Wednesday, April 4, 2012

MCMXC a.D. - Enigma

This is an album by a band that I realized about today. I knew the name but today someone said that there was a band named Enigma in history class. Then one of the teachers said that she owned a CD by them. So I had to listen to them when she mentioned they might be weird. I jokingly said "like clown music". No laughs.... Well anyway this is a project from Germany. This is their first album and it is a concept album. From what I've read it is about the struggles in life between sexuality and religion.
  1. The Voice of Enigma:  This track just kind of sets up for the rest of the album. There is a voice that tries to describe how to enjoy this album best. I seriously think that this would be link a record version of like some kind of sex thing. Like to show you how to have sex. Except there is no explanation and only voices.
  2. Principle of Lust:
    1. Sadness: This song sounds like it is in work out videos. This isn't all that bad, like it's kind of neat. I don't actually think that this is that odd. This sounds like electronic world music. There is like a choir of people in the background.
    2. Find Love: A girls voice comes in to start off this part. This song is pretty catchy. They are speaking in German, I have no idea how to speak German. So it's kind of humorous, in a way. There is a part in the song where the girl pants for about 5 seconds then the song starts up again.
    3. Sadness (Reprise): This goes into more of a relaxing, water beat. You could meditate to this. This is, for world beatish, good. I can't stand when people include world music in their music. But this is like different. I actually think that this song is really good and enjoyable. There are parts in it where it sounds like the girl is kind of shivering and having orgasms. I don't know, that's what popped into my head. {8.7/10)
  3. Callas Went Away: This song is a beat. It kind of continues that same vibe that I've gotten from the last track but what ever. This song isn't that far of a stretch. Quick fact, the rain for this track, in the start, is the same used in Black Sabbath's self titled song, off their 1970 self titled 
  4. Mea Culpa: This song starts out with drums marching and a chant. This is like a seductive song that I could see being in a video game. 
  5. The Voice and The Snake: This is probably about Adam & Eve. I guess that this song is based on a song by Aprodite's Child about the end of the world (I really want to listen to their album 666 because it's supposed to be their best album or something) This song is a change on the album and it's kind of scary. The rest of the album, up to this point, was similar, this is kind of scary.
  6. Knocking on the Forbidden Doors:  There is this like outer space/underwater sounding "do do do do" thing in the background. After that outer space thing ends it pretty much goes back to the beginning of the sound. Then it kind of goes into the outer space breakdown. This song isn't that different for the rest though.
  7. Back to the Rivers of Belief:
    1. Way to Eternity: The last song flowed into this one. Actually all the songs flow. This song sounds like it's a river. This is relaxing and calming. There are chants and it's relaxing
    2. Hallelujah: This part of the song makes me want to fall asleep. This is nice to listen to to help you sleep. There is a voice telling you to relax and pretty much, go to sleep.
    3. The Rivers of Belief: When this comes in it is a really cool part. This sounds really cool. I think that he used samples for other songs at this part, but it sounds new. I have heard this before, but it feels like, to me, that this was new at the time. When I checked it out and it was. And this is supposed to the most influential album of the 90's for this genre. This part where the guys says Rivers of Belief is actually really interesting
Overall I have to give this a 7.1/10. I very easily see how it fits into the concept. I didn't realize that at first but there are Gregorian chants in the songs. This album is one that I could see making love to. There were probably 90's babies that were made to this album. I couldn't really get the message across. I think that what they were shooting for was to not noticeable. Though I didn't think that it changed up very much, this is still an album that I could do a 90's workout to, or listen to as a way to relieve stress. I think that I'm going to buy a copy on CD.

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