Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Their Satanic Majesty's Request - The Rolling Stones

#4: I have my problems with The Rolling Stones. For one, I think a lot of their songs are too similar. I do think there are some good songs/albums, but I don't think they are amazing. Along with all their praised albums, 1968's Beggars Banquet, 1969's Let It Bleed, 1971's Sticky Fingers, 1972's Exile on Main Street (which I'm if-ee on). I think this should be among those. This is really the only time, though they basically copied Pepper, they really left the realm of blues. For God's sake, listen to Sing This All Together (See What Happens), there is no argument that this is the weirdest song in their catalogue. EVER!!!! That's part of why I like this album so much, and the good songs too. One last fact, this is the first LP, to my knowledge, that Nicky Hopkin's was on that was by the Stones.
  1. Sing This All Together: This song. This one. The horns in the beginning of this song grab my attention. Then the singing, it actually sounds.... wait for it..... GOOD!. By good I mean actually pretty. This is such a fun song. I could see this being their All You Need Is Love. There is some experimentation that goes on in the "solo". I think it's actually really interesting. And I love how the horns bring the song into focus again. This isn't as good as some of the others, but it's still a good intro to the album. Also, this proves experimentation could work. 
  2. Citadel: This song isn't the best song on this. But it actually kind of does remind me of some of their olderstuff. Until the chorus. Which I think it intresting. I don't really know what to say about this track. It's kind of, for the most part, more of a normal song.
  3. In Another Land: The harmonies in this song. The can make me have an eargasm. They are beautiful. Instead of the usual, "ugly" and "bluesy" backing vocals, this is actually "harmony" vocals. They could bring a tear to any man, with a sense of decency, eyes. The harpsichord in the beginning of the song is just, I can't believe The Stones pulled this off. My hat goes off to Bill Wyanman. I love the vocal distortion echo the did during the verses. I think the snore at the end is pretty funny.
  4. 2000 Man: This kind of reminds me of the next album. The more country feeling to it. It also kind of reminds me of a more upbeat version of Dead Flowers or a demo version of the song 39 by Queen. I also like how it changes. It's almost more of a composition rather then a blues/counrty song by Mick and Keith. I also like the little organ fill towards the end.
  5. Sing This All Together (See What Happens): This is All You  Need Is Love 9. If you don't know what  I mean, Revolution 1 was a normal song Revolution 9 was complete musique-concrete. This is a total experimental track. If you guys like there guys at their normal tomfoolery, then you'll hate this song. I don't think I've ever heard another song remotely close to this one by this band. Now, for most people, they would say that the Stones experimented and it didn't work. They could say this track is a key example. I really like this track, but if you're one of those "artsy" people who "Knows what their talking about", then most every other song on this is normal. I don't want to ruin it for you if you haven't ever heard this before. But remember, it's different than any other song by these guys PERIOD!
  6. She's A Rainbow: I don't understand if you don't like this song. It's super catchy and so fun to sing. This song can make you get pumped up and just run around. Ole' John Paul Jones, you know of Zeppelin, did string arrangement for this song. This was before he was in Zeppelin though. I also think it's kind of cool that there is talking in the beginning, then the piano plays. The strings in this song could almost make you cry. The "toy piano" sounds, beautiful.
  7. The Lantern: This is a pretty cool sing. I really like the way the chorus is played along with the voice. It sounds pretty cool. This is a solid song, not together wise, but good/decent wise.
  8. Gomper: This almost sounds like an indian song. Actually you could say that this is the weirdest song by the Stones. It's pretty much just noise. With bongos and desert sounds and just drone. I almost wish there weren't any vocals though. The keys are awesome sounding.
  9. 2000 Light Years From Home: They really like the number 2000. The beginning of this song is kind of "scary". Like I think they are using cluster notes. This song has a lot going on. I don't really think a normal Stones fan could comprehend. I'm just kidding B-Dowg.
  10. On With The Show: This is supposed to be the closer to the album. Supposedly this was inspired by Absolutely Free's last track America Goes Home & Drinks. Which you can kind of tell it's similar to that track. This is a really good way to end. The microphone effect on the voice reminds me of Magical Mystery Tour. Like they are on a bus that takes you around and you see this "show". The music going on in the background has beautiful strings and almost makes you wanna cry to it. The voice effect also reminds me a little of Uncle Albert.
Overall I have to give this, extremely underrated, Rolling Stones album a 7.8/10. This is the only album that was produced by them alone. Because their producer left because he was fed up with their drug problems. So, I guess something, beside Pepper, comes good out of drugs. You could almost argue that they, though they didn't (I know they didn't I read about it), were composing songs rather than jamming  They weren't going, "Lets do this fast, play this album in Open G". They did rush this at the ending for the release date, but still. They almost just made an mature album, leaving their normal style. They did make some changes on the next few release, but still. This is the most different, and in a good way. The next review will be of another favorite of mine. This album came out in 2010. I know, up to this point, the albums have been pre-1980. But well, I want to mix things up. I might also have two more post 2000 album's too. But this is a pretty psychedelic album. They just released a new single on Record Store Day, and their new album should be released sometime this year.

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