Monday, May 21, 2012

Boys And Girls - Alabama Shakes

This is a band called Alabama Shakes. They are a southern rock/garage rock/blues band from, ironically enough, Alabama. They formed in 2009 and released an Ep last September. I originally heard of them via NPR after looking at the SXSW videos on their website while listening to M. Ward's new album A Wasteland Companion. I kind of forgot about them until I watched the Rock It Out Blog! for April 3rd, 2012. He mentioned that you can stream their album for free on NPR's website. Well I'm all about that, because I think that it might be interesting, and he mentioned that it was good.
  1. Hold On: This song starts out like a song that you can move back and forth to. The way the singer, Brittany Howard, is singing sounds like vocals that could be on Lonely Boy off The Black Keys latest album, El Camino. This song also sounds like it could possibly be on it, for the most part. The chorus not so much, but the versus sound that way. This song is ok, I'm not in love with it, but I do think that it is ok.
  2. I Found You: This song doesn't have that much difference between that last track and this one. There is a difference, but I don't really care for it. This isn't that good so far. A big difference is the insertion of backing vocals on this track.
  3. Hang Loose: This song gives me this feel of, this is an endless loop. They actually remind me of the band that went on before me yesterday. They were good, its just some of the songs could have been the same song.
  4. Rise to the Sun: This kind of has more of a reggae feel to it. I think that I can say that. It is kind of like a song that I could see that reminds me of D'ye Maker off the 1973 Houses of the Holy by the, who the singer could be compared to Robert Plant, blues giants Led Zeppelin.
  5. You Ain't Alone: This sounds like a song that would be played at like a '50s dance or something. I could kind of picture this being something that a band that would be like Ruben & The Jets style of music from The Mothers of Invention 1968 Crusing with Ruben & The Jets. The ending kind of reminded me of David Bowie's 1969, at least I think so, epic Memory of a Free Festival.
  6. Goin' To The Party: This song is boring, and there isn't much more to say about it.
  7. Heartbreaker: This is another song that could be along with Goin' to the Party.
  8. Boys & Girls: This is the title track, so I am hoping for a big thing. And to be honest... that was extremely boring. 
  9. Be Mine:................................. yawn
  10. I Ain't The Same:.....
  11. On Your Way: This is the same, boring and not interesting to me. The only difference is that this song is a more uplifting song. 
Overall I have to give this a 5/10. This is the first time I've heard anything by these guys and this was what I was expecting. I'm not a huge fan of Southern Rock, well... at least not so much any more. I don't know, it has kind of lost it's flavor with me. That's part of the reason I want to hear Jack White's new album before I buy it, versus me just buying it the day it comes out. I didn't really like it, and I honestly can't say I will. I think it was too boring to heard, I've heard this before, but I never have. does that make sense. This album dragged for me. Who knows it might not for you. I do think if you like blues and southern rock you should check this out. I feel like this album had a terrible set up. Too many boring songs lined up and then the non boring songs were too spread out.

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