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A Head Full of Dreams - Coldplay

This review was scheduled to be posted when it was. It was completed last month on the 11th. I had to put if off for the Christmas thing though. This is the seventh studio album by pop group Coldplay. This follows May 2014's Ghost Stories, which I didn't care much for, and the November 2014 Ghost Stories Live, which was better at some parts. It was announced in Dec 2014 that this is considered, by Chris Martin, as the "final chapter" hinting this may be their final album. Now I first got into them with Mylo Xyloto and tracks on A Rush of Blood to the Head and Parachutes. The first songs I ever liked by them, or that I remember liking, was Violet Hill because I heard it in Guitar Hero. But all that aside, this may be their last record, and even thought I heard the single, saw the feature, and artwork.... I decided a year ago to do this when it was announced..... So lets suck it up like a man. Also..... Why the fuck would Merry Clayton (the singer on Gimme Shelter) come on this this album....................... WHY!!!!!!!!!!
  1. A Head Full of Dreams: This opens with a sort of, oh shit I don't think this will be good beginning. But it isn't as horrible as I thought it'd be. While I can tell this will grow thing by the end of the song, it's a disco feeling. The same feeling that Adventure of a Lifetime has. Not really anything special, but I'll forget it before the songs even over. And it ends on the Xyloto chorus vocals. Where it was fun there, this sounds like.............................................................. If you don't have anything to say.
  2. Birds: This isn't a bad song, sounds like an outtake from Mm-I-Low. But seriously, there isn't a second in this song that is really worth remembering. You can get this exact same thing, maybe a bit more fun, on the aforementioned album.
  3. Hymn for the Weekend: Wait.... Abel's still alive, he just dropped that new album a few months ago (one that will have it's review posted tomorrow). And Beyoncé lends some vocals here. I had to laugh, someone commented somewhere it's MX part two. I thought to myself "just because of Tove Lo? Isn't that jumping the gun a bit". Then I noticed Bey would be on two tracks..... And while I genuinely have a place for that album in my heart, and do like it, This might be like over kill. And when I heard this track, alone. The song opens with bird sounds, and the second I heard a Bey choir fade in I went.... no. Then a sort of gospel hip hop thing piano came in and I went.... No. Then Chris sang over the piano and I cringed. I'll be the bigger person and never bring this track up again. Cute bird calls thought.... there's a positive. Guess what, this song has officially made me cringe as much as the Let's Marvin.... nope, I won't even bring it up. That track that shan't be named. I don't care if I'd maybe nail you Megan, that track never happened. Oh Fuck this hurts.
  4. Everglow: "Hello, I've waited here for you Everglow"? No that's not right. Right? Ahahahaha, this song is very reminiscent of Paradise's intro. The quieter part. The second I heard this I was like Mylo. There might actually be a better comparison, I kinda feel like this could be a rewrite of a song off that album. I thought, maybe the closer. The closer on that album was far more interesting though. There was changes throughout that atmosphere. There was a feeling of an ending, almost like a book ending. This song, it is not really as well written for them to be writing this at this point. They have been making professional music, releasing albums on a major label basis, now for 15 years. This song is just not "good enough" for my tastes, if you catch my drift. It's not that it's not good enough for me, it's that this sound be a far more interesting, better written song. In context of the album....... this is a much better track. I actually don't want to skip the track. I'm not fighting myself from yelling at the top of my lungs. Does that mean it's good or works.... no, but by comparison it isn't as bad. Thought this song is too long, why can't it just end. If it is about Goop I give less than zero fucks. Want to know how much I care, I was debating if I should have even typed that at all. Like really, that's what was going through my mind during the album sit through for this song. Your shitting, Goop sings on this....................... Why? You know who, don't even answer me... I don't give a fuck.
  5. Adventure of a Lifetime: The first time I saw this title, considering it may be their last record, I thought "oh no". The reason being, they would make a bull shit song about "this has been the adventure of a lifetime, being in the band". And while it may be true, it may be a real sentiment..... I kinda feel like it's the same thing as writing a song about missing your loved ones while you tour, or life on tour. That has been mastered by Turn the Page. You won't be able to top that, why try. Unless it's from a new angle. But this could just be me being a dick, and this was the first single to drop so I decided to check it out. When the song started out with the guitar I started to get nervous. Then when it started going into disco, I was like it's not that bad. But the coffin was buried and thrown 12 feet under (double the normal 6 feet by the way, just saying to let you know I know) after he started singing. This song not only isn't exciting, or fun. This is like bullshit disco. I mean I dig some of the even stupider disco tracks, but this has like backing vocals and this radio feeling that just.... I hurts a bit. Also RAM not only tops this, it should be embarrassed this song exists. I'll return when the albums out, but I doubt my feelings will change. Also, I can't begin to explain how irritated I was when I found out Merry sang on this track..... What the fuck. I didn't even hear her. By the way this is December 11th, and as of today I want to shoot any radio playing this song. Also if I hear "Che Fowe Loddah" ever again I will punch someone. Talk about a fucking annoying loop.
  6. Fun: This track is Tove Lo, or the Habits song. I like her best for what she does in concert..... but that's for another time. At this point I better just stop and wait. Chris get out of here, I don't want to hear you I wanna hear Ebba. Also while the song isn't terrible, it doesn't bother me, I'll forget it after it's over. There was literally not point in here being a featured guest on this track. She doesn't nothing different than any of the other "guests", but she gets a feature credit for singing backing vocals/harmonies. I wonder why they'd do that ?
  7. Kaleidoscope: Hey a hefty number of guests, Coleman Barks on narration, Khatia Buniatishvili on piano forte and last but most important my favorite president Barak Obama. The intro to the song isn't terrible, and I'm a bit surprised they even know that style of music, or technique rather exists. I didn't even pick out the Obomb part. That was literally the best song, and it's 1:52. It is followed by a song that's loop got old before Martin starts singing.
  8. Army of One: The only "Army of" anything I get behind is Sam Rami's classic 1993 film. Yes that loop gets old one second in. This is also pretty neat... it's 6 fucking minutes long. Yes there is a hidden track, but still. The hidden track being X Marks the Spot, let's just say I can till this second half will be worth the wait. Also I feel the need to point this out. It was announced that, a month before the release of the album, this would contain a hidden track. I'm not being an asshole or picky but think about this..... It's a hidden track, that you announced, and made known before the record was even out for people to find it themselves. Just think about that, also it's a fucking piece of horse shit.
  9. Amazing Day: "Oh it's an amazing day, I'm glad I spent it with you. Such an amazing day, you just keep me hanging on. You just keep me hanging on." That's all there is to say really.
  10. Colour Stream: Another minute long intro, or segue. Why not have this be the hidden track and the hidden track actually be a track..... it's ambient, but lots of parts have ambient parts here. That literally amounted to nothing.
  11. Up&Up: With some vocals from Beyoncé and Merry Clayton, now the second time for both of them on the record. It also features Noel Gallagher on guitar (I think Oasis kind of suck), Annabelle Wallis on vocals (I don't know who that is, I prefer Anna Bell Peaks) and last but not least Moses Martin on tambourine (how cute). Good ending, Thumbs up. If they really think this is a fitting finale, they haven't really learned anything. Kind of generic for my taste. To be honest, if I had kids I'd include them in my music. Even if they were too young to comprehend, I'd love to have them be a part of my passion. So in that respect I may have been a little harsh.
Overall I have to give this album a 2/10. Yeah, that's the lowest score I've ever given ever on the blog. Why..... well they didn't do what they should have. There was nothing that felt like and ending to this album. Not once did it feel like that. It felt like "Well let's snort coke and jump on a trend. On a some what related noted, this was a quick and easy review to do. I thought, before this was released, this Christmas thing will be good. It'll give me time to dissect the and take it in. Then I heard it..... It took like not even full listens to each song for me to complete this. While I did listen front to back, every second... It wasn't necessary for me to do that. That's not good, unless it's a loop of something like that. This is not a loop, even though it plays like one. This kind of sucks and for a finale it, while different and a tad ambitious venturing into different styles, there is nothing to get you excited at all. Point is, for a grand finale it isn't anything more than return to an album a lot of fans didn't like. So there is nothing GRAND about this. Is it better than Ghost Stories.......... Not really. I never cringed during that album, I thought it was fucking stupid, but never once cringed. What I took away from this album is Merry Clayton if you are alive and if I ever get famous I'll give you actual music to work with and not complete and utter shit.

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