Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Congratulations Remix Ep - MGMT

I heard about this and was psyched, back last year, because I couldn't, and still can't, wait for MGMT self titled album. I checked almost everyday to see the progress of the album. I was super surprised that they were going to release a remix album of song off my favorite MGMT album, including Climbing to Higher Lows and the Eps, Congratulations.
  1. Congratulations (Erol Alkan Remix): This has more of a funky vibe to the beginning. During the first verse it is only the bass. There is also electronics and drums, but it those come in later. They also have the keyboard solo in this song playing in the background while they play that funky guitar. I really like this song and remix. I think Erol Alkan did a bad ass job at remixing this song and not making it shitty dubstep. This is an actual song, and it is good. I also like how he made it work longer. The first time I saw that this was 6 minutes I thought it wouldn't be very good. I was wrong {9/10}
  2. Siberian Breaks (Ed Banger All-Stars Remix): This version starts out with a piano and little guitar notes instead of guitar chords. There is also a harmonica in the beginning of the song. The harmonica in the song reminds me of My Window by The Residents. That song is off  their 2005 album Animal Lover. This song is shorter than the original version. There is a brief silence that is picked up by the next part. The next part is heavily keyboard driven along with electric drums. It is just a funky jitt. This songs next part is like on the album except there is more space and sounds like it is super stereo? This part progressively turns into notes that sound out of tune and not right. I really like it and think it's cool that that's how he made this sound. {7.8/10}
  3. Brian Eno (Cornelius Mix): There is like harpsichord in this song. This has more of a sophisticated feel to it. When I listen to this it makes me think of high class, to a certain extent. There is hand claps and also strings in this song. The little synth fill in the original is played on what sounds like harpsichord. It sounds very cool. You have to hear this yourself. There is some type of over driven squeak in the background during the solo. This song is one that makes me picture them playing in a big club. And them all having fun. The song kind of ends abruptly, not as much as the album version but still. {8.2/10}
Overall I give this a 8.7/10. I love that these guys kept the continuity of the songs and it worked. None of the songs are super different. There is no FUCKING dubstep on this. For some reason remix nowadays usually means dubstep. These guys didn't dubstep, you know why... They are cool. Check it out it's on iTunes for like $3. Definitely worth the money

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