Tuesday, January 26, 2016

St. Vincent

This review has basically been done for almost two years. Seriously, So why not finish this up and get it over with. Cleaning out the Draft section. This is the fourth album by Annie Clark. I found out about her when Strange Mercy first came out back in 2011. Now I waited to listen to this album until the day it came out, not even the singles. Now I had to run out so I listened to the singles before I left, then the rest when I got home. I still plan on reviewing this this month, and also her other stuff too, but soon. I put this off for a few days to let it sit with me and to grasp this talked about wit. Now years later, heres the review.
  1. Rattlesnake: This is a good opener to this album. Throughout my "review process" for this album I've revisited all of her prior album, with the exception of Ratsliveonnoevilstar. Off the bat there is a bit of a different feeling, more distorted and electronic. There is some really nice phasing on this tune, and I feel like the woman on this cover made this tune. The lyrics, in the chorus are also sort of "odd" but it just works. This is pretty catchy, and they beat is solid. I feel like this is a solid tune to open the sound of the album, and give you a pretty clear picture of what might happen. Also great solo, it works here well.
  2. Birth In Reverse: This track was released as the first single for the album in December 2013. This is a very good song that has only gotten better as I listen to it more. I love the singing and riff playing sort of the same notes. The digital distortion on this track real sounds nice. This is very much so a song I could see being able to dance to. Also that solo, I love it. Annie this is amazing, and this sort of little fills and in between verses those are just great. I mean I love it, sometime people could get stuff like that to work but it's just great. Also the drumming reminds me a bit of Chad Wackerman. Might not be a valid though, but sounds very 80's. I just love tune it's so fucking fun.
  3. Prince Johnny: This was released as single number three for the album in May 2014. The vocal choir is great in this tune. It completely makes this tune. There is a very heavenly feeling from that. But they guitar kind of keeps it from that. Not to say the guitar doesn't work, it's just..... It's very much so the right kind of odd. Plus great groove. Just check it out, I dig it.
  4. Huey Newton: The title of this track reminds me of Fig Newtons. The drum beat reminds me a bit of Housequake. I do like this song, and think it's a great addition to this art pop record, it's just not a favorite of mine. I could see it growing on me, but you know I don't know. There are moments where, if they went in this direction, I could see this being an Eisley song. It's a nice little change of pace, and the guitar riff reminds me a bit of Deep Purple. You know, if Fireball was made today. That sort of pick up towards the end, nice touch.
  5. Digital Witness: This, being another great or amazing track, was released as the second single for the album about a month after the first. This is such an odd song, but odd in the best way possible. It's got a swagger to it that impresses me. It actually reminds me a little of a digital version of Dr. John or New Orleans music. That is until the choruses. This sounds like the big single off Love This Giant. The vocals are great here and that synth bass line, great. I think what makes this so good is Fripp could have though of some of this guitar work. This song sort of, in a way, hardens a bit of Fashion. I think I already made that comparison in a review from this month (maybe Fripp is just on my mind) who knows. It's the tittle details and the sharp playing. 
  6. I Prefer Your Love: The music fits the words so well. It's romantic sounding and a really enjoy it. While I'm not 100 percent enthused with the "to Jesus" line. The thing though is, it's her music and if its true then I think she has the right to say it. This first actually, it's very heavenly and the sort that I think Panda Bear didn't pull off really on that new record from 2015. This is very pretty layered and sounds great. I really couldn't ask for her to do anything else to this song. Really, even those little water sounds..... great touches.
  7. Regret: This was released as the last single for the album in August 2014. I don't really know why this was picked over I Prefer Your, but you know. This isn't as great as the last song, but has a very laid back feeling. There is a groove and feeling, it's just not as great as the other singles, but still pretty good. I like he instrumental parts the most though. Thats really neat sounding.
  8. Bring Me Your Loves: The way her voice is distorted and messed with reminds me a little of Aura off ARTPOP.  This is a very bizarre song that I really like that it's weird. I have a crush on Annie, shes pretty but she's also an amazing musician. I love talent, it's really cool to me. I wish this song was weirder, but you know still this is pretty odd. With song great synths towards the ending, like really great.
  9. Psychopath: This is a track that, to be honest, isn't for me a lesser Birth In Reverse. It's kind of like an underdeveloped version of the song. The pre-chorus has some extra sounds come in, but then the chorus comes in and it's so damn pretty. Now lately I've been screwing up my hearing and need to listen to music quieter for it to heal, so I imagine that chorus would be better with loudness. I also love the acoustic guitar that comes in during the solo. That whole part of the song actually reminds me a ton of the band Eisley. They have a song called Wicked Child, which is on Currents from 2013, and to be honest I think Eisley did it better. The solo even reminds me of BIR. While I don't think it's a terrible song, I just think that it's not on par with some of the other great tracks here.
  10. Every Tear Disappears: I actually dig the title of this track a lot. There are some pretty cool titles here. The intro also reminds me a bit of The Car's tune Just What I Needed. I mean really, it sounds like it. This has some nice sounds going on, one of which reminds me of The Residents but anyway. The vocals remind me also of Stacy at points. This is a nice penultimate song.
  11. Severed Crossed Fingers: This track sounds like it could be on a tribute album for Sgt. Pepper's. The track is very psychedelic and reminds me of one of the Paul McCartney music hall Fixing A Hole type songs on that album. There is a synth that sounds a ton like a harpsichord. This is a pretty good ending I think to the album. The bridge part reminds me a lot of the orchestral section of A Day In The Life. The way she is singing and it's intensifying reminds me of that part. The solo at the end of this track reminds me of a song that I can't recall at the moment. It's really nice and a great closer.
Overall I have to give this album a 7/10. I know Annie's music and wanted to let it sink in a little before I reviewed an album.  I think that time is what helped it so much. At first I couldn't listen to this thing front to back. Now I know my favorites and the tracks that are not. I'll return to the former, and most likely not to the latter. But a good summation could be that this is honestly what ARTPOP is, not Gaga's faux art. Now "art" is very hard to define but I think it's when you put you heart, soul, feelings, and love into something. Art is created, in my option, when your expressing something. It could be as deep as a moral dilemma, to as light as you're hungry. If its basically a labor of love you can say its your work of art. If you throw it together in a day or bs meanings to shit, that's not art. Only you can decide what art is and how much of you goes into it. And there isn't any argument that Annie didn't put "Her Love" into this thing. 

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