Sunday, February 26, 2012

In Today Already Walks Tomorrow - Sleepmakeswaves

I don't really know anything about this band. And neither do you probably. I'm going to educate you, along with myself, about this band and my opinion on this album. I'm gonna start doing this more often in order to listen to more of my music free music, legal of course, on my computer. Alright this is an Instrumental Australian band and released 3 Eps and a full length that came out last year. I like the album cover and what I heard is pretty nice and sounds cool.
  1. I Will Write Peace On Your Wings And You Will Fly Over The World: Alright this song starts out with an atmosphere in the background. Then a grumbling bass comes in along with a guitar riff and drums. This song is pretty enjoyable. After the 1:45 intro the song goes into a arpeggio sounding guitar part that is accompanied by pretty acoustic/Spanish guitar and atmospheric synths. The song progressively begins to build. During that build up there is a drum that comes in like a marching beat along with a bass beat and it all goes together until it climaxes to then stops, then restarts at a new level with more going on in the song. There is what seems to sound like choir type vocals in the background as this 7 minute epic starts off the Ep. The song flows with this electronic thing carrying it to the end.
  2. Exits To Nowhere: The guitar in this song has a similar sound to the guitar at the beginning of the last song. This also has an atmospheric opening feel to it. The thing that I don't like is that so far, knowing that these guys are instrumental, that this would be better if this was more spread out. I'm afraid that this will ruin it for me. I could see this song being later on an album or the beginning of a double album like side 3 but not the second track of an Ep.
  3. One Day You Will Teach Me To Let Go Of My Fears: This song is a little different at the beginning. This is more bass driven to start the song. This song builds with this bad ass guitar riff into another somewhat similar, song backing atmosphere to the others before it on the Ep. I feel like these guys are trying to hard to make this sound big. I know that this is a good sound but still. I don't really think that there is much differences, beside strings, on this song.
  4. So That The Children Will Always Shout Her Name: Yet another song. The drums sound cool but there is no actual real thing met. The song has some what sound like horns. wooo :(
  5. It's Dark, It's Cold, It's Winter: There is what seems to be someone writing with chalk in the background. This song is a little different, because it has more guitar instead of bass and drums. This song also seems more electronic. The shit thing is that doesn't last very long, because it builds up. But after the build up it goes down.
  6. What We Cannot Speak Of Must Be Passed Over In Silence: This song is the ending. Guess what no changes either. :) #jk. If anything this was a good music to get something done to. Like an sound to just pass up and stuff. Like music that shouldn't be paid attention to.
Over all this is a 4.5/10. I liked it but I could tell that the album would be a bore when I found out it was instrumental and when I heard the second track. That's bad. The songs seem to be structured the same way and they could be the same song, just different variations. I think the album cover paints a picture for this album. I like the songs but It would be better with vocals and a full album. The builds on this album are not noticalbe. Like I had to piece together the parts to realize the build up was over and it was the climax or the part where it built up to. Want to listen to again, just not all that willing to waste another 37 minutes of my life with this ep. Hopefully they will make another this and it will be good. Who knows all I know is that this isn't a good way to start the hopefully tri weekly, or even weekdays, segment of these free music reviews. -I am going to re-review this after I do a review of Lift Yer Skinny Little Fingers Like Antennas to Heaven by Godspeed You! Black Emperor.-

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