Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Acid Rap - Chance The Rapper

This is the second mixtape by rapper Chance The Rapper. His debut mixtape, 10 Day, was released last year. This one is different. I'll explain more though later. I'm gonna review that too.
  1. Good Ass Intro: This song reminds me a little of Cee-lo Green. But his voice also reminds me a little of Danny Brown, in the very beginning. But as the track progresses it does sound like something soul, something that reminds me a little of Fuck You. It's a pretty exciting way to start this mixtape off. This is a beat of a song I could see being in a gospel song. 
  2. Pusha Man: This song has stops in it. I like that. I think this song is different enough from track one. I'm not sure who of the features is who, but they remind me of, in order of appearance, Yella Wolf and A$AP Rocky. Though this is a long song, it is kind of justified. Maybe it could be 5 minutes long instead of over 6, that doesn't really matter though. This is pretty much two song. In part two of the song his, I don't know if its Chance or Nate or Lili K. accent (s)he is trying in this song reminds me of, in the beginning, Bradley Nowell's vocals where he tries a Jamaican impression. I do like the the verses and think this is a good song. I enjoy it. 
  3. Cocoa Butter Kisses: The key flares remind me of the atmosphere in Siberian Breaks. The beginning of this song has a rotor organ in it. That's what is often used in soul/gospel type music. Better described as "Black Church Music". This is a pretty smooth song, and good. When he says the title of the song, and the flares there, bring me back to channel ORANGE. That is also another album that I could see being clumped into that. His voice reminds me a little of Ocean. 
  4. Juice: In this song he's doing a Jamaican accent thing. This song has a tad of reggae. Maybe it's just me, but I can vaguely hear it. This is a pretty good song. 
  5. Lost: This song doesn't do much for me. It's fine, but you know, I'm not huge on it. It's nothing different than what I've heard this far on this tape. I've never heard of Noname Gypsy but I think she kind of good on this song. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but yeah. 
  6. Everybody's Something: This song reminds me a little of C.R.E.A.M. and Em's 1996 Infinite. This is a pretty solid song. I think it's pretty great, that's Eminem's best, Pre-Eminem Show. 
  7. Interlude (That's Love): This beat is great. I actually really like this song. It's upbeat, and exactly what I need right now, you know. Who doesn't need to hear that, I love you, every once in a while. 
  8. Favorite Song: There is a delayed guitar on this track. It isn't my favorite but it's a solid song. I think that this is a cool song. Gambino also does a good job on this. I don't care much for what I've heard from Gambino but this is a sick guest spot. 
  9. NaNa: Action Bronson's on this. I actually need to review Rare Chandlers. This song is ok, but it's not doing much more than just Action's spot, which isn't really anything that is awesome like some of the cooler songs I've heard by him.   
  10. Smoke Again: The horns in the beginning remind me of, sonically, Set The World On Fire's trumpets in the beginning of that song. The deep rap reminds me of A$AP Rocky. I like this song.
  11. Acid Rain: This is a slick song. I think it fits at the end of the mixtape. This has these guitar slides in the background. This is a great ending. 
  12. Chain Smoker: This is the second to last track. The woman's "ah ah" reminds me of Pump Up The Jams. This is a pretty smooth song. This is a pretty, for the most part, a relaxing song. I enjoy the keys/piano is pretty cool. 
  13. Everything's Great (Good Ass Outro): This is kind of neat at touching. It reminds me of Lil B. He had a song where he talked to someone over the phone. This is a good ass Outro, not as good as the intro, but it fits. 
Overall this mixtape will get a 7/10. This thing is more interesting than 10 Day. Which is a good thing, I hope he continues to improve on his mixtapes, and he'll do fine. I don't really have much more to say about this mixtape. But looking forward to his next one to come.

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