Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I Was Her - Zoom On A Kill

This is, what appears to be, the thirds album by electronic artist Zoom on a Kill. I did a review of this artists 100 Altered Girls back last March. As you know, I haven't been reviewing albums as much as before. My goal is to get at least 10 a month. I know, hopefully 1999 will go up this month, along with Let it Be, Rocks, Boys & Girls by The Alabama Shakes, Stranger in Town, and lastly possibly Shades of Deep Purple. Also, as of TODAY I will only do free album/mixtape reviews on weekdays, unless it's on the day it was released, ie The Weeknd's August, 2011 mixtape Thursday will go up the day it was released, just on year later. If that makes any sense to you. Well I still don't know a ton of stuff about this project or artist but I will do a review of this, mainly because I want to hear this a decent much. Each song has a different piece of artwork to go along with it. You can't download this a FrostClick, only at Bandcamp.
  1. Intrakatrá: This track starts out with a sample of people talking in, what I think is, either Spanish or Italian. It ends and fades into track 2
  2. Wake Up Hanz3l: This song didn't start out that bad. The wahs were a little more buried in the beginning. You can still hear it, but this song is kind of funny. They sampled the Mario coin sounds and other parts of the game two. This song has more variation to it than the other Ep. There is a little ditty at the ending where it reminds me of the ending of the song Frodo (Don't Wear The Ring) off the 2000 live debut album by the New Zeland comedy duo Flight of the Conchords
  3. Antagonist: I don't really hate this song, but I don't love it. I kind of feel impartial about it.
  4. Mario Give Us A Fuck: This song starts out very strong. It has this fast drum beat and samples Mario's "wah who!" when he jumps, and also the sounds it makes when he collects coins and shrinks. This song gets a little bit to Dub for me at parts, but it is still kind of neat. And it ends with the invisibility sound.
  5. Punch It Girl!: Here's the dubstep... :( The picture for this is a girl with horns falling forwards to the side, with a noose around her neck.
  6. Joystick: This samples good ol Mario again. The picture for this is a naked Asian girl with big/heavy chest. I don't think that's necessary, but what ever.
  7. Eres Un Puto Juguete!: This has the same feel as Mario Give Us A Fuck but in stead of Mario's voice, you get more of a German Hitler screaming orders.
  8. Taste of You: This is a duby song. Normally I'd hate this song, but the Mario sounds kind of keep me interested.
  9. Hall 9000': For some reason the very beginning of this song reminded me of something off the 2009 Crank High Voltage soundtrack that Mike Patton did.
  10. ADN of a Space Cdet Bulla': This is kind of a sad ending to this ep or album. This is a sweet piano atmospheric sounding song that could be in a movie.
Overall I would give this a 5.7/10. I think that this was better than 100 Girls. This was only 15 minutes long. That's not terrible, no matter what you listen to. I think that I will re-listen to this again. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't anything that really blew my socks off.

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