Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Supernature - Cerrone

This is the third album by French, I think the correct term would be, Disco teck Cerrone. I'ven't heard his first two album, but I first found out about this guy through his album covers. It's actually kind of funny; over there, in Europe, they are more open to nudity. So the whole Love in C Minor probably didn't get two thoughts over there. It might have caused problems over here, I don't know of any, but I could see it doing that. I heard this album in it's entirety yesterday, at like 2AM. And I figured, why not review this while it's fresh in my head, and while Random Access Memory is too. You know, especially since this music is what influenced that album.
  1. Supernature: I saw the promo video to this, before actually listening to the whole song. And It's actually pretty sick. Other than the whole fetish masks, I think it is pretty sick. This song starts out pretty interesting and grabs your attention. This song reminds me a little of Giorgio off the new Daft Punk album. This is, musically, pretty cool. It's got a funky vibe to it that makes me want to jump and dance to it. The string arrangement during the verses is just, UGH! I don't know why, but I love the way that is. And I also really like his voice in this song. I also like the kind of driving bass at the end. This song is just a fun song musically and lyrically. This song seems to be telling a story. About science and we made chemicals and it dripped and leaked and mutated nature. Now there are mutant creatures and "even God is on their side". Thought it's kind of silly sounding and "cheesy" by today's views, I still think this song has a type of truth to it. A big part of science is tampering with things, and finding out what happens. Sometimes when we use our scientific creations it causes problems. This isn't just something that happens in movies, look at the Nukes in World War II. That destroyed the cities in Japan they were dropped on. I'm not going to go to much into it, I could go on for hours, but I just wanted to point that out. One of my favorite lines in the 10 minutes of this song is the last verse. It's kind of a warning to people. "Hey maybe nature has a plan, and in order to control mans curiosities they need to start over and stop trying to progress so fast." You know and then the ending line is the real kicker "Will there be a happy end, now that all depends on you". Damn! I love that because people probably take this song as they will. The thing though, as odd and silly and fun this song is, that doesn't mean there isn't something you can take out of it. I don't know how serious Cerrone was in this song, but I think that we can all learn a lesson from this song, don't fuck with nature too much, unless you want to screw us over. I love that idea though kind of "you don't have to believe me, but when I'm right you'll be sorry".
  2. Sweet Drums: This is pretty much an instrumental drum continuation of the ending of Supernature. It's pretty sick though when you hear both of the tracks flow together. I think it a pretty decent track by it's self, but it's best as a continuation of the last. Kind of the same way I see the song Any Color You Like. It's best as a continuation of Us And Them. That doesn't make it a bad song, just more proper as a flow. Another example, The Medley off Abbey Road.
  3. In The Smoke: There is this heartbeat in the beginning of the track. It also his this atmosphere to it. I could actually see the beginning of this song maybe being a song that would be on Dance Dance Revolution. This is, musically, kind of a continuation of Supernature. But it's kind of darker. The music also reminds me a little of the "Super Nintendo" game "Diddy Kong Country". That's a great game. Damn, I need to find that Super Nintendo in this house of mine.
  4. Give Me Love: The song starts off with something I could see Santana doing. Kind of like Soul Sacrifice. Until, well, the other instruments come in. I like that it kind of got a New Wave vibe to it, but there is still that latin flavored beat to it. The strings are also pretty cool. The synths actually remind me of the soundtrack to "For You Eyes Only". That soundtrack was done by Billy Conti of "Rocky" soundtrack fame. Towards the end there is a very funky instrumental part, something that reminds me of Love Gun by Rick James, and because of the strings, the song Funkytown by Lipps Inc..
  5. Love Is Here: Thought I don't know what to say other than this could be a continuation of the last track and that this is an awesome ending to the album, or at least intro to the ending of the album.
  6. Love Is The Answer: This flows from the last. This is kind of like joyous. While the first side of the record wasn't so upbeat, this song could make up for the whole thing. This really sounds like a traditional disco song. I could see this being played on disco radio. Maybe even being played in the "amazing" movie "Disco Godfather". If you haven't watched that yet..... don't. The female backing singers in this song are pretty epic. They really sing this song with a type of soul. This is truley great! "Love Is The Answer" it will prevent people from fucking with nature.... maybe.
Overall I have to give this album a 8/10. Yes I know about the CBS logo in the corner. But it was originally released on Malligator. This is a fun record just to listen to for fun. It's also not just idiotic. This album kicks the crap out of Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. Even Staying Alive, that isn't as good as this thing. This is just a fun this to listen to and I hope you enjoy it too. Who's looking forward to my ButterFly review.

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