this one much. I also don't really like how she sings this either.
Over all this Ep gets an 7.8/10. I didn't really have any certain expectation on this album. I wanted it to be good, but I didn't really think that it would be that amazing. This is like a not as good verison of No Way Josie! but without dub step. After listening to this and contemplating it, I think that this could grow on me. But for now I have to stay with the review I have given it.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The First - Dominique Grace

This is the first thing that I've ever heard by this girl. I found out about her from the daily FrostClick emails I get. I got this one a while back. I love that she instaspamed the album cover. And She is pretty cute so why not check this out. The cute thing hopefully won't at all affect the review
  1. Struggle: This is one 2 and a bad, I actually think that it sounds pretty cool and has a good feel to the beginning of this Ep.
  2. Can't You See: This is a piano driven song. Her vocals are pretty cool sounding. They kind of remind me of Adele. Not really, but kind of in a way.
  3. Angel Grace: This song reminds me of a soft song. This song isn't that amazing. I actually am not that crazy about it. I don't really think that I can give it a good positive idea. It reminds me of a not so good Christie DuPree or now Merriment.
  4. Lessons Of Life: I don't at all like this song. It has very crappy distorted vocal in the background. It is an Capella song and it isn't anything special.
  5. Battle: This is basically like the first track. This isn't really that great. It doesn't keep my interest.
Over all I unfortunately give this a 3.5/10. I wasn't interested in this and probably won't check out any of her other stuff, if she released stuff in the future.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The OF Tape Vol. 2 - Odd Future

This is, I guess, The second official album by the hip-hop group Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. For this release I noticed that they shortened their name down. I like it more as Odd Future than the full name. It's much too long. I have been waiting for this album to come out for over a month. I was a little late into the whole Odd Future world. I saw the music video for Rella either the day it came out, or the day after. I was pumped for this since I am SUPER in LOVE with that song. By no means is this my last review for these guys. On the contrary, I hope to review all of their stuff.
  1. Hi.: This is the introduction to the album. This song isn't really that amazing. It serves it's purpose, but I am not like, this is not in anyway a Rella. Some guy named L-Boy and he is just telling a story.
  2. Bitches feat. Domo Genesis and Hodgy Beats: This is the first actual song on this album. The first time I heard this song I wasn't really that impressed. I don't really know anything by either Domo or Hodgy. The beat in this song is kind of obnoxious. The second time hearing this song is better than the first time. But that's how most song by them are, if you don't like it the first time. This song still doesn't have an amazing beat, but it still sounds better after being able to digest it.
  3. NY (Ned Flander) feat. Hodgy Beats and Tyler, The Creator: I didn't really like this song the first two or three times I heard this album. But while I am listening to it during this review of it, I like it more than before. I like that there is a like Spanish girl talking in the middle of the song. This song is kind of depressing. Tyler is pretty good on this, and his raps flow. I didn't really think that his lyrics were that good at first. But as I said it grew on me. I also didn't notice his Goblin reference. The ending of the song has some girl talking about sucking his friends dicks. The song is kind of depressing, and the video reminds me of like a ''black'' version of RV by Faith No More. Not sound wise, just concept wise. {8/10}
  4. Ya Know feat. The Internet: The only think that I've ever heard by The Internet was Cocaine. I didn't like that video and that song in general. I only listened to it once, I am going to give it another chance but I remember not liking it. In the middle of the song there is like a beat solo where it is just electronic sounds. It kinda reminds me of like outer space. She even uses reverb or something after that to make her voice sound like an astronaut and far away.
  5. Forest Green feat. Mike G: The only thing that I know about Mike G is his name. I don't know if he's good or bad. From this song he isn't that bad. Left Brain produced this song and it seems that he is pretty good at production. There is a heavy dub step background in the verses. The chorus reminds me of Eminem's song, I think it's Without Me, which I know is off 2002's The Eminem Show. I don't like that album, I kind of think that it sucks... bad. There is also this like violin sample in this song that make it neat. I actually really like this  song and there is a part where it kind of reminds me also of So Bad off Relapse. I hope you know what I'm talking about.
  6. Lean feat. Hodgy Beats and Domo Genesis: Oh shit, Hodgy and Domo, I hope this will be good. Ironic enough the first words in this song are "Oh Shit". I put my first sentence of this before the song started. The sample in this song reminds me of a mix of Nintendo sounds and Jeopardy song. This seems to be a weed rap. I don't really like weed raps, I don't smoke. Though it might see, I have never shot, snorted, sniffed, smoked, toked, drank, or performed a self enema. This song is really an ok song like it think that it is 
  7. Analog 2 feat. Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean and Syd: Frank didn't disappoint me with this song. Nor did Tyler and with the addition of Syd this song is more R&B influenced. I got bored of Analog off Goblin but this one is much better and more "professional" and seems like they took more time doing this. There is a hidden track in this called Wheels 2. This song is fucking R&B straight up. I really think this reminds me of a better quality, more clear, version of  The Weeknd on his House of Balloons mixtape.
  8. 50 feat. MellowHype: I haven't heard any thing by MellowHype but if all their stuff is like this than I'm psyched. This song is very aggressive and angry, the same anger, if not worse, that is on Radical off Tyler's album Goblin. The beat on this song is solid and angry. This song is a song that I could see people moshing to. This song is also kind of scary. There is a part where the vocals are sung together and it reminds me of the song Bright Light Fright by Aerosmith off 1977's Draw the Line. This is probably, out of all their albums, either my favorite or in the top 3. This song makes me want to punch a wall. I was very angry before I listened to this song and now I'm not so mad. It drains the aggression out of you.
  9. Snow White feat. Hodgy Beats and Frank Ocean: I like this song, I don't think that this is the best song on the album, but I still like it. The rhymes aren't shocking me, first time through, but I know that I have to relisten to it. There is this like static sounds that. I don't really think that Hodgy and Frank are that good of a mix. They are completely different, in my head. Hodgy seems to me like a Lil' Wayne type of thing. Frank is like a Chris Brown, except for the Rihanna thing. The chorus doesn't sound very good. The flow into it doesn't really sound that good. I think that it isn't that good of a match up to start off with anyway. And the static sound kind of fights, not very much, but little bit the song. It ends up winning but still. I think the static is a sick way to lead into, the one the only....
  10. Rella feat. Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis and Tyler, The Creator: I took me 5 listens to get enough to be pleased with the information fo accurate info for this song. This beat is FUCKING CATCHY. There is no denying, and this is produced by the one and only Left Brain. This song is my favorite song I've ever heard by anyone who has to do with OFWGKTA. The beat on this is aggressive and pumps me up. I could see people moshing to this song. There isn't as much anger in this song as there is on 50 but there still is. The rhymes are perfect, Hodgy fucks his lines and makes the song drip shit out of it's asshole. Then comes Domo, who continues the fucking, but a little softer and slows down, but picks it up. When he is all done Hodgy has this little fill until...... UH!!!! Tyler stick his thumbs in this songs asshole and fucks it till it bleeds out. His words are super easy to understand the meanings, alone with the rest of the song, but Tyler just skull fucks his part. There is no way to explain how good he is at his part. This song is so fucking catchy... WHY!!!! I think that this is honestly the best song to come out of 2012 so far. I don't think that its humanly possible to explain this song. The only negative, which is so small I'm gonna make the text for it smaller than the other text. The little problem is it kinda ends abruptly {12/10} PS on my play lists in the past 2 weeks this song has 55 plays. 
  11. Real Bitch feat. MellowHype and Taco: This song is more R&B feel to it. This song isn't really that good. The flows are lacking. There is a part in this song where it has them say swag like 15 times in a row. And the vocals of the chorus are not very good. This song is sexist, but who cares about that, it's just not good.
  12. P feat. Hodgy Beats and Tyler, The Creator: This song is solid. I really think that Hodgy does good on his part, but Tyler is solid on his parts. He takes this song like a pro. I could see this song being an outtake from his solo album Goblin. I really like this song
  13. White feat. Frank Ocean: This song is actually pretty pretty. This is a decent one by Frank Ocean. The beats are more emotional and more sweet than the others. This kind of reminds me of The Weeknd. This is a pretty cool song. I think that it  also has this keyboard in the background that reminds me of like some '70s R&B thing. The trumpets in this song remind me of the sample from Set The World On Fire off Megadeth's 1988 album So Far, So Good... So What! I feel like there isn't enough meat to this song, and it is a little too short.
  14. Hcapd feat. Domo Genesis, Hodgy Beats and Tyler, The Creator: This song is the power trio that is featured in Rella. This beat isn't nearly as good as Rella. I'm not ripping on this song, but I wish it was better beat. This could also be an outtake from Goblin. It sounds like the Therapist is on this song. And also there is reference to Wolf Haley. This song is also pretty cool thought. This is an angry song and it also mentions Gold Wang. This song is better the second time hearing it.The sample in the background reminds me of a cop car siren.
  15. Sam (Is Dead) feat. Tyler, The Creator and Domo Genesis: The beginning of this song reminds me of an old school underground hip-hop. This song reminds me of Eminem's first full length album from 1996 titled Infinite (hence the verse "From Infinite down to the last Relapse album" lyric in the song Not Afraid). This song is really cool. I kind of wish that they saved this for a Goblin 2.  This isn't really all that much of a collaboration as much as Tyler rapping alone. I disagree with how this feels on this album. I feel like this should be a mix tape, not more of a second half of the album being like Goblin: Refill. That is my only gripe so far with these songs that sound like that. I think they are perfect for a solo album for Tyler
  16. Doms feat. Domo Genesis:  This seems like it is a R&B song, kinda. This song sounds like Domo was having trouble coming up with a free style, and he doesn't start until about 1:15 seconds out of a 3:13 seconds song. This song is ok, but I don't like the beat. I don't like how it doesn't sound like it's very good quality. The rhymes aren't that amazing either, but I like the song. It isn't that bad.
  17. We Got Bitches feat. Tyler, The Creator, Taco and Jasper Dolphin: There is a person screaming on this song, I am assuming Jasper Dolphin because he says "I'm Back" and this is his first contribution to the album. This song reminds me of like a hardcore rap version of a song that Key of Awesome would do. Like the voice sounds like the guy from that who is like the main guy. It don't really sound serious, which it probably isn't supposed to but, they aren't terrific at showing being serious or not. I do like this song though. I think that this is another song aggressive. This is actually like a more pop version of a song I could picture on that Death Grips mixtape Exmilitary.
  18. Oldie feat. Tyler, The Creator, Hodgy Beats, Left Brain, Mike G, Domo Genesis, Frank Ocean, Jasper Dolphin and Earl Sweatshirt : Fuck... Look who's on this bitch. EARL... he's free. And bitch it's fucking 10:36. When I first saw that I almost cumed. The song starts with them giving shouts out which lasts 0:24 seconds. Tyler is the first MC up. He is a solid flow going on to the song. Hodgy takes on the flow. He does a good job at it, not as good as Tyler but it's still good. I thought that Left Brain's verses was interesting. I didn't really know what his voice was like. I think he should rap more, and not just as MellowHype with Hodgy. Mike G. comes fourth, and he is good. Like I said I don't really know Mike G. that well, but I don't even know if he has an album or ep or mixtape out there. I think that he is good. I kinda want him to do a solo album. The other one who should have a solo album is Domo who does a good job on this. I can't say he is as good on this as the standard set from Rella but it is still good and cool. Frank is better at singing, I didn't really like his part much. Jasper fucking reminded me of Ol' Dirty Bastard. Like no joke it's like around 6:20 he starts. He also announces his name. He fucking KILLS this Ol' Dirty Bastard sound. Then comes Earl, and he fucks this song more than Tyler. I have only heard the song Earl by him but if all his songs are like that it is gonna be fucking sick. Tyler ends this song up and ends it up in a good way. And he mentions Radical as "his" anthem. This song is like a big ass long Wu-Tang Clan song. Actually it reminds me of the last track on Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). I didn't realize this but one of my favorite part in this song is Frank's part. He is sick as a rapper, and I like his raps and flows better on this than his singing on Snow White. This song gets better everytime I listen to it. {9/10}
Overall I give this a 8.75/10. I really liked this muther fucka' in general. Obviously, as you have read, I don't think that this is Gods gift to rap. There is a ton more R&B style songs on this. This is like the other stuff I've heard by them. By that, I mean that, the way these guys are is if you don't really like a song, it you take it, it will grow on you. These guys are intense and they aren't nessicarly some type of group you can half arsed listen to and like it. You need to pay attention to this and actually listen to it. This is a process, once the process is over you will enjoy it. I'm going to try to pick up a copy tomorrow, too late and my ear has this abnormal sized zit/sis so I am going to the doctor tomorrow. So I'll try to buy it tomorrow. I was pretty caught up in the whole ear thing to buy it. I will have to live with the fact that it was the day after thought. :( But in all seriousness I'm kind of scared about this sis thing, it's been there for a month and I am scared. I went back and re-reviewed this as a 9.2/10. Ok this is now April and I regret giving it suck a high score. This thing has pulmeted and it is going to get a 5/10 instead of a 9. Sorry it just hasn't kept it's edge with me.

Monday, March 19, 2012

City By The Sound - The Sliders

I saw these guys through FrostClick. They are an Indie band from either New York or New Jersey, you can tell by the lyrics and the sound. I watched a video of these guys on the news and I didn't really like it that much. So I decided now to give the whole Ep a listen
  1. The Sliders FrostWire Intro: I don't think that I need to give an explanation to this track.
  2. City By The Sound: This is a notorious New York area indie band sound. These guys sound a little different and have more piano in it than most other I've heard but This isn't anything special. This song is ok, I think it is too upbeat. Like they try to be upbeat. And his voice sounds like it would be from Disney Channel. And the song sounds that way too. I can't stand the Disney Channel music and the way they make music.
  3. Chasing After You: The vocals in the chorus of this song remind me of the vocals in the song Tempted by the UK band Squeeze. This song insn't band, I just don't really like it that much. I think that there is more of a newish feel to it? I don't really know how to better explain it.
  4. Coming Around: This hurt this Ep. I didn't like the way it started out. The thing that keeps them from being another These Animals is the better quality and the vocals. Everything is basically the same. Yeah this song hurt this for me. I don't think there is a better explination. I like it, just not a ton.
  5. Underground: This song is SHIT. I don't think that this does them any justice. The beginning of this says they are kids unground. Terrible idea, and it drives me nuts when they try to do that. I don't think that talking about being kids is a strong point of view. And it is so over used. In honesty the only bands that I think still make that idea work is Eisley and any project or thing that do with the DuPree family. The chorus has a break once and that part reminds me of Bang Carmaro's song Push Push (Lady Lightning) which is in Guitar Hero II. To top that thought there is a little bass riff, lasts seriously less than 5 seconds, that sounds like Bang Carmaro.
  6. The Dreamer: This song isn't anything special either. I don't really think that there is much to say about this track, except the fact that it isn't impressive.
Over all I give this a 6.4/10. I liked it more than I did the first time. I'm not the biggest fan of this Ep but I think that it is decent. Someone else might like this more than I did, but that is really all there is to say. I wasn't very intrested in it, after the first two tracks. The vocals and the quality of the sound are the only thing that I think really differ from some other New York area indie bands I have reviewed. I would listen to, if they have another, album or ep by them. Its just under 20 minutes so if you want to give it a listen you should.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Speak Now - Taylor Swift

Now I've never really been a huge fan of this girl. Actually there were like 2 songs that I liked by her. Well my cousin Stevie showed me the videos of Better Than Revenge, Speak Now, and Haunted. I thought that those were really cool because I'm used to hearing Taylor sing about being sad, and something that is, for lack of better word, "cute". The first song I heard of this was Mean and I really liked that song. So I decided to someday listen to the whole album, but I never really got to it. Today that's changing. I heard 77% of this album before I started reviewing this and I have to say I was, well....
  1. Mine: This song starts out the album. I think that this song doesn't nessicarly foreshadow how good the rest of the album is. It starts out cool and it isn't bad, but well it doesn't have that umph!. I think that the chorus is good but this song just doesn't leave that amazing of an imprint on me. This song reminds me too much of what I would of heard on Fearless.
  2. Sparks Fly: This song isn't that amazing either. Trust me thought, try to forget about these songs if you don't like them. The album gets a ton better. It bugs me that these sound like Fearless leftovers. You know like outtakes or extra unused songs from Fearless. And it really doesn't, at least to me, like she tyred to change them up that much.
  3. Back To December: There is this sound that sounds like it is tremolo. This song kind of reminds me of winter and December.This song also really reminds me of an orchestrated take, with different lyrics, of Mean. I'm not huge on it, but I still kind of like it. This song is cool, I'm just not digging it for some reason that I just am not. {4.6/10}
  4. Speak Now: This song is a song that I could picture on Fearless but revamped for this new album. I'm not IN LOVE with this but I like it. I also like the idea of the song and the whole feel. I think that the instrumentation of the song is cool and think that the. I like this song I'm just not a psycho for this song as much as some of the songs after Mean. This song also has the overall old school country feel to it. For that reason it will get a {7/10}
  5. Dear John: This is a long ass mother fucker. I was not looking forward to it. This song is neat in the fact that there is a big story behind it. Like a wedding and the man left her. I think that the music fits the song but for now I'm not crazy about this song. It does pick up pace but it has that country ideals feel to it. This is a pretty song thought and I think that a country music fan would very much so like this song.
  6. Mean: I'm pretty sure I saw this the day the music video came out. I thought that this was a little different for T. Sweezy because I actually liked it. I wasn't a big fan of her. But this song was a little different. I really liked that the lyrics weren't so cute and they were more aggressive and it was more uplifting than some of her other love songs. Like your mean, but I can over come that and as long as I love myself I can accomplish anything.
  7. The Story Of Us: This song picks up and goes. This song is also where the power of the album comes in. Mean was soft and not powerful, in the fact of the loudness. This song is the first fast paced song. This is a really good song. I like also how at the end of some of her chorus she says like "Next Chapter". I think that this is awesome. The way she sings it and the way the instruments are in this song are also really cool. This also has a really fun feel to it. Like though it is aggressively lyrically it seems like it would be fun to play live.
  8. Never Grow Up: This song is complimented by the end of the last. This song is pretty. There is finger picking in this song and it still has that young feel to it. This song sounds like it is a person singing and saying to not leave their childhood. This song is very pretty and reminds me of being my age. It is nice to hear something that is so real to me. I think growing up is important, but you can't be an adult. You need to still have that kid in you and it means a lot to hear a song about wanting to stay young and a kid. There are so many people around me who are either immature or maturing. But on both sides they will grow up and lose their childhood and their inner kid. That's really no fun.
  9. Enchanted: This song acoustic guitar part made me cry. The beginning made me tear up. It so strange to think that it is that way. It sounds so pretty and is just an emotional song. The part where the chorus comes in isn't as powerful to me. But the beginning and the verses is the part where it hits. It is just like "BOOM" on my heartstrings in the very beginning. I don't really know how to better explain it.
  10. Better Than Revenge: This song is  bad ass. I mean seriously she fucking says "She's better known for her roles on the mattress" that's a pun. That is super sick, I didn't Taylor had that in her. Goes to show that people aren't always what you think. This is a fast song and catchy. It is also very powerful and has a hard chorus to get out of your head. This is more of a rock song than country, though there is still country sounds on it. The lyrics are just so, for me, mind blowing aggressive for what I thought she was capable of. I mean some of the lyrics are said pretty angrily. Just listen to this song, even if you don't like her music. You might be surprised, I was. {9.5/10}
  11. Innocent: This song has a feel that reminds me of Paramore's 2009 song Misguided Ghosts. I really like that song. Part of the reason was because it was so different from the rest of that album. This also continues the themes of "revenge". I mean that in the way of angry and why did you do this. Your as Innocent as you claim to be. This song is still pretty and touching. There is like this buried guitar solo under everything else going on it the song, which fits perfect. I think that it's cool that they did that and how it sounds.
  12. Haunted: This song is also way more mature than some of her other stuff. This song also has the huge orchestral sound to it. Some groups try to use strings to sound big and better, well Swizzle pulls that shit off in this song. This song's chorus is so fricken catchy and is hard to forget. I still remember when I first heard it. And that was at least 2/3 weeks ago. Seriously, I mean I don't constantly think about it, but when I do it hits. The guitar solo is short but it works. After the solo there is a breakdown that starts with her singing along with a piano and then come the strings and everything else. I seriously could see this being played at like the Super Bowl or something. Another thing too, there is like this electric guitar power chords and it is more supporting her voice along with the string and the drums and bass and everything fits. Prefect {10/10}
  13. Last Kiss: This song is sweet and reminds me of Innocent. I like this song, because it is pretty. But I don't like this song because it is too similar to Innocent for me. As you see there are conflicting feeling to this song for me. This is also a nice love song, and is a pretty song. I like it, just not love it. Also this song is a little long for me to love.
  14. Long Live: This song is better than Last Kiss. I like this song. I feels like it builds and it is a more upbeat than the last song. This song makes up for the last track It isn't huge, like I want it to be, but it is still pretty good. It also is meaningful and makes me think of running around with a life long friend that you love and it doesn't work out. And remembering the fun you had and trying to stay together. It is a good way to end an album.
Overall I have to give this album a 8.1/10. I was extremely surprised that I liked it so much. I very much dislike country, for the most part, and epically new country rock. It isn't that appealing to me. Well this album was very appealing to me, and I think part of it is because it is more mature than most country. By that it's not She Left Me, or Lets Get Drunk. It's more meaningful and aggressive. If those first 3 songs weren't on this album then that would of helped me out big time with the way that I rated this album. Possibly a 9/9.5 instead of an 8.1. I'm getting this on CD and if they make it, on Vinyl. I hope she keeps up this new sound/style, so to say.