Friday, April 27, 2012

Slim Shady Ep - Eminem

This is the the second non-self release that was rapper Eminem. Does that make any sense to you? Yeah I'll explain it better. This is the Ep released following his 1996 debut album Infinite. He did have some self released Eps, but this is his 2nd release that he did not self release. Well any way, this is where Shady came from. On Infinite he didn't have any of the Slim references on it, and it is actually completely different from all of his other albums, at least that I've heard. I have heard all of his solo albums from Infinite to Recovery. That's a Not Afraid reference.
  1. Intro (Slim Shady): This sets the tone of the album. It has Eminem having a breakdown. He is arguing with his evil personality Slim Shady. This has the Slim voice super deep. I think that he had the voice of Slim Shady talking to him in a deep voice on one of the songs off 2009's Relapse.
  2. Low Down, Dirty: This song kind of reminds me, since I've heard other music like this lately, Atmosphere. This song is really cool, and I think that this song is a good flow. This beat is solid and he does a good job on this song. This is, in my opinion, the true Marshall. This is him before he was Ken Kaniff or Evil or anything else. This was when he was Eminem. I don't think that this isn't an awesome song, I actually love it. This has a sad story. Listen to the lyrics on it, and it seems like you have sympathy for what this character when through. I love though that he uses imagery to "scare" you.
  3. If I Had...: This song continues the idea of the horrorcore theme to the album. This has a good beat and a good flow. I love that this song is titled If I Had.... I think that's awesome he has like a list of things. It seems like this is from the heart of either him or the character he plays on the Ep.
  4. Just Don't Give A Fuck: This song is also on 1999's Slim Shady LP. I think the Bill Cosby impression in the beginning of the song is pretty fun. This song has really cool words on it. This is really cool, and I think that it's awesome that I am not aware of any other white horrorcore artists. He kills this song, he mentions tons of stuff like Rage Against The Machine and has other raps that would be, from what I understand, free style.
  5. Mommy: This is like an interlude on the album. It sounds like someone is hiding in bushes or something and they are just coming home. This is actually a really cool intro to the next song. This could also be Eminem having the body and loading it into a car. Then going inside his house to get his daughter.
  6. Just The Two of Us: This song was re-titled and rerecorded as '97 Bonnie & Clyde. This song is really cool because it explain the story of the album cover on the Slim Shady LP. I like this version a little bit more. The reasons is because it isn't a "produced". And there is also the sound of crickets in the background. This song is kind of scary if you haven't heard anything like this before. This song is definitely more twisted than any Gravediggaz song that I've heard.
  7. No One's Iller (Feat. Swifty, Bizarre & Fuzz): Swifty, Bizzare and Fuzz kill this song. They say part of the chorus in the song Murder, Murder, which is the next track This song kind of reminds me or a more Wu-Tang Clan on Enter the Wu-Tang. It sounds like they are taking turns on this song. Actually it kind of reminds me of Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthin' Ta F'Wit, like the way that they all take turns. But it also kind of reminds me of them trying to out rap each other. This sounds like it was really fun to do, and you can tell that Odd Future was influenced by music like this. Listen to the new songs Oldie off The OF Tape Vol. 2 that came out the past March. I did a review for that album in March, 2012.
  8. Murder, Murder: This song is so fucking good. This is my favorite song on this Ep and probably one of my favorite Eminem songs that I have ever heard. I'm in no way exaggerating that statement. He samples Paul Simon's 1975 #1 Hit single 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover. I love that song and he uses the best part of the song, the part where drums roll and the instrumentation of the versus on the song. This song also tells a pretty sad story, if you listen to the words. It talks about this guy having to rob Taco Bell, but instead leaves and tries to rob more money, and the story of how he is on the run from the cops. They used a siren sample and car screech on the song. They also have a record scratches on the song. But in the end he gets caught. I love the catchiness of the song, and also the story.
  9. If I Had... [Radio Edit]: There isn't really that much going on. It's the exact same song and take as earlier on the Ep. The only difference is that they censor the swears.
  10. Just Don't Give A F@!; [Radio Edit]: Same story on this one as on track 9. They cut sped up the part where he swears on the song.
Overall I have to give this a 9/10. I love this thing, and I think you might to. I love that this is the EP and think that enough people don't know about it. I think that this is 100 times better than anything after Marshall Mathers LP. I do like some songs after that, but not all of them. I think you should check this out. Oh yeah, his voice is a lot higher than on Marshall Mathers LP and a little deeper than on Infinite.

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