Monday, January 18, 2016

D-I-V-O-R-C-E - Tammy Wynette
I can't say I like country, it's more tracks. But I do have a bit of a crush on Tammy. I mean for one she's beautiful, and shes a pretty great singer. I contemplated reviewing her best song, Stand By Your Man, but as a while that album isn't that amazing. There were still some stand outs so I may, but who knows. I decided to review this, now, because why the hell not. I'm on a roll baby, and lets see how many I get done this month.
  1. Gentle on my Mind: This is a Glen Campbell cover, which was the 1967 Title Track off that album. This has some nice finger pickin' in the beginning, and I like Tammy's vocals. This is a nice way to start off the album, and makes me want to.... It makes me feel like this might not be half bad. The drums and percussion have this sort of fun feeling to it. I mean it isn't a fun song, but it is kind of. Like I imagine if I played this it'd be sort of fun.
  2. Honey: This song sort of reminds me of a song I can't quite think of the title. MacArthur's Park, the backing track if you took out the twang and country feeling. This is a cover of the Bobby Goldsboro tune from 1968. This song sort of gets larger, but it sounds good to me. It doesn't bother me. Two for two, damn Tammy you're impressing me ;)
  3. Legend of Bonnie and Cylde: This is probably the wrong word, but this makes me think of skiffle. Damn, we got some nice guitar work, fills and whoever this session musician kudos bro. This is a solid ass song, all around really. Oh also this is a cover of the Title Track off another 1968 record, this time by Merle Haggard and The Strangers.
  4. All Night Long: This is a slower tune, but this isn't bad. On Stand By Your Man I remember there being a few of these. This is nice that there isn't one after another after another. I might be wrong, but I think this is the first original. Even though it was written by Don Chapel.
  5. Sweet Dreams: This is a cover of a tune dating back to 1955. I think it said the originally by the songs writer Don Gibson. Numerous artists would cover this Emmylou Harris, Patsy Cline, Roy Buchannon and even a collaboration between Chet Atkins and Mark Knopfler are the ones I know. This isn't that bad of a tune, more or less the same thing as the last track. But it goes by fast, and it doesn't bore me.
  6. Yesterday: This is a cover of the famous Help! tune by The Beatles. This is a pretty solid cover, but I think it's kind of a hard song to mess up. I mean it kind of falls in with the other covers I've heard that aren't as good as the original. But at least this has a bit of a country twang and the backing harmonies are nice. Plus, glad to hear Tammy's pipes on this tune.
  7. D-I-V-O-R-C-E: Alright, this is a phenomenal track. I've never had a divorce, but I kinda of imagine this would give me comfort if I was going thought one. A great written pop song is catchy, it gets stuck in your head but it doesn't fade. It can also stick to a theme or a style and does in creatively. Now like I said I have never been divorced, I'm not even in a relationship, but this song paints a very vivid image of what it'd be like to have a young child. Be getting divorced and trying to not upset him, by way of spelling out words for him to not understand. This is a very powerful, simple musically, song. And it's odd how much it "hits home" with me, without ever having an experience for this to "hit". I think that's part of being a good writer, you make someone else feel you, feel your situation, make it seem real. It's not fairy tale, not something where everything will be alright, its the end of something.... It's life. The only thing anyone can assure you in life is death, and in which its an ending. And another reason this is great, it isn't a track that asks you to feel bad for it. It doesn't force you, you just naturally feel. It could be me, but as far as country goes this is one of the best songs ever written. 
  8. Come On Home: This is okay I guess, I mean it's nothing special. I've heard it before on this record, but he singing is the only thing at this point saving this record. I really hope there aren't any tunes that are in this style after this. Give me something else to bite on.
  9. Where There's A Fire In Your Heart: See this is why I love you, and upbeat dancable tune that is pretty damn fun. I'm also digging that slide guitar. The only real complaint is the fade out. It kind of happens quick.
  10. Kiss Away: Another sort of slow ballad, well at least I got a change of pace. So I mean.... And this isn't that terrible. Honestly, I'm kind of suprised by how not bored I am. These vocals are killing me, in one of the best way possible.
  11. Lonely Street: I wish I knew this track prior to the Magic Whip review, I could have made a "this is not a cover of the 1968 Tammy Wynette track." Although it was Lonesome...... Whatever here we get a track this is pretty nice to close this, and even though it is very similar sonically it isn't to repetitive. It's a nice little touch.
Overall I have to give this album a 7/10. Okay I'm either loosing my mind, but I liked a country, Nashville sound, record. Yes it was Tammy but still. That music usually bores me. Maybe I'm going crazy, maybe after hearing two days at work of new country and hearing how it is more garbage bull shit than a lot of hip hop music..... I don't know. I do know this is pretty damn solid, and I think you should check it out. Maybe my next review should be Aids-a-delic:D...... By the way, I will do one of those albums, just not sure which I'll do.

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