Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Part One - The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band

This is the second release by The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band. I've heard of these guys before but I never really took the time to check them out. Recently (In like 2014) I thought I'd give this cover of Help, I'm A Rock a spin on the ole computer. Needless to say that inspired this entire review and I honestly need someone to know what if feel for the album. I'm not just basing it off a single cover, but that was the inspiration.
  1. Shifting Sands: Opening the album we get a track that isn't half bad. I mean it isn't amazing, but it isn't bothering me. This is a pretty decent opening, and you know if you like psychedelic rock I'm sure you'd dig this. My favorite part is the guitar tone, though the sort of waltz feeling beat is pretty nice too.
  2. I Won't Hurt You: This is the first track that appeared on the earlier Vol. One from 1966. This opens with a sort of heart beat and a guitar. I mean I get the whole idea of counter rhythms but I think this beat is too loud and over powers everything else in the beginning.I get this is sort of a nice short little number, or transition, but this isn't impressing me. Also when you get to the actual vocals and lyrics......... Well, let's hope the next track is better.
  3. 1906: To be honest, at this point, I kind of know where this is going. This isn't horrible, it just isn't impressing me. I feel like this might as well be a loop of it's self.
  4. Help, I'm A Rock: This is the real reason I started this review. Why, well this is such an underwhelming cover of this fah-nominal Zappa track of the classic Freak Out!. They didn't do this song any justice and it's, to be as nice as possible, probably the worst Mothers cover I've ever heard in my life. To be honest, I'd try to cover this cover up. :(
  5. Will You Walk With Me: Let's just hope the rest of this album does a good job of not letting me revisit the prior track. Opening rather promising, it's not until the vocals come in and to be honest I could see this being a pastiche attempt at making this flower power sound baroque pop on an album like Spinal Tap or something like that. It's pleasent to listen to, but much like some of the new Coldplay record, I won't remember it once it's over.
  6. Transparent Day: Oh what a happy tune, this ins't half bad but the vocals are so boring.
  7. Leilya: The beginning isn't that great, but that acoustic section that fades in and is over the track is nice. But this isn't anything special. I wish that would have lasted longer.
  8. Here's Where You Belong: Another song that is just Okay.
  9. If You Want This Love: This track also appeared on 1966's Vol. One. Suprise, this is just okay. To be honest this sounds like it could be a re-write of Love Potion No. 9. And that solo is too short to be awesome.
  10. 'Scuse Me, Miss Rose: This ain't half bad in the beginning. It has some promise. To be completely honest, get a different singer, and this would be a keeper.
  11. High Goin': That as a decent closer, I was gald when I heard it.
Overall I have to give this album a 5/10. I mean this is pychedelic rock/pop. What do you expect, it isn't anything mind blowing or breathe taking. I'll never revisit this, and really don't care either. I think the best part is the thing that looks like a girl as Bowie on the Hunky Dory cover in that picture. The only difference is she's cute.

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