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Ram - Paul & Linda McCartney

This is, depending on how you look at The Family Way, the 3rd solo album by Paul McCartney. This is also the only album credited to Paul & Linda. This was from 1971 and is one of my favorites. I though that this could be the first review of my favorite month of reviews. May is my favorite month, so I'm gonna do a bunch of my favorite albums and reviews of them this month. I am not really gonna do one a day, but I will do a bunch. I've picked out the ones I want and I'm ready to post these. Most of these will be classic albums too, but yeah. Like older albums. And also, this album came out May 17th, 1971. This month is May. I know it took 4 days to get this up, but #2 WILL be up tomorrow. One last thing, he is my favorite member of The Beat Brothers.
  1. Too Many People: This song is supposed to be about Yoko. He is kind of saying, through my interpretation, "hey John, it was originally just us 4 and now we got this chick telling us what's up". She's a Hilary Clinton. This is honestly an exciting way to start this album. I think that it kind of draws you attention in and makes you wanna check out the rest of the songs. This is a very catchy song too. The chorus is so pretty sounding. And the harmony vocals Linda does with Paul, just perfect. I love the tone on the guitar too. I had to check who did the solo on this song
  2. 3 Legs: This is more of a country song. This song reminds me a lot of the same kind of set up, for the most part, as Bip-Bop. This is an awesome song, and shows that Paul could also write some pretty sick country songs.
  3. Ram On: If I'm correct James Paul uses the ukulele on this. This was before it was cute to use one. By that I am referring to Zoey. This song is still good though. The main part, without all the other instruments, reminds me of Dance Tonight off his 2007 album Memory Almost Full.
  4. Dear Boy: This is actually a pretty sad song. It makes you kind of "depressed" after hearing it. It is kind of like the feeling that I get when I listen to Tomorrow off the Wings debut album Wild Life that came out later that same year as this album. Actually, if anything, I could see this being a psychedelic Beach Boys song. This song kind of reminded me of the "trippiest" part of Good Vibrations. But it is no where as emotional as Wild Life album.
  5. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey: This song, ah this one. This is definitely my favorite song on this whole album. I think that this is one of the most experimental songs that Paul did through out his solo career. I mean 1970's Kreen-Akrore, or 1973's Loup (1st Indian On The Moon). There are obviously some more I didn't mention, but I wanted it to be more relevant to this release. You know, McCartney to Red Rose Speedway. This song is so catchy, and so odd. I mean, I've heard odder, example Boredoms or Naked City, but for the most part, any Beatles. This is an actual song though. Unlike concrete experiments. I love the rain that they used in the song.
  6. Smile Away: This is a harder song. By that I mean it's more "rock oriented". It actually kind of reminds me a little of Oo You off McCartney. I like this song, but I really don't know what to say about it.
  7. Heart Of The Country: This is a good song to maybe get into McCartney solo stuff. This is a pretty fun song. It's a country esque song and it's fun to sing and play along with and listen to.
  8. Monkberry Moon Delight: This song, when I first heard it, is different. I don't know why, but I thought Paul's singing on this song is just kick ass. This was actually kind of a scary song. If you think about it, the last song was upbeat country song. Now this one is him yelling. I like the way it sounds too. I don't know what they did, probably not what they did with David Bowie's voice in "Heroes" but he is yelling and it isn't overpowering. The guitar distortion is also sick on this song. And Linda's voice kind of gives it that aspect of a female presence, but you still feel Paul's energy in the song.
  9. Eat at Home: This is a pretty cool song. I am not as crazy about this song, as some of the others, but I still do like the solo tone on this song.
  10. Long Haired Lady: I love this song. The ending where it goes "Love is Long" is one of the coolest things. This is another experimental esque song. I love that Paul wasn't afraid to experiment. And when he did experiment, it was good. The ending with the whole fanfare type feeling. EPIC! 
  11. Ram On (Reprise): I can't imagine that this isn't a great way to fade into from the last song. There is also a lyrical quote from Big Barn Bed in the ending. Which that song wouldn't come out until 1973's Red Rose Speedway. It's kind of like the end of the song Cry Baby Cry off 1968's album The Beatles.
  12. The Back Seat Of My Car: When I was younger and heard this album for the first time, so about 4 years ago, I thought this was a cool title for a song. I was 14 and I thought that "SEX" was the coolest thing. I'm more mature and don't really think it's as cool as I once did. I won't just be whipping it out any chance I get. I think this is a good way to end this album. This is a song I would play if I was in the back seat of my car. If you catch, what I'm saying..... SEX! The horns in this song are pretty epic too. This is just an awesome ending to an awesome album.
Overall, this album, gets a big fat 9/10. The way that Paul made this album. It just sounds this is a very good album to hear. If you like The Beatles and you wanna hear any of the solo albums I'd check out Ram, All Things Must Pass, Concert for Bangladesh, Band on the Run, Imagine, McCartney, Wings Over America. And for, well my next review, I'll be doing another Beatles solo album. One that I didn't mention up above there. Here's my quick hint, it came out in 1970 and was, overall, his 5th solo release.

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