Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hunt Club Lp - Hunt Club

This is a band a group that I found out about via FrostClick. These guys seem to me like they would be folk or alternative rock or possibly even Indie. I don't know yet but based on the album cover that's what I get out of this. I think that this might be an intresting listen.
  1. Knife Fight: The song starts out with an accordian, after the accordian intro a guitar comes in with the rest of the instruments. The verses are bass and drum driven. This sounds like this is an irish band. Unfortunatly I can't stand Irish music. The even sadder part is I'm pretty irish The ending of the song reminded me of System of a Down.
  2. Mister Blue: This song kind of reminds me of Green Day rebellion, Irish pride, Lincoln Park. All music that i strongly dislike. This also sounds like it has a touch of Dropkick Murphys.
  3. Drowning Man: This song starts out and it kind of reminds me of something that I would hear from like a thrash band. Well, at least an atempt. This sounds like they are trying to make this sound evil, but it's not doing it for me. This actually reminds me of a cheezy atempt to make a songs like Black Ssabbath's self titled song. This song kind of picks up, there is a part where it gets kind of cool sounding. I think that the vocals hurt this song, but then Punk vocals come in and it's actually pretty decent. And the song ends with a very cool guitar sounding riff. Kind of, at least the same idea as, Avenged Sevenfold on their song Turn the Other Way how the riff ends out with the song off the 2001 debut Sounding the Seventh Trumpets.
  4. Punch Line: After hearing that last song, I realized that to enjoy this, you can't take it too seriously. This song is kind of cool, but its also kind of silly. This almost reminds me of My Name is Mud by Primus.
  5. Spike: This is like a really cool continuation of the last song. I think that this LP has gotten better since I've waited to listen to it. This is a punk song, but it kicks butt. Seriously, I'm digging this song. There is a part when the song slows down and there are like Gregorian chants, sick.
  6. Cappuccino: The intro sounds like a mix of Led Zeppelin/Whipping Post, that song by The Allman Brothers. I don't think the beginning of this song is as cool as the last one, but I still like it. There is a "scary/tripy" guitar sound and it is accompanied by other instruments. This song seriously could be a Pinkly Smooth/Ballistico song. There is this beautiful piano sounding part in this song that  brings a tear to my eye. It has this oprea voice that sings along with it and that is pretty much what ends the album, until this feedback comes in and pretty much engulfs everything else.
Overall after relistening to the first two tracks and then hearing the whole thing, I give this a 7/10. I can't wait to review the Live one they did. I feel like this is a mix of Southern/Punk/Primus so to say. I don't know, just give the whole thing a listen or two. The guys voice kind of reminds me a little of Ben from Ballistico. I don't know why, but only at certain parts.

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