Monday, April 30, 2012

Toys In The Attic - Aerosmith

This is my first Aerosmith review. This is their third album released this month in 1975. This is like Aerosmith's classic album. When I was in 8th grade they were my favorite band. I bought all their CDs, I still need all their live albums, minus Live! Bootleg, a few compliations, and the boxsets, minus Pandora's Box. These guys lost their position as my favorite after I gave into The Beatles. Now this is one of my favorite albums and I suggest anyone to listen to it. But it's not going into the "Albums To Hear Before You Die" because it is a commonly known album. I guess theses guys used a 16-track tape recorder for this album. I do think that this is well... Here
  1. Toys in the Attic: This song has this like arpeggio riff in there. The vocals of Tyler and Perry are super close on this track. They almost sound like someone singing. The chorus to the song has that arpeggio thing that is in the intro. All the instrumentation in the song is clear and audible. You can pick out each instrument. This song is such a good tone setter for this album. I love the, what I assume, picked bass "thump, thump, thump, thump". The way it sounds is awesome. And I also love that the song fades on this track.
  2. Uncle Salty: This song is about sex abuse. Uncle Salty sexually abused this girl so then that led to a life of prostitution for her. I love how this song is so mellow. The guitar in this song is also very cool sounding. Don't quote me, but I think that Joe used a 12 string guitar on this song. This is a very clear song too. This whole album is clear. There song ends with the two channels alternating and repeating the chorus to the fade. The bass in this song is also really cool sounding. I love the guitars distortion on this song.
  3. Adam's Apple: This song is Ok. I'm not obsessed with this song. I think that this song is really catchy, but it just hasn't hit me like all the other songs on this album. This song is all about Adam and Eve. There are horns on this song, which I think is kind of cool, but like I said I'm not huge on this track.
  4. Walk this Way: This bitch is like 3:41 minutes of sickness. This song has a very distinct riff, along with the rest of the songs on this album. But the thing about this is that they out did themselves with this song. I love that the album was called Toys in the Attic and not Walk this Way. If it did it would have ruined the surprise of this song. The drum beat comes in and a measure late the guitar comes in. The blues feel to this song still appeals to me. For the most part blues bugs the crap out of me, but some Aerosmith doesn't. Especially their '70s stuff. The solo in this song is super cool and easy to remember. This is the classic Aerosmith that everyone should know. I know that this is a song everyone knows, but there are more good songs like this one.
  5. Big Ten Inch Record: The legend in this song is "Suck on my Big Ten Inch, Record". And Steven says that he said "sept on my big ten inch record". I didn't even realize that it sounded like suck until I read that. So I'm on your side Steven. Realistically this was a filler. It's not a bad filler, but I don't think that it has ever been my favorite song on this album. This song does have this 50's honky tonk dance feel to it. I don't know if that was the correct term to use, but that's what I think. This is defiantly a song that I could see people dancing to. It is also a cover.
  6. Sweet Emotion: This song has a super well known bass intro to the song. I remember being obsessed with this song. I love the bass part of the song. It is like the build up to the song. The way they sing the long held out "Sweet Emotion" in the beginning of the song gives me chills. The crunch of the guitar makes me crazy. I honestly think that this is their best written song on this album. It's not my favorite, one of them, but I think it's their best. The one thing that I am not a crazy about, but it also might have ruined the song, is that it is hard to hear the drums and bass when it does the little bridge between each verse. The verse before the solo has triangle in it. And it sounds really good. How cool is that. The solo on this song has tons of wah-wah on it. That makes it sound really cool and I love the way it sounds. And it has the solo to the fade
  7. No More No More: This is a nice peaceful song to be a bridge between the awesome Sweet Emotion and the scary Round And Round. This sounds like it could be a song at a wedding. In a way, if you think about it for a little bit. This is probably one of the prettiest and upbeat songs on the album. There is a lot more piano in this song than some others. This song actually kind of reminds me a little of the 1977 title track off Draw the Line.
  8. Round And Round: This is easily the heaviest song on the album and the way the vocals are distorted could almost be scary. The way they say round and round and round give you a feel of going around in a circle. The solo also continues the feel of that idea. Jack Douglas did a good job at giving it that feeling. This song also seems like more compressed in a way. It is one of the scarcest Aerosmith songs that I have ever heard. But if you think about it Brad had a way of writing some of the more dark sounding Aerosmith songs. This song is still fading up until the next song starts.
  9. You See Me Crying: This is the ballad on the album. Like Seasons of Wither, Home Tonight, and Mia. This is more like Mia in the fact that it is more piano based. This is a pretty positive song, but it is also more sad. The chrous on this song is actually pretty sad. It bugs me that they don't have the personal who did the string on the album. The strings are very pretty on this song and it would be nice to see who did them. This is a good feel of a classic ballad by this band. I love this song and this whole entire album.
This is overall a kick ass album. This is a fucking 9/10. I love this thing and I know you will to. A ton of Aerosmith classics are on this album. I love this thing, there is a lot of good song writing on this. I definatly agree that this is a classic album, and that it is also an album that helped shape rock n roll. One thing that does piss me off though is that they didn't credit the people who played horns. But besides that I think that you should check this out if you haven't already. Trust me, it's worth it.

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