Sunday, May 5, 2013

John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band

This is the "debut" solo album by John Lennon. Now we all know, hopefully, about Unfinished Music No. 1, Unfinished Music No. 2, The Wedding Album, and Live Peace in Toronto 1969. So, actually, this is album no 5. It was also released, December 11th 1970, the same day as Yoko's solo "debut" album Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band. I'vent heard that yet, but I kind of want to. I like Unfinished Music No. 1 a lot. I like how it is really not amazing. It's musique-concrete, kind of like Revolution 9 off the 1968 Self-titled album. Which Two Virgins also came out that year. (Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins). Now, John wasn't as weird of a guy as everyone thinks. He didn't name an album after a particular type of shower, one from which you gain sexual gratification. I'll review that album some time in the future, maybe this month. Well anyway, I don't have time to rant, let's just get this review going. Note; I did this through my iPod, so I might not have everything annotated when this goes up right away
  1. Mother: This song is a good song. I don't know why, but this. The drum beat on this song is solid. Johnny is singing pretty solid on this song. This is a pretty emotional song if you listen to it. It is kind of touching. I know he had a messed up childhood, but you know, I think he could have learned from his past and been a better person. And that scream at the fade
  2. Hold On: This is kind of a seductive song. I like the way the guitar sounds. It has this jazzy feeling to it.
  3. I Found Out: This song reminds me of Gimme Some Truth or Yer Blues. I love the distortion. The verses remind me of his 1975 Rock 'N' Roll album. I don't care much for that, but it has some good songs on it. This is a pretty solid song though.
  4. Working Class Hero: This is my favorite song off this album. I think it's actually, not probably is, the most relevant song of his today. When your in the working class you might not be looked as highly upon as the rich, but at least you "try". You aren't living off the government  you aren't a Democrat. No but in all seriousness, you need to take care of you and your family, not rely on some group of people to do it. If you can try to take care of the family, that will make you a hero. "If you'd like to be like the ones on the hill", "The Fool on the hill". Is that a Paul dig.
  5. Isolation: For some reason I forget about this song. And, well, it's probably one of the best. The beat and the piano makes this a song that I feel touched by. This song, a stretch, reminds me a tad of Happiness is a Warm Gun. One of my favorites off the Self Titled.
  6. Remember: I can't remember the last song. No but seriously, you know, I am not nuts about this song. The chorus is solid though. I don't know, this song just seems like its just there, for me at least. There's a surprise at the end.
  7. Love: This is probably a song most people know. You know, this reminds me of the Real Love acoustic demo. But without the chorus.
  8. Well Well Well: This is a bluesy song. I feel like this isn't as interesting as Hold On. It's kind of annoying. He does make a Revolution reference though.
  9. Look At Me: I can't say I remember this song either. It's been a while since I heard it last. And this totally reminds me 100% of Julia. It is a pretty song though.
  10. God: You could argue this is the most quotable song by John's solo material. Either this or Imagine. This is the song where he says "I don't believe in Beatles", and David Bowie's response 31 years later was "I believe in Beatles" from the 2002 song Afraid. He also lists a bunch of things that he doesn't believe. He only believes him and Yoko. It's kind of poetic. At least he has some type of faith.
  11. My Mummy's Dead: For being the shortest song it's kind of a weird way to end the album. With a radio type of feeling. I like it. But you already talked about your mom.
Overall I really don't care for Johnny. I kind of don't like the type of person he was, and I think Post-Beatles, he wined too much. But this album, this album is different. I don't exactly know why, but the complaining doesn't get too much for me on this album. I think that Paul was a better poet, but that's just me. But this album gets a 8.7/10. I feel like this is Overrated, but it is still a good album. The next album, thought from 1974, is a new favorite of mine. The hint to you is that it's referenced in the above paragraph with the intro. And it's not a Beatles one. FYI, Band On The Run is better Rolling Stone Magazine.

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