Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blunderbuss - Jack White

This is the debut album by blues/garage rock giant Jack White. He was on of the two members of the now defunct White Stripes from 1998-2011. He is also a part of The Raconteurs since '05 and Dead Weather since '09. This album is set for release on April 24th, 2012. That is the same day as the debut album I'm looking forward The Money Store by Death Grips. This has had a lot of hype and I am going to review this bitch. In the end all I know for sure is that I will still want this for my CD/Vinyl collections. Oh yeah, one last thing, I heard this on ListenBeforeYouBuy.com
  1. Missing Pieces: This song starts out the album. This kind of gives me a White Stripes vibe, but with more going on. This seems like more of a White Stripes/Raconteurs mix up. I really like the keys on this song. It gives it this warm welcoming feel to it. The solo in this song is also awesome in it. This is a good intro to the album.
  2. Sixteen Saltines: This sounds like Salute Your Solution. Seriously I could see this being one of the AC/DC style songs off the Back In Black album. On that one they reused the same riff, just different time signatures and beats. But the way this is sung sounds like it to. This song is pretty solid, but it kinda hurts that the solo in the song even kind of reminds me of it.
  3. Freedom at 21: I found out about this song via Rock It Out Blog! And I wasn't sure what to think. That's a weird name for a song, especially a blues/garage rock song. This song starts out pretty cool.The drums are awesome. They make this song sick. I personally think if not for the drums this wouldn't be as good. An example of a song that was kind of made by the drums is 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover off Paul Simon's 1975 Grammy Award Winning album Still Crazy After All These Years. Because of the drums and beat it makes Jack sing a little faster, which sounds sick. I think that the solo sounds like any other solo. It isn't bad, but it isn't anything that sticks out to much.
  4. Love Interruption: This song is a duet with a female singer. This has more of a folk feel to it. I could see Paul Simon singing this song, minus the lyrics. This is a solid song. There are like oboes and keys on this song accompanying it. This song is really cool. {8/10}
  5. Blunderbuss: For the title track I don't really like this song. It has this bluegrass country feel. I could see this being a White Stripes song, but at the same time I couldn't. If you minus the instrumental parts and focus on the verses that's what I meant by being a Stripes song, but not.
  6. Hypocritical Kiss: This my friend is a White Stripes song that people probably want. This isn't that bad of a song. Anyone who likes the Stripes will like this song.
  7. Weep Themselves to Sleep: This is like a new take on some type of White Stripes/Raconteurs song. I don't think that this is anything that I haven't really already heard before.
  8. I'm Shakin': This song reminds me of a mix of soul backing vocals and a song off Broken Boy Soldiers. This song isn't bad, I don't love it, but I think that it's kind cool. It gives me this other kind of feel of something off possibly the 1999 self titled White Stripes album, or 2002's
  9. Trash Tong Talker: There is like a drum roll in the beginning. When the vocals come in this goes into a total White Stripes song off Icky Thump. But the only thing is that there is a piano solo in the song. This is a fun song.
  10. Hip (Enoymous) Poor Boy: The very beginning of this song, for some reason, reminded me of Teardrops On My Guitar. Only the beginning, the rest of the song reminds me of like a 70's song.
  11. I Guess I Should Go To Sleep: This song has this skiffle feel to it. I could see this being a traditional rendition of folk song. This sounds like it would be really fun to play. It also has this type of western feel to it.
  12. On and On and On: Twang...... NO!!!! This song isn't bad, but it seems like a filler. This isn't bad, but I don't really like twang, it hurt Tonight The World Dies by Avenged off 2010's Nightmare for a while for me.
  13. Take Me with You When You Go: This kind of feels like a continuation of On and On and On. This has this like '70s feel to it almost. It isn't half bad. And it has some pretty cool keyboard fills. The the song picks up and it gets heavier. It is kind of, in a way, like his Stairway on this album. They don't sound at all like, but that is so it helps you get the idea. This is a good song. This is a good way to finish up this
Overall this gets a 7.4/10. I have to give it to Jack. He wrote some damn good songs. Thought I'm not as huge on them as I wanted to be, that doesn't make them bad. Sorry this is so short, its just I wanted to also do other reviews today, for later dates to update. I don't think I'll return to this, with the exception of tracks 1, 3, 4, 6, and maybe 13. 

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