Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Visions Of Tall Girl EP - The Ugly Club

This is a band called The Ugly Club. These guys Are an indie band from New York. This is, if I am correct, first Ep. This Ep is only 13 minutes so I decided to listen to it twice. Oh how glad I was...
  1. Visions Part I: This song kind reminds me of These Animals. They have the vocals and the popish sound that they do. This song is better quality in the way of more space than These Animals. The second time through I like it more than the first. The harmony vocals is the part that reminds me most of These Animals. I really like how the bass sounds. I think that the keys help the song out a lot.
  2. Parks: This sounds like it would be, with out knowing any info about them, a New York Indie group. There is a part in this song where it reminds me of a mix of The Cure's song Just Like Heaven and blur. I think this song sounds pretty cool.
  3. Visions Part II: This song is kind of like a reprise of part I. This exactly 1 minute shorter than part one. There is a part in this song where it is a type of saxophone in the song. After that breakdown it gains back up and is what an New York indie band sounds like.
  4. Hope We Survive: This song has a type of eastern feel to it. It is intresting that they would do that . I like that this is different from the rest of the album. I don't think it's one of those "Weird Songs" on the album
Over all this Ep deserves a 8/10. This has progressively grown on me. I respect it more than the first time through. It isn't anything that amazing, I just thought it was something I enjoyed. I don't think this deserves a 9 or a 10. An 8 is good enough. I do suggest that if you are willing to, listen to this.

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