Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Modern Age - The Strokes

This is the first release by The Strokes. This precedes Is This It and features "demos" of song that would be rerecorded for their debut. Kinda like on As I Lay Dying's split album, going on to Re-Record all those song for different albums. (Note: This paragraph was written before school, and the review was done during school, and the summary was just now).
  1. The Modern Age: Now, I do like this song. I think that I might like this ones a little more.This band has a garage band/Alternative vibe to it. Lot's of times those types of bands have a DIY vibe to everything. The solos are cool, I like the way it is double picked. I also like the start stop feel of the riff. I like Julian's vocals, on songs like Reptilia, but I also like this one too. I also like the kind of "jams over" stop thing they do at the end of the song. It just ends. 
  2. Last Nite: I also like this version more. I don't know if this is a thing. Like liking the rawer sounding versions of songs. A good example is, though it's not really other versions of the same songs, but Nirvana. The sloppy, raw grunge vibe off 1989's Bleach. Another example is Soundgarden's two slops from the 80's. Maybe it had to do with the money reasons, but I still like those and the sound more. This version sounds more DIY. And I like it because of that.
  3. Barley Legal:  Quite possibly my favorite Strokes song, either this or Reptilia or the MGMT vibe of Machu Picchu. The verses are pretty solid but on top of that I love the chorus. I don't know why, but that kind of hooked me on the band. Actually I have Is This It and Room On Fire coming in the mail, and they should be here with Bowie's Zeit on Monday.
Overall I have to give this album a 8/10. This is short, but it's also great. Since it's short it doesn't get very redundant, and it is able to keep my interest. If you have any interest in this band at all you might want to hear this before you even hear their 2001 Debut classic.

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