Saturday, July 21, 2012

Elliott Smith

This is the sophomore solo effort by singer/songwriter Elliott Smith. I found out about this guy by google searching albums that came out on July 21st. One other album was Appetite For Destruction, and though I think it's a good album, I like this one more. I actually think that this is a really good, solid album. But I listened to it and, well, I'll explain more in the review. I've been pumped to do this thing since I first started doing reviews, and I have planned on doing this one on my birthday.
  1. Needle in the Hay: This is a depressing song, and along with the others, have Elliott playing acoustic guitar and singing. This is a dark song, and it is kind of pretty to. This song is a good song, and honestly remember able, at least for me, chorus.
  2. Christian Brothers: This song kind of makes me think that the name fits it. Like the music that goes along to the album. This song has a country flavor that kind of makes me think of Simon & Garfunkel.
  3. Clementine: This song could actually be a song that was composed by Paul Simon. Like maybe be on his Paul Simon Songbook from 1965. The album that was released after the first "break up" of Simon & Garfunkel duo. It was released after their 1964 debut Wednesday, 4 A.M..
  4. Southern Belle: This song kind of reminds me of a song on 1966's Sound of Silence. That is also one of my favorite albums of all time. I really dig the vocals on this song and how it has an aggression the rest of the songs don't really have. The best part is the ending with the vocals where he sings loud and almost enraged, in his whisper quite vocals. 
  5. Single File: This is also another songs where it is kind of reminds me of the 1966 Sound of Silence album.
  6. Coming Up Rose: This sounds like other people are playing on the song. I think that it might have accordion in it. The guitar solo in it is also really cool sounding. This song sounds like there is an entire band playing. This song has a type of, after thinking about it, a Grateful Dead vibe kind of. Like one of their softer songs.
  7. Satellite: I think that this is a pretty sounding song. I don't think that there is much for me to say beyond that 
  8. Alphabet Town: I think that there is a harmonica in this song.
  9. St. Ides Heaven: This songs sounds like it feature a full band.
  10. Good To Go: This is also a pretty song. It sounds like this is a heartfelt feeling, if that makes sense.'
  11. The White Lady Loves You More: I don't know exactly how to explain this song. This is a songs that sounds like, at least to me, a weird chord progression. I don't know, I might be crazy. 
  12. The Biggest Lie: I think that this is a good way to end the album. Also a good song.
Over All I have to give this a 9/10. This thing is like a more depressing, solo album of a guy whole sounds like the Simon & Garfunkel duo. It's a shame that he died, I wish that he didn't. I almost feel bad for how dark sounding this is, not evil, but dark. This thing has textures and isn't just one recording. He made it sounds very pretty. I couldn't think of it at first, but it kind of has this folky Grateful Dead vibe going on in it too.

Friday, July 20, 2012

1999 - Prince

Hey, are you ready to party like its was 1999. Cuz I sure know I'm ready to give this album a try. I got this on vinyl from my moms cousins husband. So I decided to give it a listen. This is the fifth studio album by Prince and it was released in October, 1982. This is also the first album to have the name The Revolution on it. I am aware that this is one of the "greatest albums of all time". So when I am listening to this I have to put that little fact into consideration. This is the first Prince album I have listened to in it's entirety. I also listened to this on vinyl for the review, One Side at a time. I didn't listen to the whole thing front to back on the vinyl. I didn't realize this at first but Mike G mentions Purple Rain on the song Forrest Green off the new Odd Future album The OF Tapes Vol. 2. And yes I did listen to this album 3 times on vinyl and one time on digital. But also a bunch of the songs alone multiple more times.
  1. 1999: This is the first song that I liked by Prince. This is a fun song, and a good way to start off an album. This song is very catchy, and it is kind of hard to not like. Though they talk about nuclear warfare in the song, which you would never guess by the way it sounds. But they also talk about partying like it's 1999, because "2000 zero zero, Party over lose, outta time". The six minutes go by fast, the more you listen to it the better it becomes more of a classic song.
  2. Little Red Corvette: I realized that I knew this song at the chorus. This is a pretty "interesting song". Like I wanted to listen to this song. It kind of builds up to the chorus. I don't know if that's the right way to say that, but I do know that I don't if that's the right term. But that song is really cool. I like how it is a singable song. Like the chorus gets stuck in your head 
  3. Delirious: This song sounds a little bit like Little Red Corvette, but not so "build". It's kind of like a dance song. I could see this being in Footloose. This sounds like a songs that my parents would listen to when I was like really little. Probably like when I was 4 or 5, so around 1999-2000
  4. Let's Pretend We're Married: He says the fuck word pretty, like serious sounding, but for sex. This is a bizarre song to be made by, what I though Prince was capable of. I have a new found respect for him after listening to this album a couple times and listening to 1980's Dirty Mind and 1981's Controversy a couple of times to.
  5. D.M.S.R.:  I don't care much for this song really. I don't think that it's that good. It's one of my less favorite tracks. D.M.S.R. stands for (Dance Music Sex Romance). I don't really think that this is that good though. I don't find the sounds that appealing from this song. This song is at 8:44 and I kind of wish that it wasn't so long.
Now this is the 2nd vinyl on the album, or you can say it's sides 3 & 4. I think that it's funny how 11 songs can take up two vinyl records. Well whatever here we go
  1. Automatic: I do like this song, but it is kind of repetitive at parts. But for the most part, this is an ok song. I don't like this song as much as some of the others, but I don't hate this song. The biggest problem though it that it's 9 minutes long. That's a long song for so much repetition.
  2. Something in the Water (Does Not Compute): This song has this robotic sound that is kind of funny. The nice thing about this song is that it's the length of a normal song. I like the screech. I think it's actually kind of sick that he can go so high.
  3. Free: This is, possibly, the best song on this thing. This is a very pretty song, and it is kind of a ballad. This song is actually like one, it's not one where it's pretty and it's like sex sex sex. I really like the piano in the song and I honestly think it's a swell song. I like the singing and I also like the whole vibe from the song. {8/10}
  4. Lady Cab Driver: This is surprisingly one of my favorites on this album. This is 8 minutes long and it's pretty good. This song has a funky thing going for it. This song could be kind of Disco, in a way. By that I mean I could see people dancing to the song. I think that the synths in the song help give it that feeling. And the last like 4 minutes is him talking while there is a girl moaning in the background, while the music is still going. Well not the entire 4 minutes, but that's what I assume is happening in the song, they are having sex, there is a big instrumental break. And the two songs flow.
  5. All the Critics Love U in New York: There are parts on this song where it reminds me of, what I picture in my head, aandrogynymen playing songs. Kind of like the song Fashion is Danger by Flight of the Conchords I want to say this song has a "faggy" feel to it. Don't get me wrong, this is one of my favorite songs on the album. He also says Masterbate in this song. I had to do a double take in my head when I heard him say that on the vinyl.
  6. International Lover: This song has a country vibe that I got in the beginning of it. I don't think I could say that this is a country song, but in the beginning that's the vibe I got. I really like that this is the ending of the album. This is also a really good song. This is also more of a ballad on the album. This is sweet song and I love it. I could see someone making love to it.
Over all I have to say that this, Prince's 1982 album titled 1999, deserves a 8.5/10. I did this review over an long period of time. I started the review April 6th, and just listened to side one. The one thing about this is that this is a long album, it's 70:33 minutes, Sign o' the Times, which is also another double album by Prince, is 79:58. I feel like I have to say that I love the crap out of Dirty Mind. That is definitely my favorite Prince album. Like that's going on the Hall of Fame vinyls shelf in my house whenever I end up buying it. Part of the reason for that is just because it gives me this Beatles vibe to it. I'll explain it better in a review I'll do for it after I get the vinyl copy. One last thing too, there are points in this album were it kind of drags, and part of that reason is because of repetition. But if you can look past that, the songs are pretty good.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Black Album - Prince

This is the legendary unreleased, until six years after its original intended 1987 release, and widely bootlegged by Prince. It was supposed to follow Sign "O" the Times, which came in March of 1987. There are different reasons that it has been scrapped in 1987. One was that when he experimented with Ecstasy and had a bad trip. Which I guess some one said later that actually did happen. Well for whatever reason he did it, I don't know exactly what to understand about why. All I know is that it was supposed to be studio album number 10 and ended up number 16.  This is also been called The Funk Bible and has some type of theme that goes into it. I also did a review of 1999. The album was finally released in 1994
  1. Le Grind: This song starts out fine. I am getting a good feeling from it. I could see this being from the 80's. This actually reminds me of 1999, sound wise.
  2. Cindy C.: There is some sax in this song. Honestly, this song didn't keep my attention. It kind of seemed like a 1999 outtake. 
  3. Dead On It: This song sounds like an 80's hip hop song. I think it's actually kind of funny, with the way that is sounds and is. I could see like some 80's rapper spitting over this. N.W.A. would be too cool for this, ha.
  4. When 2 R In Love: This is kind of a corny Prince song. It's a love song and it's isn't that bad. It is actually on Lovesexy.
  5. Bob George: I could see this song being rapped over. He does swear in this song. And I think he is supposed to be rapping in this song. This song is actually pretty funny. I is ripping on himself, ripping on Prince. This is just a silly song, and it is pretty good. The music kind of, at parts, reminds me of The Rugrats.
  6. Superfunkycalifragisexy: This song reminds me of a mix of Red Hot Chili Peppers 1999 Californication with the song Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious from the Disney Musical Marry Poppins. Or maybe any of the 80's songs by Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  7. 2 Nigs United 4 West Compton: This song starts out with him talking. Then the song goes into a like this funky instrumental. This is a solid instrumental, and it is easy to funk and jam out to. The one thing it though, it's 7 minutes long.
  8. Rockhard In A Funky Place: This is the last song on the album. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought. This song is a good way to end the album. I think that it is pretty funky and I love the name, it's kind of funny.
Overall I have to give this a 7.2/10. The biggest problem with this is that the songs are, at times, too long and repetitive. That was my biggest problem with 1999. The shortest song on this album is 3:59 and the longest is 7:01. The rest of the songs are within that 5-6 minute range. I didn't think that it was amazing, but I still though some songs were funny and some were cool. I'll probably revisit this some time when I just want to listen to something funny and a little different.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

channel ORANGE - Frank Ocean

SHIT, I wasn't home at all Sunday until about 8:30pm and I got home from a weekend. So that's why I didn't have a review go up. Well today I'm going to do one, and I will do one everyday until the 22nd, because I missed that on day. This is a review of the debut album by Frank Ocean of OFWGKTA. He recently came out as bisexual, which I don't think ends the world, but I am curious to what Tyler has to say about it. Anyway, this is was released by Def Jam Recordings, and it has a few features on it. John Mayer, Andrè  3000. It also features Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler, The Creator both from OFWGKTA. Frank also collaborated with a couple producers on this, and also songwriters. In the songwriting credits the name that appears most is Frank's but the second most is James Ryan Ho, better known as Malay. He helped write 11 of the 18 tracks on this album. I was actually surprised to see that 1 or 2 of the tracks didn't even feature Frank's name in the songwriting credits.Well anyway, I was excited to hear this, until I forgot about it, then I heard about it again and lost track of time and tada its on iTunes. And honestly I didn't care for it first time through. But I heard it twice so yeah.
  1. Start: This is the intro, it kind of gives me a vibe of Nostalgia, Ultra. Like the intro to that.
  2. Thinkin Bout You: This song isn't that bad of a song, and a good start. I think that this is a pretty cool song to. I honestly think that this beat and the vibe of it is smooth. The high pitch vocals kind of remind me of Marvin Gaye, but he can't sing as good as Marvin.
  3. Fertilizer: This is just an interlude. This is only 40 seconds long. The concept about it reminds me a little of The Who's 1967 third album The Who Sell Out. The way they had like "commercials" in the album.
  4. Sierra Leone: This song is ok. I don't think that it's that amazing. This reminds me of the atmosphere on Echoes of Silence and Houses of Balloons. When the strings come in it kind of sounds like Marvin Gaye's 1971 Whats Going On's title track.
  5. Sweet Life: I could care less for the lyrics in the song. The music in it is pretty and kind of jazzy, but I don't care for the lyrics. I like the concept, again, but not some of them. I think that it would be more accurate to say certain lyrics. But that's how I felt with American Wedding off his mixtape. This is really a R&B song though. There is this piano sounds on it that reminds me of part of the song Bitches Brew off the 1970 album of the same name by Miles Davis.
  6. Not Just Money: This song sets up the theme of the next song. It has people talking
  7. Super Rich Kids: Though Earl is on this song, I think that this song is pretty solid. I like the concept and idea, but I don't like parts of the song. The chorus of this song just irritated me. I was pretty turned off first listen. But second time though it grew on me. I like Earl's verse to. This is a slow, stomping, beated song. I feel like it is perfect where it is. I honestly feel like Tyler, The Creator produced this song.
  8. Pilot Jones: This song reminds me a little of Houses of Balloons. But not as good as the mix tape.
  9. Crack Rock: I don't care for this song that much either. I think it's ok, but it doesn't keep my intrest. I don't like the chorus.  I kind of feel like BADBADNOTGOOD might of helped with the beat on this song.
  10. Pyramids: This is a really cool song. Probably my favorite song on the album. I think that the instrumentation on this is really cool. The lyrics talk about Egypt, Cleopatra, prostitution and other stuff to. I love the feeling I get when I hear this song This song starts out with this feeling of "epicness". Kind of like this is going to be a long trip. When Frank's voice comes in I think that is is pretty. I think that the song doesn't necessarily have to be so long, but what ever. The first instrumental break is very pretty and cool sounding. It sounds like synths engulf the song. The synths kind of reminds me a little of the final section of MGMT's 12:10 epic Siberian Breaks, off 2010's Congratulations. A part of the keys to remind me a little of I Found A Whistle, which is on the same MGMT album as Siberian Breaks. I do really like this song, but I kind of think that around 5:30 is where the song gets kind of old. I don't think it has to be a 9:54. If the song wasn't kind of boring in the middle of it, then it would be different. But I do think that this is still a really good song. I couldn't though, picture it shorter than 10 minutes. I feel like the song kind of goes into too much repetition, like seiously. The ending also kind of reminds me of the Siberian Breaks. Actually I'd be shocked if they didn't sample that song.
  11. Lost: This song is ok, but it's not as good as the last song. Usually, for me, after an epic it's hard to live up to the greatness of the big song. Well I think it's fine, but its not that mind blowing.
  12. White: I like this song, it's an instrumental, but it's a good break form the album.
  13. Monks: I feel like the title Monks gives a prelude, though it's over 3 minutes long, to the next idea on the album. I like that this also starts out with a church organ intro to it. This is kind of a song that I could be seen being played, with different lyrics, at a church of African Americans. But not the entire song, just certain parts.
  14. Bad Religion: I liked this song. I think that the intro to this song fits the song and idea. The whole religious feeling that is going on fits perfect. This really is a very good religious song about his true feelings about religion and beliefs. I respect that he does that, and that he is willing to share it. After listening to this, I don't know how many times, I finally understand the song. It mentions he has problems with religion because it forbids him from loving his "man". Though, from what I understand, he isn't in a relationship with. Like if he wanted to it couldn't happen.
  15. Pink Matter: This song has Andrè 3000 on it, and first time through, it was one of my favorite tracks on it. This song is ok for Ocean's part, but Andre makes it. I think that this kind of reminds me a little of The Weeknd. Specifically more of a The Birds Part 2 off his 2nd mixtape Thursday. Then when Andre comes in it kind of reminds me a little of the way Same Old Song off Echoes of Silence ends with the guys voice at the ending. But it also sounds pretty cool.
  16. Forrest Gump: Honestly, the way this song starts out, I could see this being more Bad Religion. This is a pretty sounding song. I honestly don't know if this is about him loving another man, or about the character, or a tribute to him. This is a pretty song though. I actually like this song. I think that it's a better song on this, and one of my favorite songs on this.
  17. End: I wish that Forrest Gump and End flowed together better. This is a cool sounding song. But I am not huge on the underwater feeling. I do kind of like it, but I wish it wasn't that way. I could care less about the sounds around it. This song kind of reminds me of Nostalgia, Ultra. in the way that is kind of has sounds
Overall I give this a 8/10. I couldn't say what I thought first time through. I kind of got a feeling of The Weeknd's third mixtape Echoes of Silence. Which bugs me because I feel like he is trying to be more like him. Just the way some of the beats on some of the songs are. Like Sierra Leone and Thinkin Bout You. There is other stuff going on, but The main beat. I do think that this is kind of like Whats Going On, in way of this is his. It's a sweet thing and I think that you may enjoy it. I feel like my feeling contridict at times, but like his last mixtape, some tracks grow on me, some don't.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Waves & The Both of Us - Charlotte Sometimes

This is the debut full length album, following the self titled EP released earlier that year, by New Jersey raised Charlotte Sometimes. One of her artists that sound similar to her is Dia Frampton. Well That's what I've listened to. But I love that she was on season 2 of The Voice and was eliminated at the first live round.
  1. Loosing Sleep: This song starts out with a type of pop song that I kind of remember being on the radio around 2008. I don't really care much for it though.
  2. How I Could Just Kill A Man: This song is another songs that I could see being on the radio at that time. I don't care much for this song either.
  3. Waves And The Both Of Us: This song actually kind of, in a odd enough way, reminds me of Rihanna's voice a little at parts in the song.
  4. Sweet Valium High: I don't understand why she had the word Fuck in her song. There was no need for it at all. It bugs me when people swear for appearance. To make themselves look cool, or not as much of a sweet girl or a lame guy, they drop the f bomb in songs.
  5. Ex Girlfriend Syndrome: This song was kind of another lost cause with me. I didn't find this song interesting.
  6. AEIOU: ......... Actually this song kind of reminds me of Kelly Clarkson.
  7. Toy Soldier: After taking a break to eat in the middle of this album, this song isn't as bad as I though it'd be. I'm still not huge on it, but I don't love this. I might listen to this song again.
  8. This Is Only For Now: This song sounds like the backing music is kind of skipping until the other sounds join in with the guitar.
  9. In Your Apartment: This song is kind of pretty in the beginning. It sounds like she borrowed parts of the songs Children of the Damned off Iron Maiden's 1982 classic Number of the Beast, and some Ennio Morricone song that would be used in on of the Clint Eastwood movies. But only in the beginning of the song.
  10. Army Men: I am excited that this is coming to an end. But this song isn't terrible.
  11. Build The Moon: This song kind of reminds me a little of a less good version of jar of hearts.
  12. Pilot:..........
Overall I have to give this a 3/10. I didn't care for this at all. I gave it a try and I didn't think that it was for me. But I do have to say that I could see, if she makes music that is current right now, her being on the radio. Theses songs reminds me of 2008 radio songs and songs that would be on Disney Channel. Both of which I don't care for. I realized this album was a lost cause by track 2. If you don't like the first track, you probably won't like anyother song. Honestly, I was waiting for this album to end so I cold finish up the channel ORANGE review. Who knows maybe I'll return to this album.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Welcome to the Family Ep - Avenged Sevenfold

This is the second Ep release, and as of July 16th, most recent Avenged Sevenfold release. This was released on December 21st, 2012 and I think that it was for their tour at the time. It features Welcome to the Family (off Nightmare) a song that was unreleased (4:00 AM) and a live version of Seize the Day (originally off 2005's City of Evil). I could go on forever explaining or I could review this and have it done.
  1. Welcome to the FamilyGo here to see review of song
  2. 4:00 AM: The piano in the beginning gives this song an intresting beginning. This is a classic song that would be recorded during their Nightmare chapter of their career. This song kind of reminds me of parts of other songs. Like a part right before the pre chorus where it kind of reminds me of God Hates Us with the guitar. The riff of the song is also a solid Avenged riff. I assume this was written after the passing of The Rev. This song screams Avenged Sevenfold outtake for me though. I could kind of see this being on like another Live In The LBC bonus disc Diamonds in the Rough. This also has a more poppy feeling to it.
  3. Seize the Day (Live in Seattle): This version of the song was recorded at some point in time before the passing of The Rev. I'm not exactly sure when but I think it's a solid album. I hate doing live reviews before the studio version, because it's basically doing the same song twice, for the most part. Well anyway I think that it's a pretty version and you should check this out. Zacky sings the intro.
Overall I give this a 8/10. The live Seize the Day was solid, 4:00 Am is a good song, and it has the already released Welcome to the Family, which is also solid. Buy it on iTunes, its only $2.49

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hear It Is - The Flaming Lips

This is the 1986 debut full length album, following their self titled 1984 debut Ep, by Oklahoma City neo-psychedelic band The Flaming Lips. I've heard this album once before and I wasn't huge on it. I thought that it wasn't that exciting and that I don't exactly know what more to say than I was let down. Well here is my second chance to this album.
  1. With You: This song starts out quieter with Wayne singing along with an acoustic guitar. They were obviously going of a Wish You Were Here Feeling to the intro of the song. Then the song exclades into an all over the place, actually I think they did a shit job of doing what they wanted to, punk rock part that reminds me a little of The Cure. Though the Cure isn't really that much of a punk band. I think that it's a decent intro but I'm not as impressed as I thought I would be.
  2. Unplugged: This song is more of a Cure punk song. This song also reminds me a little of The Cult. Not Cults, but The Cult. I don't like the open space of this song. They tried to make a psychedelic solo in it, but if you really wanted to do what they wanted they should have made everything tighter together instead of making it sound like it's in an open room.
  3. Trains, Brains and Rain: This reminds me too much of The Cure to intrest me enough to really, really get into this song. This actually kind of sounds like the last song.
  4. Jesus Shooting Heroin: With a title like this you have to make it a decent song. And guess what, they didn't. I think that the song is ok, but I feel like it could be more dramatic. The open space really hurts the song for me. There is a part in this song right before the solo, where it reminds me of Spike by the band Hunt Club. I actually did a review of them with their album Hunt Club Lp and look forward to hearing more stuff by them. I also feel this song could be shorter.
  5. Just Like Before: I don't really find this song that interesting to myself.
  6. She Is Death: This song just kind of sounds like an attempt at a Pink Floyd song.
  7. Charlie Manson Blues: This song isn't that different than the others, but a little faster tempo.
  8. Man From Pakistan: This song is like a punk song. This song is pretty much like the others.
  9. Godzilla Flick: This song reminds me of Bob Seger's 1978 song Still The Same. The guitar does, but not the lyrics or anything else. But only in the beginning.
  10. Staring At Sound/With You (Reprise): I wish the song was shorter. And the most upbeat song would be the last one.
This gets a 6/10. I think The Flaming Lips are a little over rated. But that's from what I've heard. I still am going to further my listen's on their discography. If you're a fan of The Cure or maybe The Cult or other bands that are contemporaries you might just like this.

Friday, July 13, 2012

No Secrets - Carly Simon

I'm been completely and utterly obsessed with Carly Simon. I've tried to listen to all of her 70's album, and plan on listening to her 80's and 90's and 2000's stuff to. This is her third album and this has one of the sexiest album covers I've ever seen, in my opinion. She is fricken beautiful, not so much today, but this picture is one of my favorite album covers of ever. Nobody Does It Better is my cousin's favorite Bond theme. And after hearing it a couple times and seeing The Spy Who Loved Me, with the beautiful Barbra Bach, who is the wife of Ringo since 1980, I've been obsessed with Carly's discography.
  1. The Right Thing To Do: This song starts out as an easy listening song. I could see this being played in a bar scene in a movie. I could actually see this being a Bond theme. This song is a pretty song that also kind of reminds me of Linda's vocals and the music to Get On The Right Thing off Wings 1973 sophomore effort Red Rose Speedway. This song came out first though.
  2. The Carter Family: This song reminds me of Red Rose Speedway but without Paul's vocals. Kind of like a cover off that album. It's actually bizarre how similar theses albums stylistically sound and resemble each other.
  3. You're So Vain: The song starts out with this bass riff thing. It surprised me when I first heard it, and I thought that it was a different song. Its kind of creepy sounding. But then the song starts up. This song is a really cool sounding. It's a country song, but it has this Bad Ass feeling to it. It's supposedly about one of three people. I don't know exactly if that's true, but I love the idea about it. And during the chorus if you listen you can hear an uncredited Mick Jagger backing vocals. The lyrics in the song reference a solar eclipse. That's insane to me. Most country artist would reference like a beer or a breakup, nothing really special. She referenced a fricken' Solar Eclipse and where it occurred at. The more I hear this song the better it gets.
  4. His Friends Are More Than Fond Of Robin: This song is a pretty song. It is more soft and pretty sounding than You're So Vain. There is this synthesizer sound that sounds really sweet. I don't really know how to explain it more than just it's a pretty sounding song.
  5. We Have No Secrets: This song starts out, and kind of reminds me of, T Swift. The guitar part. This is more of an upbeat song, but it's kind of eerie to me. Especially since it is upbeat and its about sharing secrets in a relationship, and that she didn't want to know all of them. I think that's a neat angle to look at. I don't know anyone else who has a song about sharing secrets, and kind of regretting knowing some of them.
  6. Embrace Me, You Child: I think that this song is a pretty beginning. It kind of reminds me a little of the beginning of Uncle Albert off 1971's Ram by Paul & Linda McCartney. Just the beginning though. I think that the chorus to this song is really cool to. I think that the strings help make this song sound calm. The line "The Devil Doesn't Get To You" in the chorus is sick, I love the way it does that. This song lyrics are pretty to. This song has a type of epic feeling. But the level of epic isn't achieved as much as it could have been
  7. Waited So Long: This is a honky tonk vibe to it. It kind of reminds me a little of Honky Tonk Woman. I think that the way her vocals sound in the chorus is pretty cool. I guess it says that James Taylor did backing vocals for this song. And supposedly James Taylor is one of the three in the You're So Vain song could be about.
  8. It Was So Easy: This is a sweet and cute little ditty. I could see a little kid walking in the park or something like that happening in a movie to this song. Like a possible reflection about her childhood. I think its a cute song, and I like it for that.
  9. Night Owl: Funny enough, you know how I've made some Red Rose Speedway comparisons, well Paul and Linda actually did backing vocals for this track. James Taylor made another appearance to this album. He wrote this song. This is a cool song. I think that James did a good job on this. You can tell Paul and Linda in there. This is a gospel type of song. This song reminds me a little of Roadrunner by Bo Diddley. Just the way the chorus is and the song is. I don't not like the song for that, but I think that it's a good song. Not amazing though.
  10. When You Close Your Eyes: This song is a good way to wrap up the album. I think that this is the best way to end an album like this. I think that this is one of my favorite songs on the album. I don't think that it's an AMAZING ending though. I wish there was a tiny bit more excitement going on here. This is a pretty song though.
Overall I have to give this album a 7/10. I like this thing. This is the 2nd time I've heard this in full. And I think it's better the second time through. This is a solid listen, and a decent album. I don't think that you have to necessarily like country to like some songs on this album. I think it's funny that I've made a few Wings comparisons. Another funny fact is that this album has Klaus Voormann on bass for all but 3 tracks on the album. Klaus helped out John, George, and Ringo, among other artists. He even did the artwork to The Beatles Anthology's and 1966 album Revolver's album cover. I am still going to buy this album on vinyl though. Maybe over time this will grow on me more.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Harakiri - Serj Tankian

This is the third, and first album of four that were planned to be released by Serj, solo album by Serj Tankian lead singer of System Of A Down.  I'm not a huge fan, currently, of System of a Down. I can't really say I've given them a chance though. Part of the reason for that is that most of the fans, that I know, are "losers". Not all fans, just most that I know. Now that really doesn't attract me to a band. But after hearing about this album coming out back last April via Rock It Out Blog. Then I heard Figure it Out and I really wanted to get this album after hearing that song. Well I'm sick of not posting, so I'm going to post a review every day for the next 7 days, and then do Elliott Smith's sophomore self titled 1995 album that was released on July 21st on my birthday.
  1. Cornocopia: This song kind of remind me of Paramore. And I think that this is a good way to start the album. This song has this cool style that reminds me of either 2005's All We Know Is Falling or 2007's Riot. Listen to some of the songs on either of those and tell me if you agree with the style of the song.
  2. Figure It Out: This song is fast paced and just a sick song. I love the way that he sings this song, and then the verses sound sick. The double bass in the song at the verses, that sound like he has he has a radio that he's talking through. It reminds me of Mike Patton of Faith No More, my 6th favorite band, and Mr. Bungle, my 3rd favorite band, among others. The part right before the solo, is really cool. This is a good example of how solos don't have to be over complicated to be cool. Another example of that is Coffee & TV by blur off their March 1999 album titled 1999. {9.5/10}
  3. Ching Chime: I think that this song is kind of funny the way that he says Ching Chime. I don't exactly know why, but I think its humorous. The chorus to this song is also cool. I don't like this song as much as Figure It Out but I still do like it. The more I have heard this the more I like it. This has this Japanese type of feeling to it going on. This is a solid song. I like the electronics going on to. One thing though, I wish I was a little shorter. No big ordeal, but I just kind of wish it was.
  4. Butterfly: This song isn't exactly like Figure it Out but its more fast than the last track. I like that it isn't slowing down after the 2nd song. This song is interesting. Maybe because of the title Butterfly but this song brings to my mind the Pinkerton album cover. This doesn't really sound like Weezer but the name of the title does. Serj kind of reminds me of Frank Zappa for the fact that he speaks his mind and is kind of "vulgar" about it. Example he says, in this song, "We are being sacrificed by our own suspicions, we are being sodomized by repetitions." I respect that about him.
  5. Harakiri: This song is, from what I heard, a SOAD type of song. This is kind of a slower song. But that's kind of whats neat about it. I think that this is a pretty song. The lyrics to this song are also really kind of touching along with the music. This kind of remind me of the quieter parts of the song I Won't See You Tonight Prt 1 by Avenged Sevenfold's 2003 sophomore effort Waking the Fallen. This also, for some reason, reminds me, at the "choruses" of Paramore. I don't know why, but I do. This is a really cool and pretty song. And the song ends with just piano. So kind of like a reverse I Won't See You Tonight.
  6. Occupied Tears: This reminds me of the new Linkin Park album Living Things. Now I've never really been interested in Linkin Park, except What I've Done, because of Transformers and Bleed It Out, and No More Sorrow. Beside that I could care less. So I gave that Living Things a chance, its pretty damn good. This song kind sounds like it might fit on that album. There is a little cabaret style part in the song. And it, lyrically and feeling wise, reminds me of Weird Al's single Christmas at Ground Zero off his 1986 Polka Party!. The ending reminds me of Living Things too.
  7. Deafening Silence: This song starts out with a pretty acoustic guitar arpeggios being finger picked. Then theses electronics come in. This song, more than the last, makes me feel like it could be on Living Things. Its kind of uncanny to me about how much it would fit on there. He even kind of raps at a part in the song. He sings along with a woman and its touching, like the song Castle of Glass.
  8. Forget Me Knot: I really like this song. This is a piano driven song. More of a ballad. This song is basically a power ballad. This song is a really good and sweet song. I really like the fact that he kind of makes this louder and more intense at the chorus.
  9. Reality TV: This song, like Deafening Silence starts out with acoustic guitar finger picks and electronic sounds in it. One of then kind of sounds like Safety Dance but you really have to listen for it. Like REALLY HARD AND HAVE THAT IN MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I think that the lyrics to this song is kind of true. I think that the lyrics are funny. I don't think that I can say that not often enough.
  10. Uneducated Democracy: The song to start the wrap up is a fast paced song. This is a fun song that got me pumped for the final song. The lyrics are true to. I think that this is a solid song to. I think that this is probably going to be a good music video. I like the way the chorus sounds and the pre-chorus sound almost a sick.
  11. Weave On: This song is a total, for me, Paramore-esque song. This song is a really good and I think that it's a good way to end the album. This song sound like everything fits together perfectly. This also reminds me of Beelzebub (The Final Showdown) by Tenacious D off the 2006 soundtrack to The Pick of Destiny. That is one of my favorite songs ever. Later on in the song there is a part where he is singing along with the bass and drums and this, what I think is, a trumpet. 
Overall I have to give this a 8/10. This was a surprise to me that I enjoyed it so much. I never would of thought that I like this as much as I did. Though this album kind of progressively slows down and gets more electronic, it gets almost "better". All I can really say is that this is a solid album and you should check it out for yourself. Also the 1st bonus track is really silly. and the second one is pretty cool.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Billion Dollar Babies - Alice Cooper

This is the Sixth album by Hard Rock group Alice Cooper. This was released in February, 1973. I thought the album cover was dumb until I saw the vinyl. It's a wallet. It's really cool. And neat to look at. Something I did for this album, and Muscle of Love. This was the last album produced by Bob Ezrin until Welcome to My Nightmare, two albums after this one. Sorry I didn't finish this up yesterday. So I'll have one up tomorrow.
  1. Hello Hooray: This is the beginning to the album. This, lyrically, sets the tone that this will be "show". I think it's neat. This is kind of like the set up for a concept album. And hey, it ain't that bad of a song either. I do think that it could be a little shorter. Like, honestly, cut in half. I like that it fades. That's somthing that I've noticed Alice Cooper likes to do.
  2. Raped And Freezin': This is a fun sounding song. And it kind of "surprises" you when it starts. Like it's quite and then this starts up. And the name of the song, that's weird. But in a funny way. You can't take this band seriously when it comes to song titles like Raped And Freezin' or Muscle of Love. It also has a pretty cool sounding solo. I don't think that it really sticks with me, but I did enjoy the song. I like that he mentions Mexico in the lyrics and then they go into a Mexican type of style for a couple measures.
  3. Elected: I guess that this song is about political stuff. This song has an epic feeling to it. The one thing that kept going through my head was, am I going to remember this song after I finish this album up. Probably not. Good song though. I love the horns at the ending, and while it isn't as epic upon revisiting it it still is.
  4. Billion Dollar Babies: I read Donovan said this was a horror song. Well after having that in mind, I could see that. This is a kind of scary song if you think about it. It's very dark, and lyrically it's dark. I don't think that this song has a ton of breathing room. Part of it has to do, at least what I think is, the voice effects. The rest of the songs don't really have any special effects going on. This song, thus far, is probably my favorite song. I love that part right before the chorus and the last verse where the bass speeds up. There isn't really anything I can say wrong with this track. It literally sends chills down my spine to imagine some singing this, the refrain.
  5. Unfinished Sweet: What could be funnier than a song about being afraid of the dentist. Well a lot of things but still, stick with me. You get the point right, this is pretty funny. And it's a pretty good song. It's got an interesting guitar intro to it. And seriously there is a drill sound in the background. Followed by a "secret agent/James Bond-esque" riff. Actually it's almost exactly the theme by Monty Norman. I think this is just a really funny and fun song. And Guess what, That all happened with in 3 minutes. There is still another 3 to go. After the riff there is a scratching sound with like a drone metal vibe. Then the song starts up again. Kind of reminding me, the way it starts up again, of Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding to a certain extent. This song is too much. Also I love the fade out and fade in. Ending with an "owe".  {9/10}
  6. No More Mr. Nice Guy: This song is kind of boring me. I've heard it so many fricken times it's not even funny. This isn't a terrible song, but I don't think that it's all that special. It's a straight forward rock number. If you want a special song checkout Unfinished Sweet or I Love The Dead. Hell Elected is more energetic and interesting than this track.
  7. Generation Landslide: I feel like this is tongue-and-cheek. It's a fun and bizarre song. I don't really know how to describe it more than just a catchy song, that grabbed my attention with it's fun vibe it has. {8.3/10}
  8. Sick Things: This song starts out with a vibe that I won't like this song. I don't exactly know why, may because of the bass, but I am not sure. This song is eerie, but I don't really enjoy it, at first. The horns in this song make it easier to listen to. And help with the odd atmosphere to it. And I feel like there is a giant marching to the beat of this song. And there is a part where it sounds like stuff is being destroyed. The ending of this song has an epic feeling to it to. And flows into the next song.
  9. Mary Ann: This kind of picks up where the last song ended. This song is a piano ballad and its pretty. The song then goes into a jive type of western song and it turns into it over a couple measures and is like this to the fade. {8/10}
  10. I Love The Dead: This song is about Necromancers. Actually that's what I jokingly call it. I think that you can figure out, from what I said, what this song is about. Necrophilia. Now I don't really get into dead bodies. If I were to have sex, I would want to have sex with someone who was responsive. Not just lying there taking it. That's also why I could never drug anyone. Plus, unfortunately, its morally wrong, but I think the other stuff is more important. J.K. Rowlings. But Necrophilia is pretty fucked up. I like how the beginning is so, I can't really say this, but innocently weird. I like the little Japanese "dododo" string sound. This actually brings to mind A Little Piece Of Heaven by Avenged Sevenfold off their 2007 self titled fourth album. But more conceptually wise. This song gets better with the strings and he guitar escalates. The song is a total "Power Ballad", but a twisted one. And musically its kind of sad, and pretty. Especially when they add the horns. Really good way to end the album with an "Epic Feeling!". {9/10}
Overall I have to give this a 8.9/10. For the most part I enjoyed this album, but my biggest fear was while listening to it, beside maybe Billion Dollar Babies, Generation Landslide and Unfinished Sweet I realistically wont take the time to listen to any other songs again. I did enjoy it while I was listening to it though. Well I do hope that I don't forget theses songs because some of them were pretty good. Why does Living Things by Linkin Park have to have a few really good songs. The ballads of course. But that's beside the point, upon listening after and re listening almost all the tracks, beside the problem few I noted, I have loved these more than before. This album is my Rocky Horror, at parts.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Muscle of Love - Alice Cooper

This is the seventh studio album by Alice Cooper. This was his seventh album in five years. This was also the last, or second to last Welcome to My Nightmare, prior to Vincent changing his legal name to Alice Cooper. For some reason I love the crap out of this album cover. I actually think it's kind of hilarious. This album features the song Teenage Lament '74, and Man With The Golden Gun. This also has the was produced by Jack Richardson and Jack Douglas. This is a notible album because it doesn't have Bob Ezrin producing the album, and he has produced all the Cooper albums from Easy Action up to this point. I guess.
  1. Big Apple Dreamin' (Hippo): This is the first track on the album. The beginning feeling of it is pretty solid. I feel like there is a "prog" type of feel. There is a blues rock vibe that I also get from this song. I didn't really expect for theses guys to have a song that had this type of synths. I think that this is more of a "solid" version of Billion Dollar Babies, the song. I'm hopefully going to have a review of that album up tomorrow. I like how this has this long fade out. I think it was a decent intro. And as the song ends there is a sole violin that comes in that sounds really cool. Again, I'm suprised.
  2. Never Been Sold Before: The riff in this song reminds me of a shit ton of the title track off Nazareth's 1975 album Hair of the Dog. This has song has that type of drive to it that that song has also. I feel like this could have been a demo version of that song. If that makes any sense. I do like this though, and this also has horns.
  3. Hard Hearted Alice: This song has this type of intro that reminds me of Black Diamond of the 1974 self titled debut album by KISS. This has this type of soft feeling to it. It also reminds me of like Genesis with Peter Gabriel, or Rainbow with Dio as the singer. This is just a building eerie song. I really like this song. It even has a keyboard part in there that sounds like something  a 70's Prog Rock band would do. The solo in this song switches back and forth from left channel and right channel. It's really cool. I'm not SHOCKED! by this, but I do like it. {8/10}
  4. Crazy Little Child: This has a type of cabaret feeling to it. This is also a different feeling. I read that Alice said they made this more of a straight forward rock album, "More Balls". But I don't think that's true. This still has a theatrical feeling to it. I like it more that this is like this. I think that it helps get through the album. And makes it not super "boring"
  5. Working Up A Sweat: This is a bluesy type of song. The bass is kind of what keeps my attention. I could see this being in a movie or something, if it was a more famous song. If it wasn't for his voice, I could see this being an Allman Brothers song.
  6. Muscle Of Love: This is also a cool song. I think that it's cool that this song is about masturbation. It's really straight forward. If you half pay attention to the lyrics you can tell it's about masturbation. I do think that this, out side of that fact, which is hilarious, is a sick song. The ending has this, the very ending, a Allman Brother's feeling to it.
  7. Man With The Golden Gun: This song was supposed to be on the theme to the James Bond movie of the same name, according to Alice, Vinnie. I am glad they went with Lulu's one. I think that the vocals sound better on the version they used. I could see this fitting in the movie though. There is a little ditty where it has this type of Bond feeling it. I think that this outer space thing though it kind of "scary". I do think that this is a solid song though.
  8. Teenage Lament '74: This song has this type of teenage innocence to it. This song isn't that amazing, it's ok, but I do think that it gets it's point across. I think that it is a good song and the music fits the topic of trying to fit in as a teen. I think that it's neat that someone would write a song about that. Especially when it's was written by adults.
  9. Woman Machine: I guess the bassist said that this is the reason they split with Bob Ezrin. That he they wouldn't change the arrangement of the song and that Bob wanted them to. I think that the arrangement of this song gives it this darker feeling to it. I'm getting also this, it's almost over, feeling to this song. I think that it's also going congratulations, come back again for another listen. I do like this song. The ending is pretty cool like effects going on with it. I wish that it was a little more chaotic at the ending though.
Overall this gets a 7.2/10. I don't think that this is so much a Hard Rock album. I think it's Hard Rock with some of that theatrics in there. The variety helps me digest this faster. I think that the production on this to is more "Open". Obviously that is wrong, but to me it's not so "cramped". There is more "Breathing Room" for everything. I wasn't obsessed with it, but I still enjoyed it. I do want it on vinyl