Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mylo Xyloto - Coldplay

This is the 5th album by alternative band Coldplay. I'm not a huge Coldplay fan but I like this album a lot, and also A Rush Of Blood To The Head and Parachutes and Live 2003. I don't know everything about these guys and I'm not the number one fan either, but some stuff (ie. not Viva La Vida) is really good. Now I found out about this album either The day before or two days before. I knew the pictures but I didn't know they were releasing this album. I remember staying up on October 24th, on the computer and torrenting this album. Then later that day going out and buying it at Sam's Club. This album has songs that everyone likes but do they like the album. What I have to say is there is only one bad song, and it is the collaboration with S&M singer Rhianna. But what I noticed after buying this is Brian Eno helped produce and co-wrote all the songs on the album. This album reminds me of Drivers Ed my Junior year. That wasn't necessarily an amazing class, with the kids and stuff, but one good thing is that I'll have more love songs from it. It reminds me of the good feeling of the class which I can't describe exactly. I don't like their whole style nowadays, as in appearance and artwork, just their music.
  1. Mylo Xyloto: This is the instrumental opener to the album. Something I like it that there is instrumental "fillers" in between to "link" songs together. I also love the kind of rush you get as this song builds up to Hurts Like Heaven.
  2. Hurts Like Heaven: This is the reason I wanted to buy the album so bad. There was something about this song that hit me. The electronic beat and the simplicity of it made it so catchy. Now this album hasn't had an El Camino effect on me (I'll give my voice on that album later). This is one of my favorite songs of many on this album
  3. Paradise: The violins at the beginning and atmospheric feel to this songs intro is one of just awe. This is something that I imagine would play in movie where it is "some type of a miraculous cure" (FZ reference). The chorus to the song and the verses are just a type of feel of relax, sit back and dream about good things. I remember buying a food in the food court, not the grill the court, at school and hearing it and hearing someone sing it under their breath. That kinda hit me because it wasn't just me who liked the song. The ending with the piano type solo sounds like they didn't even try to make it like so fast.
  4. Charlie Brown: Another great song, same as the last, the atmosphere is the key to the album. This album, espically this song, reminds me of a surrealistic teenage life. Like one that would be one of adventurous and free. I could picture to teens running in the fields and holding hands and loving each other. This song just is one of immature, but in a good way, as if he wrote this as a teenager... in love. And the ending reminds me of the TV cartoon Charlie Brown piano song
  5. Us Against The World: This song gives a good vibe to drift off and dream of what it's like to be in love.
  6. M.M.I.X: This is the instrumental intro to Every Tear Drop Is A Waterfall. it is good and same thing about the last intro
  7. Every Tear Drop Is A Waterfall: This is another song that reminds me of Drivers Ed. Sitting there in the backseat waiting for my turn and drifting off while looking at the Illinois praries and playing with my chin. It has such a good thing going I think that it should be a best song of 2011. This also reminds me of moving my neighbors lawn after getting this, and at night because I'm lazy and sweating.
  8. Major Minus: I don't know what to say about this song. It is good and I really like it but I don't know. The chorus is pretty cool and the verses are good. This is a slick song in my opinion. I could this being a song they would play in a musical for a slick guy singing to a girl or the bad and/or good guy. A modern James Bond/West Side Story mash up.
  9. U.F.O.: This is the soft acoustic song that I believe needs to be on a Coldplay album, #with strings and synths
  10. Princess of China: This is my only complaint. This song kind of sucks... bad. I don't like it, the electronics are heavier on this then the rest of the album and it just stinks.
  11. Up In Flames: This is not amazing either, better than that Rihanna shit but not as good as the beginning
  12. A Hopeful Transmission: The instrumental lead into another, not amazing but good, song
  13. Don't Let It Break Your Heart: This song makes up for Up In Flames and Princess of China songs previously. Overall this is just a fun song. You can tell at this part in the album that it's gonna end soon. And the ending fits into the coda perfect.
  14. Up With The Birds: This is an pretty ending for an awesome album. This reminds me of a classic Coldplay songs, before they experimented and stuff. There isn't much to say except this is the best ending to this album as there can be
I think that this album deserves a 9.3/10. This is a really good album to listen to, at least for me, to have be memories. This would be a good soundtrack for a teenage memories. The album though does go a little down hill after U.F.O. Upon relistening I think it sould get an 8

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