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The Valley - Eisley

Alright You guys I flippin' pushed The Dark Side Of The Moon's upload date in order to make space for this amazing super meaning full album to me up. This is Eisley's third studio album. This is also their first full lenght after leaving that, well I don't know how to put this any nicer, HELL of a record label Warner Bros. Those guys are crooks. Well anyway, I fell in love with Eisley after I saw them live at Lincoln Hall, Chicago on either 2/11/11 or 2/14/11. I don't remember the exact date. I do no that I was super excited to see these guys. My cousin Stevie and Mike told me they were going to see some band called Eisley in like October or November of 2010. Then Stevie kept talking about them, so I eventually started listening to them. The first songs I heard were I Wasn't Prepared and also Plenty of Paper off their full length album from 2005 Room Noises. I didn't really like it. It took me a couple listens to like it, this was in January of 2011. Then I heard Combinations which made me excited for seeing them live. I eventually became in love with Combinations and then I heard the song Ambulance. That quickly became my favorite song by them. For some reason it had some type of emotional effect on me. There is a certain thing about that song that just hit me. So that song made me even more pumped to see them. After the show we met them. It was really never racking, especially saying "hi" to the sisters. They are pretty and they are well.... Eisley. After that concert ask anyone at school who remembers when I saw them. I was a die hard fan and couldn't wait for this album to come. Well the day of I asked my mom to pick up the album before I get home and asap. Well I went to school, and I had one of those craps where it hurts you scrotum. Well I lasted until 4th hour, where I went home. My uncle picked me up and I asked him if he heard it. He said it was really good and told me all about it. When I got home my mom didn't have bought the Cd so I sat on the shittier with nothing alone and in pain. I called her and she told me she didn't get it yet. So when I was done I waited another 3 hours watching Conan reruns and when she got home she gave me the CD. I ran in the basement and listened to it. There was a girl I had a crush on when I got this, and It reminds me of here, in a way. There were certain songs that remind me of her still. And I see her around school, but what ever. This album also still has an emotional feel to it through all the songs on it and the feeling is just. It is very important to me. Oh one last note, these guys did production for the album Gary Leach, Austin Deptula.
  1. The Valley: This was a song that wasn't my favorite at first. Then this eventually became an important song to me. I picked this song as a song for the main track to the Othello soundtrack that we had to make for sophomore year English. This has an awesome beginning string section with her vocals sound like the best way to start an album. This song is just so pretty and upbeat. This song has such strange lyrics and metaphors in it. It is very figurative in what it is supposed to be meaning and showing. The verses and pretty but then the kick comes in, after a slight instrumental break (just enough to say three words), with the guitar riff with the chorus. The harmony vocals throughout is pretty and there isn't really anything that I can say is wrong with this song.
  2. Smarter: This is one of the angry songs by Eisley. I remeber seeing them play this song live. I didn't think much of it until I heard the actual album. The guitar has a riff and this music video is pretty cool. Now this isn't my favorite song but I do like it and will listen to it on the album. I don't really listen to this outside or alone but I do listen to this with the album and it adds to the mix of angry and sad. Which is a certain feel I have gotten from this.
  3. Watch It Die: The first time I heard this song it sounded like they were saying "Fucking In the morning". I found that very odd. I kept hearing that until I actually read the lyrics in the booklet that came with the CD. And the song seems to start suddenly. I don't really think that it is timed right. It is all correct but i feel like it is off beat? Even though it all works and is on the same beat of the song. Whatever that's just one of my weird ideas. But the verses in this song are cool. During the chorus there is song type of banjo sounding thing in the background. I think that that's the electric guitar because after all there are two guitar players. And also it's always nice to hear Chauntelle sing.
  4. Sad: Stacy plays like a G. Sherri is singing this one and it feels aggressive. For some reason or other I think this fits perfect on track 4. There is a cool riff to get people who like heavier music a glimpse of a heavier Eisley. The whole overall album is somewhat angry and you can tell. And this is a perfect example. Now the pre-solo is a perfect example of one of my favorite parts of Eisley songs. And the solo none the less is just right on. I feel what they do. This also has some figurative language in it's lyrics.
  5. Oxygen Mask: This is another favorite by Eisley of mine. I just love this song. The piano is awesome and Stacy is nailing it with her vocals. The strings make me want to cry along with them. Sherri and Stacy's double harmony at the second verse remind me of something MGMT would do vocally and that is aided with the bass in the back. I love the strings and the other instrumentation over this whole thing. The ''pre-solo'' to this song is an sick sounding piano fill. And the solo is right on to. There is something about this song to where when I think about it and listen to it at the same time it makes me cry. It is an emotional song for me. I'm not quite sure of how this is remains relevant to me but this feelings still are. This song is just one big way to lighten up the tension, so to say
  6. Better Love: Better Love is where the tension starts up again. With its aggressive drums, bass and guitar riffs. There is something about the guitar distortion and the bass that just work with me. The piano also in the chorus is pretty cool and works even better and isn't just there to be there.This is defiantly of of Eisley's more BA songs. This shows you that well... ''DuPree Family Ain't Nuthin' Ta Fuck Wit''. I love this solo and how the drums end the track and that same beat goes into the next refrain. That's part is my favorite part of the song and I love it just so much.
  7. I Wish: This is probably my least favorite song on the album. I still like it but it is my least favorite. Well The song has progressively grown on me in a very good way. The live versions of this song, the ones they do live, is much better. I don't like the way it's just set up. The chorus isn't that mind blowing, for me. The best part of Eisley songs, for me, is like the bridge or refrain of whatever you way to call it. Well that refrain in this song isn't even that mind blowing for me.
  8. Kind: This song can make me cry. There is some type of feel that I get from this song that makes me sad, in a good way. This song is one that reminds me of emotions and love and that whole entire thing that I love this reason because it reminds me so much of. The fact of the matter is that the most emotional tracks for me are Mr. Moon, Ambulance, Kind, and Oxygen Mask. There is something about the DuPree family that makes songs that can make me cry. I know that the emotions that I feel through the songs are there. The piano in the beginning and the chorus adds guitar in the mix along with the post chorus strings. And all this stays together and gets more grand as the song progresses. Then comes the refrain... #the tear jerker. And then the part with the two singing harmony and sole acoustic guitar. This is my friend what you call perfect
  9. Mr. Moon: No tears are saved for this track either. This is one of the biggest most important songs I've ever heard by any band. I still remember when we saw Eisley live, Stevie told me that this next song sick. And Mike told me to listen to the drums. So when it started it was ok. Then the drums kicked in. I was obsessed with how Weston pulled that off for a good 2 months and used guitar hero drums to try to play along. The intro keys are just like a build up and the more and more you get into it you can see and feel the rush. The vocals on this track are beautiful and the instrumentation on this track is beautiful. I think the part where the harmony vocals kinda sound like they are being talked over the phone is funny and, for lack of better word, cute. This song's chorus just hits.... Like a rock. Then with the piano solo and the "uhhhh, uhhhh" harmony part,  just goes into the part where it is the 1st verse again into the best part of the song. The like extended version of the chorus during the "Bridge" I guess. This song is just so amazing I really don't have much I can't say about it but I need to move on to other tracks
  10. Please: This is an mixed. I wouldn't probably listen to this on its own. But with the whole album it's perfect. This song also can make me cry. Though I don't think it is a Mr. Moon I don't think it's not a Kind. This song is very good, no exaggeration, but it is no amazing ground breaker/emotional breaker for me. That me personally. But when ever I hear this this gives me the feeling of a final word before the ending Ambulance which is the eplouge.
  11. Ambulance: This song is super meaningful to me. This reminded me of someone that I held dear to myself. There is very much emotion that I've had over this and yeah. I am over her now and glad. When I listen to this it brings me back to winter going into spring and all the best feelings of the spring of Sophmore year of High School. You know the feeling of being in love, it being spring. I was just talking to my mom and I realized that this album is like an over all story about low points in their love lives, which I've known, but also that this is where it ends up. They need someone to take and care for them. This song starts out sad. Then it comes in with so much momentum and ends with the same power it started with. This song is prof that you can keep the same power through an entire song. There aren't very many songs that I know that do that for me. This song just has so much power and feeling to it. The strings come in in the beginning and keep adding up to the top and it with 3 high hat taps and the song comes in. The acoustic guitar adds as much power to the song as the electric and all the other instruments in this song. I cry at this song because of the emotional to it takes on me. But at the end it makes me stronger and better and more confident and 
Overall I give this album a 100/10. This album is so important to me. It has held an important part of my life and soul. I don't exactly know how to explain it. This album I know is heavier and darker for Eisley. Now they are no Burzum or Eminem but this lyrically and melodically is more mature than their other stuff up to this point. I like it and respect that they have grown over the past 12 years as a band, now 13 years. I just hope that they make another album that will mean this much to me x amount of years later. And I hope this one does to.

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