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Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) - Wu-Tang Clan

I first heard of the band from what I can remember is the Dave Chappelle skit where it's the race draft and they chose the Wu-Tang Clan to be Asian. I had no idea who they were. Then my cousin told me about RZA who did the soundtrack for my favorite movie ever KILL BILL VOL. 1, and from that he told me about the Gravediggaz and I went to listen to them and the first song I heard was 1800 Suicide the first time through I didn't like it. I didn't really like rap till after I got into Eminem last fall. Well my friend Jason said told me about the song Wu-Tang Clan Aint Nuthing Ta F' Wit in that Harold and Kumar movie. So I re listened to it and loved it. Well then I only really liked that song and then someone in my guitar class told me about Protect Ya Neck and I've loved this album since. I recently listened to the album front to back and I often listen to various songs recreational. I really like the fact that they have that whole Chinese themes to it. I think it is pretty neat but what ever. This album was mainly produced by RZA with some other members
  1. Bring Da Ruckus: This album is awesome most of the songs have intro with samples form old school karate movies. This song, with all the songs, make me want to play air drums. Though this isn't my favorite song I still think that the idea of Bringing Da Ruckus is a good way to start and album.
  2. Shame On A Nigga: This is one of my favorite songs on the album. I think that this makes up for the first track. This sample beat in this song is awesome. I love how this is a very strong song. The first track is kind of a weak feeling to it. The beats of this song make it good. The raps flow on this more so than on Bring Da Ruckus. This songs is one of those songs on that album that makes me want to be good a rap and rhymes and have a rap group. I'm white so that ain't happening anytime soon. The lyrics are also more comical on this song. I kind of wish the songs was longer but whatever. It is still awesome.
  3. Clan In Da Front: The bass sample on this track is pretty cool and is what makes me want to listen to this more. This also adds to the overall idea of feel of the album. After RZA's verse the song gets better. But that's only because the bee sample over takes his voice. I don't like that it's hard to hear his voice. I also think this song has an over all flow to it and the words just work. I think it's funny how he pretty much says, at a part in the song, the they are so good you shit your pants. I also really like the cheer. you know the one "Wu, Wu, Wu, Wu"
  4. Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber: This song starts with the with a skit. I think that the skit is pretty funny "Is he fucking dead... There is fuckin', fuckin' all types of blood" they are arguing and I just think that that is so funny. When the beat starts it just works. This song seems like another song that has that fun feel to it with them all taking turns rapping and free styling. I could picture the songs like this they are in front of people underground, in like a club or something, and taking turns trying to out do each other. I guess like a rap battle.
  5. Can It Be All So Simple/Intermission: The song also starts with another skit that seems like they are post the rap battle and they are getting ready for a new one. The sample beat of this song is one that sounds kind of R&B ish. This kind of reminds me of a group take on something off The Weeknd's first mixtape. This song has a feel of like it is very meaningful until I think when Ghostface Killa comes in and is very aggressive with his verses. But after his verse it goes back to that meaning full R&B feel to it with the chorus. The intermission of this song seems like it is an interview of and them talking about their style and their album. This sounds like it is recorded on the radio. I love the fact that they did this. It is so different. I've never heard anything like this, them giving them selves a fake interview and putting in at the end of a song. It actually reminds me of the first disk of The Beatles 1994 Box set Anthology 1 except that was a compilation. That wasn't originally the way they released this track... you know.
  6. Da Mystery of Chessboxin': This is a good way to come back after this "interview". This seems like this is a song that they are playing on the radio. This song is pretty much as strong as almost any other song. The one thing is that the samples on this song aren't loud enough. There feels like there is too much space. Ol' Dirty Bastard you never let me down on this album. After your verse, during Ghostface Killa's verse, it begins to fill that open space. I just love how you are like insane. I also really like the keyboard Chinese feel the backing beat has.
  7. Wu-Tang Clan Aint Nuthing Ta F' Wit: This is the first song I heard. At first I didn't like it but it really grew on me. This song is so quotable. I have done different verses, not just the chorus. This song is really like a song that they work together and they pull it off. This seems like more of one that isn't a battle. This seems like this song was very worked out proving that you shouldn't "Fuck Wit" the Wu. And if I'm not mistakes this is the first track on side 2. If I'm right that makes it only that much better.
  8. C.R.E.A.M.: I really am not a huge fan of this song. It isn't really that amazing of a feel to continue after the build up from track 7. I really don't have much to say about this. I think it's ok but I don't really like it that much.
  9. Method Man: This makes up for C.R.E.A.M. because the intro skit is pretty much them competing to see who is willing to be more brutal to their bitch. I also like how it flows. When verses start I love the beat in the background. This is another fun song. I also think that the Fat Albert reference is pretty funny. I really like how this is like Method Man's time to star. I really like this song and this song flows into my favorite song on the album. I also like how it sounds like he is choking on smoke towards the end. And how the beat goes one.
  10. Protect Ya Neck: The over the radio phone call is just sick. The beat in this song is amazing. This song is even more quotable then Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing Ta F' Wit. This is another songs where it's like they are having a rap battle in this album. The lyrics are very cleaver on this song and I very much so like them. And I love when Ol' Dirty Bastard swears it has like a censor to it. That beat is sick and it is continued with Ghostface Killah and after that. It seems like it is because it is on the radio. So they have to censor it. This song is just so perfect
  11. Tearz: This song starts with them having a fight and it seems like they are sad someone died. This song's chorus beat is so pretty. This song, as I take it, is the story of how they killed the guy that I'm guessing who the Tearz are cried over. The song is just so pretty and seems emotional. I feel bad about this guy who died. The key beat makes it catchy and the sample from After Laughter (Comes Tears) kind of brings tears. I think that this is a really good way to end an album.
  12. Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber-Part II: This is like the epilogue. This is the last rap and it seems like this is kind of a build up to the end. I love how they sampled their own song that was earlier on the album Clan In Da Front. This is pretty much like one last ending and and it's a last chance to say goodbye and wrap up everything. I really like how another radio interview type feel is after the song.
Overall I liked this album 9/10. It is really good and has quotable parts to it. I really think that this album is a important one to my music taste and views on Rap/Hip-hop. If it weren't for the Wu I'd probably never of wanted to check out Danny Brown, or The Weeknd or anyother underground hip-hop i learned about via Needledrop. Check him out. He's good at what he does, better than me, and his is really cool. He responds if you tweet him.

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