Friday, July 24, 2015

Déjà-Vu - Giorgio Moroder

Finally deciding to review this, and to save myself from a terrible review of Underworld, I finished this up. Besides it's four and I'll just watch Caligula tomorrow.This is the 19th, or so, studio album by Giorgio Moroder. It is also his first since 1992's Forever Dancing. Now I can't say that what I've heard by Giorgio as a solo artist has blown me away, he's a much better producer in my opinion. On that front he's made some of the greatest disco tracks with Donna Summers to ever exist. So I was kind of looking forward to this album, when I heard it was announced. After hearing the first track to drop I quickly lost faith in the album, and the only thing that kept my interest alive was the features. I was curious. I didn't expect to like it, I just wanted to listen out of curiosity. Also I am working on the B.B. review just haven't finished it yet. Note: I need to mention that I listened to the commentary album that was on Spotify. It helped me a little I think. And it's kinda like the intro to Giorgio.
  1. 4 U With Love: This opens the album with something that reminds me of whats current. This sounds like something that I'd hear being promoted in dance music on a Spotify commercial. I can't say I'm a nut about those tracks, but I do enjoy them while they last. This track I love the little wood block thing sound, or at least it sounds like the wood block or wood log setting on my keyboard. Not as strong I think as the others, it's just an interlude, but still pretty solid and gets you pumped to hear the rest of the album. The only real complaint is it doesn't segue into the following track. The U is his wife, according to the commentary.
  2. Déjà Vu: This is the title track and features Sia and damnit.... I heard it the day the album dropped and shit. I genuinely dig this. I mean I have heard her hits, and I thought his gimmick was bullshit because she doesn't want to show her face on her. My complaint about Sia is the pre-chorus, where she sounds like.... I don't know. But the chorus, where you understand even less, is fine by me. The music really has a great disco vibe to it. This is so damn happy, I feel like you could play this for someone who may be sad, and it'll cheer them up. Hell I feel great when I listen to that track. Hopefully it isn't like most bubble gum pop though, and fade quickly. I really want to listen to this three years from now and if not like it as much, like it more. And after the initial happiness wore off, I"m still digging this thing.
  3. Diamonds: This track features on Charlie XCX. This is another surprisingly great track. I mean I don't care for Charlie, outside of her physical appearance, but here she sound great adding to this being another solid track. I can hear the more current EDM sounds here. I'm not as in love with it upon re visitation, but it's still pretty solid. I mean I could careless about the lyrics. The thing is this sounds like an older song. The lyrics and the vocals, sounds like they were taken from the 60's. If not inspired by, maybe sampled. Hell I could see this being a cover of a 60's song. A song like The Supremes or another girl group would do.
  4. Don't Let GoMikky Ekko is the feature on this track, and I can't quite pin it down but the intro reminds me of something. At first it was Paradise by Coldplay, but I don't think that's it. I've never heard of this guy before, but I think his voice is pretty good here. The strings more than anything remind me of that song. The keys, I can't quite pin down. I like that little click that comes in during the second verse. This doesn't drag me off my feet like track two, but hey it's still pretty damn solid.
  5. Right Here, Right Now: Featuring Kylie Minogue, and it's great. The song has this bassy, vocoded voice (vocoded something). This reminds me of 90's music and I have a deep love for cheesy 90's house music. I also dig this sound presented here. The bass in the background reminds me of Daft Punk's older non RAM stuff. This song makes me kinda wanna dance. This is another track that doesn't sweep me off my feet like the first time. But still solid and upon revisitation I can say is probably my favorite track here.
  6. Tempted: "By the fruit of another, Tempted but the truth is discovered". This track features Matthew Koma. This is very sweet sounding, and very easy to listen to. But Mat reminds me a ton of a mix of a few different people at parts. First someone I can't think of, but then at other parts reminds me of Andrew VanWyngarden and then at other parts a higher pitched Adam Levine. The thing is there isn't much to complain about here, I mean it reminds me a little of one to the remixes of Get Lucky, but this proves the album came out at the perfect time. Summer. Also I swear they sampled a song for this track. It's uncannily similar to another track that I can't think of. 
  7. 74 is the New 24: The first single, and to be honest...... I lost faith in the album. But the thing is upon revisiting this with hearing the other tracks.... it's not that bad. I'm digging the Get Lucky guitars, the piano break, and even that techno "drop". This title is taken from the fact that he noticed there were young people in his crowd.
  8. Tom's Dinner: This track features Britney Spears. Seeing how the others went over so well I can't wait to hear his track. This samples a track I can't think of, Its in the Hooked on Polkas or Polka Power. I think it's a pretty decent track, and doesn't has Britney really singing. She's most talking in a hushed voice. This is actually completely different than the rest of the album, it's not that it sticks out like a sore thumb. I just don't think it's a good as some of the others. But I do like that it does change pace, rather than giving us similar sounding stuff. It is a actually a cover of Tom's Dinner which was from 1990 by DNA featuring Suzanne Vega (Originally just by Suzanne from 1987), and was featured in the Polka Your Eyes Out.
  9. Wildstar: This track features Foxes. Sonically this reminds me of the other tracks, but the voice reminds me of Eisley at parts. Of which Rising Fawn has a new album coming next month on the 28th.
  10. Back and Forth: This features someone I don't know Kelis. I was feeling the intro, but when the vocals came in I was really feeling it that much.
  11. I Do This for You: This track features Marlene ∞, someone whom I don't know. Another song that really has little to no impact on me. 
  12. La Disco: This opening grabs my attention, especially the guitar in the song. Not as exciting as I'd wanted, mostly because the instrumental exciting parts kinda of sound similar elsewhere, but hey this is still a solid record.
Overall I have to give this album a 6.5/10. I need to be honest, of all the Giorgio stuff I've heard, as a whole this is my favorite album of his. This is quick, easy to listen to and just all together fun. This kind of reminds me of Random Access Memory. Like his last album was released in 1992 and this might be the album that was written back in the 90s and he was waiting to record. But this sounds like it's just updated version of an older, possibly retro, style. I may not be blown away by its genius, but I'm blown away that I dig this so much. I read somewhere this combines disco and EDM, I guess it does. I mean I don't listen to EDM, so I wouldn't know. Maybe in a year from now I'll be going to EDM festivals, hell if "EDM" sounded like this I'd have not problem. The thing is though towards the end it gets very tiring listening to the same exact thing over and over. I wish he would have played with the whole Britney song or the pacing of that song more. Like adding more variety outside of the vocals. Needless to say, this will be in my CD collection by the end of the year. And I can see myself coming back for multiple listen front to back. Now I need one more review to keep up with my two per month. Or to equal rather :) Also Sirens sucks. Hopefully his follow up will be this fun.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

High Hopes - Bruce Springsteen

This is the eighteenth studio album by Bruce Springsteen. I did this review yesterday, and was inspired to do it by the stupidity of track 2. And yes I did Darkness on the Edge of Town two months ago, but even if it was a month ago as long as the reviews don't directly follow each other it doesn't matter. A rule I made after the Green Day trilogy of 2012. now after realizing what I got myself into I realized it'll be more work that originally planned, but who the cares right. Lets just say I am a little disappointed by the use of covers and studio version of past material. Also the American Beauty Ep was released containing 4 tracks that didn't make it..... that EP blows. Now that's as fast as I can go, lets review this. Also all tracks but 5, 7-8, 11-12 features Tom Morello on them. Note: this was done right after the last review was finished yeasterday

  1. High Hopes: Actually not a half bad song. Considering how lots of people in his position in his career put out either bullshit or boring uninteresting bland material I kinda got my hopes up for this. Now the downside, this is a cover. It is also a rerecorded version of a cover from a 1995 live Ep Blood Brothers. Now is this still a solid verison, yes. I dig it and I feel like it's a good interesting intro to grab you.
  2. Harry's Place: Okay I'm only using this because it's said in the song. This is so fucking dumb. It sounds like a song from Human Touch, I'm thinking 57 Channels but just kinda cluttered. That's a dumb song, which it has a purpose, but it's so bare bones (bass and vocals) and it's catchy (to me). This is just no..... Also seriously Bruce what's up with the cussing.
  3. American Skin (41 Shots): I heard the original version of this, which was on 2001's Live in New York City. Ok, I don't really remember the original, but the bad part is this is two minutes longer than the original. This is 7 minutes of uninteresting bullshit. How the heck could he make the greatest rock song ever Rosalita, which is 7 minutes.... then this. It sounds as interesting as the deep cuts off Tunnel of Love. Then it comes into the solo............................. I looked it up and it's a political song inspired by a shooting, but please make me interested.
  4. Just Like Fire Would: This is the second cover, also of an 80's track. Actually this isn't half bad, it's a Saints track. I kinda wanna check out the original. It sounds like a song my dad would have on his mixtape CD from when I was a kid. It kinda reminds me a little of 90s music also. This, minus the horns, could be a cover of  Small Town by John Cougar Mellencamp.
  5. Down In A Hole: I feel like I'm listening to the song at the end of Gladiator. But with English lyrics, and drums added in. Which hurt the song more in my opinion.
  6. Heaven's Wall: Actually I'm kinda digging this track. The intro pulls me and and gets my attention. It kind of has a Paul Simon feeling of like maybe African music. Or world music rather. Boring solo though. The intro was really the highlight. Also two solos, come one buddy.
  7. Frankie Fell In Love: I guess this isn't bad, I mean I'll forget it after hearing it.... I've heard it before. I guess someone can like this. Has a kind of country vibe I'm feeling.
  8. This is Your Sword: DAMN YOU BAGPIPES!!!!!!!! DAMN YOU FOR MAKING THE SONG HAVE TO BE STUPID ON YOUR DAMN LEVEL. WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :"( Actually I kinda stopped crying when I imagined the mandolin used being played and them going into the Stonehenge folk section of the track of the same name by Spinal Tap.
  9. Hunter of the Invisible Game: An interesting title that makes me thing of someone spending their time searching for something that doesn't exist. There are really endless avenues you can use this for. one verse about looking for true love the way movies make it seem, or looking for other things that I won't give away because I got a song idea. Now what does he do, something that reminds me of one of the slower songs on TWTI&TESS. When he'd do them live there was a point in time they'd have violin in them. Now is this song interesting sounds, only slightly because of the remembrance of that slower tracks on that album, if not for that then not really. And the woodwinds sounds nice.
  10. The Ghost of Tom Joad: Mostly rerecorded because Morello covered it with his band Rage Against The Machine. This is another song that was released in 1995 and rerecorded. This time though he wrote it. He literally took away what made it good and fucked it. Like seriously.
  11. The Wall: Not huge on the use of Wall in a title twice on the album, unless the albums is called The Wall or it has a purpose thematically. This is more in line with Nebraska, Ghost of Tom Joad and what the predecessor should have more resembled. It even has parts the reminds me of Independence Day and other softer track off The River. This is clearly a homage to older stuff, but it's done right here. It's not missing something. It's not perfect, or amazing, it's just done right.
  12. Dream Baby Dream: This is a cover of a Suicide track. At least it's not Frankie Teardrops. And it's not like this is a studio version of a song that was recorded back in 2005 on his Devils Dust tour and released on a split Ep back in in 2008 with a Suicide live version of the track and a song Mr. Ray by Beat the Devil. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! The thing is that this sounds more like a bookender than an out of place cover. Or a stupid dumb cover. Now as the song progresses, do I love the arrangement? No, but I still think it's a fitting ending. That last track, 11, and this together make a solid ending. Actually if this was the last ending for the last Bruce album I'd feel satisfied.
Overall if this is the best material Bruce has made in the last ten years :''''(. The best record was The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle. The last amazing record was Born to Run. The last great and surprisingly great, and isn't just ok, was Born in the USA. So sadly, 30 years later...... he only was albe to put out a 6/10. This is slightly better, or rather more interesting then Tunnel of Love. As a whole this is slightly better than some of his older stuff. There is still a variety and it isn't the same boring thing over and over. But this is nowhere near the high highs he once hit.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

T.N.T. - AC/DC

So, I need to be honest. I used to love this band. Maybe not like as much as I love other bands but I much as I could in 8th Grade, I even bought and thought Black Ice was cool. Though I did buy every Aerosmith CD in 8th grade..... Ok I really loved this bands hits. That's very accurate, and to not bore you anymore I'll leave it at that. Now as I've gotten older, and my tastes have expanded, I can revisit this and be more objective (mostly because I feel Nostalgia isn't all that good when you can't look past it). They recently added all the albums to Spotify, thought I prefer to listen to the Australian versions, and I need to be real right now. Now before this revisiting there was a point where I hated this band, I hated how everything wast the same. But the good thing is that this revisiting has helped me, so...... This is the sophomore album by Australian Hard Rock band AC/DC. Now I hope I don't need to get into details about theses guys, but they have been around since 1973, the formed in Australia but are actually Scottish. This album was only released exclusively in Australia. These guys have a history of their 70's albums being different in Australia, then elsewhere. These include artwork, track listing, song edits and so on, some even have different release year (ie. High Voltage 1975 Australia, 1976 everywhere else, or even better yet Dirty Deeds 1976 Australia, 1977 UK, 1981 US).
  1. It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock N Roll): This song is a good song, and honestly I really can't hate this song, there isn't anything to hate. It's not the rock epic or story I feel it wants to be (for me at least), but it's solid and a great intro to the album. Also it's one of two track that has Bagpipes and I don't want to fucking slaughter the player of the pipes. It's a fun track and I mean it pays homage to their homeland. And I also like, I'm part Scottish, so I'm glad someone finally figured out how to do 
  2. Rock 'n' Roll Singer: This song is basically the same structure as the better High Voltage. Its a really dumb song, but it's kinda good in a sense. It's good in that it's whole hearted and you can tell. I mean really some of the worst bad movies are enjoyable because they have a human heart and the care for them. If you can tell the person tried and just didn't succeed it's endearing. The albums full of tracks that aren't exactly like that but you can tell they cared. And even thought the structure here is kinda dumb I still dig this track. It's kinda more of a shut my brain off and get into the rebellious rockin' spirit this best holds it's grips on me the nice thing. The nice thing about this track, as with most you can play in your head. I hadn't heard it in like a few years and I still played it in my head.
  3. The Jack: The highlight of the track is the chorus. And I do like how the song is about well.... hopefully you'll get it from the lyrics. I mean this song isn't that different room certain tracks, but I still think it's good. And while the chorus is very similar to to what drove me nuts on Darkness, I can let this slide.... somewhat.
  4. Live Wire: This song isn't that diverse from a Rock N Roll Singer but you know, with a chorus similar to Long Way to the Top. And a solo break, like sole guitar, that reminds me of an intro to a, fuck I"m drawing a blank. The solo here is pretty solid.
  5. T.N.T.: One of the fucking stupidest songs I know. I'm not even gonna use proper grammar that's how dumb it is. It's making me dumber. If I could have anything to say to the group for this song I'd say this, "Mr. Scott and company, what you've just played is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent chant were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought or even enjoyable. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."
  6. Rocker: This is one of four track's I didn't remember before the review. And the second it played I remembered it. And it's really just a standard rocker. Its very reminiscent of Long Tall Sally. This is probably the best example of how I feel about this album. It's good, memorable, but not all that bad for you. And probably essential for all beginning rock and roll stars.
  7. Can I Sit Next to You Girl: A rerecorded version of the first single the released the gear prior. The single featured their original singer, and was the only release to feature him. I dig the little , dun da dun dun dun dun things. It reminds me of a Thin Lizzy's track that's gonna drive me crazy until I remember it. I feel like it might be Black Rose or S&M. This has a cool solo, but the whole build up after the refrain I'm not feeling like at all. Also I looked up the track it is Rosin Dubh (Black Rose): A Rock Legend. One of my favorite songs ever. It's pretty solid thought, but I'm curious about the 74 single.
  8. High Voltage: This is kinda of another dumb song, but here its not that dumb. As mentioned earlier you can hear the care. Its still got a kick ass chorus, and is still a solid song. 
  9. School Days: A Berry cover, you know the restaurant owner who recorded the audio of the women's bathroom to hear their shit and farts. I bring it up because its kinda funny, and also because I've used that word a lot so I it only naturally connected to my logical thinking. Anyway....... This sounds more like a blues track off the debut to me. It really honestly isn't anything that's that special. Hell this is probably the worst track here, just because it's boring. At least the track that shall not be named doesn't put you to sleep. And people genuinely seem to like that song a lot. Thought based off the original... it ain't no Brown Eyed Handsome Man or 
Overall I have to give this album a 7.5/10. So it goes, for not complete shit, this isn't half bad. It's fun to listen to, engaging, higher energy and they're into it. It doesn't sound like they keep reusing the exact same formula to write an album, for this one. Though, in reality, this is kinda were they became AC/DC. I really can't complain about most of these songs. Their solid enough to where they are what they are and confident enough to not mess with. Also I revisited the Aussie Let There Be RockHigh Voltage and Dirty Deeds and honestly, they ain't half bad, some even great albums. But after that they only go down hill. Fuck Powerage and anything following, thought it isn't really that bad for you. This is fun to listen to, and really disappointing Shit In Shack is theirs and one of the best selling records of all time. NOTE: I will review their other Aussie version of their albums, and prossibly their third most famous album.