Sunday, July 8, 2012

Billion Dollar Babies - Alice Cooper

This is the Sixth album by Hard Rock group Alice Cooper. This was released in February, 1973. I thought the album cover was dumb until I saw the vinyl. It's a wallet. It's really cool. And neat to look at. Something I did for this album, and Muscle of Love. This was the last album produced by Bob Ezrin until Welcome to My Nightmare, two albums after this one. Sorry I didn't finish this up yesterday. So I'll have one up tomorrow.
  1. Hello Hooray: This is the beginning to the album. This, lyrically, sets the tone that this will be "show". I think it's neat. This is kind of like the set up for a concept album. And hey, it ain't that bad of a song either. I do think that it could be a little shorter. Like, honestly, cut in half. I like that it fades. That's somthing that I've noticed Alice Cooper likes to do.
  2. Raped And Freezin': This is a fun sounding song. And it kind of "surprises" you when it starts. Like it's quite and then this starts up. And the name of the song, that's weird. But in a funny way. You can't take this band seriously when it comes to song titles like Raped And Freezin' or Muscle of Love. It also has a pretty cool sounding solo. I don't think that it really sticks with me, but I did enjoy the song. I like that he mentions Mexico in the lyrics and then they go into a Mexican type of style for a couple measures.
  3. Elected: I guess that this song is about political stuff. This song has an epic feeling to it. The one thing that kept going through my head was, am I going to remember this song after I finish this album up. Probably not. Good song though. I love the horns at the ending, and while it isn't as epic upon revisiting it it still is.
  4. Billion Dollar Babies: I read Donovan said this was a horror song. Well after having that in mind, I could see that. This is a kind of scary song if you think about it. It's very dark, and lyrically it's dark. I don't think that this song has a ton of breathing room. Part of it has to do, at least what I think is, the voice effects. The rest of the songs don't really have any special effects going on. This song, thus far, is probably my favorite song. I love that part right before the chorus and the last verse where the bass speeds up. There isn't really anything I can say wrong with this track. It literally sends chills down my spine to imagine some singing this, the refrain.
  5. Unfinished Sweet: What could be funnier than a song about being afraid of the dentist. Well a lot of things but still, stick with me. You get the point right, this is pretty funny. And it's a pretty good song. It's got an interesting guitar intro to it. And seriously there is a drill sound in the background. Followed by a "secret agent/James Bond-esque" riff. Actually it's almost exactly the theme by Monty Norman. I think this is just a really funny and fun song. And Guess what, That all happened with in 3 minutes. There is still another 3 to go. After the riff there is a scratching sound with like a drone metal vibe. Then the song starts up again. Kind of reminding me, the way it starts up again, of Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding to a certain extent. This song is too much. Also I love the fade out and fade in. Ending with an "owe".  {9/10}
  6. No More Mr. Nice Guy: This song is kind of boring me. I've heard it so many fricken times it's not even funny. This isn't a terrible song, but I don't think that it's all that special. It's a straight forward rock number. If you want a special song checkout Unfinished Sweet or I Love The Dead. Hell Elected is more energetic and interesting than this track.
  7. Generation Landslide: I feel like this is tongue-and-cheek. It's a fun and bizarre song. I don't really know how to describe it more than just a catchy song, that grabbed my attention with it's fun vibe it has. {8.3/10}
  8. Sick Things: This song starts out with a vibe that I won't like this song. I don't exactly know why, may because of the bass, but I am not sure. This song is eerie, but I don't really enjoy it, at first. The horns in this song make it easier to listen to. And help with the odd atmosphere to it. And I feel like there is a giant marching to the beat of this song. And there is a part where it sounds like stuff is being destroyed. The ending of this song has an epic feeling to it to. And flows into the next song.
  9. Mary Ann: This kind of picks up where the last song ended. This song is a piano ballad and its pretty. The song then goes into a jive type of western song and it turns into it over a couple measures and is like this to the fade. {8/10}
  10. I Love The Dead: This song is about Necromancers. Actually that's what I jokingly call it. I think that you can figure out, from what I said, what this song is about. Necrophilia. Now I don't really get into dead bodies. If I were to have sex, I would want to have sex with someone who was responsive. Not just lying there taking it. That's also why I could never drug anyone. Plus, unfortunately, its morally wrong, but I think the other stuff is more important. J.K. Rowlings. But Necrophilia is pretty fucked up. I like how the beginning is so, I can't really say this, but innocently weird. I like the little Japanese "dododo" string sound. This actually brings to mind A Little Piece Of Heaven by Avenged Sevenfold off their 2007 self titled fourth album. But more conceptually wise. This song gets better with the strings and he guitar escalates. The song is a total "Power Ballad", but a twisted one. And musically its kind of sad, and pretty. Especially when they add the horns. Really good way to end the album with an "Epic Feeling!". {9/10}
Overall I have to give this a 8.9/10. For the most part I enjoyed this album, but my biggest fear was while listening to it, beside maybe Billion Dollar Babies, Generation Landslide and Unfinished Sweet I realistically wont take the time to listen to any other songs again. I did enjoy it while I was listening to it though. Well I do hope that I don't forget theses songs because some of them were pretty good. Why does Living Things by Linkin Park have to have a few really good songs. The ballads of course. But that's beside the point, upon listening after and re listening almost all the tracks, beside the problem few I noted, I have loved these more than before. This album is my Rocky Horror, at parts.

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