Thursday, January 21, 2016

Ghosts of Download - Blondie

This is the newest album released by New Wave legends Blondie. Their last album was released in 2011. And before that their last was from 2003. So they really don't release them very often anymore. So I was kind of looking forward to this album. They have a lot of features on this album, maybe because they are trying to make a current album. Now I know they also added the whole Blondie 4(0)Ever rerecordings with this, but why waste time doing that. I heard it, and to be honest it's ok.... not as good as the originals but I'm focusing on the new material. Actually I preferred Comeblack's rerecorded song over this album's. Although, that isn't anything special either.
  1. Sugar On The Side: This track features someone called Systema Solar. I mean I like this song, and I like the accordion thingy. But I'm not huge into the chorus and how she doesn't keep up with it. Also the whole Spanish part is just OK. There is something humorous though about this track. I wish I could speak spanish, but I still do enjoy the track.
  2. Rave: This track features someone named Miss Guy. I like some of the electronics on this tune. It's kind of fun to hear, and it also reminds me of a song I like a bit Prepare For The Fight by The Lovemakers.
  3. A Rose By Any Name: This is another Ok song, that the worst part is the chorus. I like that Blondie isn't afraid of EDM and trying to embrace it, but you know. This song is p[retty decent, I mean I don't love it, but it doesn't hurt or bother me to listen to.
  4. Winter: There is something about his tune that makes me think of winter. I'm kidding, but to be serious this isn't half bad. I like the atmosphere and I like the synths on the track. I also dig the guitars and the over all just feel.
  5. I Drag You Around: I really dig this tune, it's simple but there is something that's peaceful abou it. I could kind of see my self being upset and visiting this tune to sort of come to reality. Not like insane depressed or anything like that, but sort of a "friend" to rely on down you know.
  6. I Screwed Up: This track features someone known as Los Rakas. I've heard this numerous time, and the chorus is what kills it. I mean I think it could be a solid tune in the verses, but that off ness of the chorus is just.... it doesn't really work for me. I mean it sort of works better in later choruses, but that first one just ..... it takes me too out of the tune. And the rap is just..... Okay I guess. That guitar, the nylon sounding one, is pretty solid I think to the fade.
  7. Relax: This is a Frankie Goes To Hollywood cover. This is a piano ballad rendition, until the ending. But to be honest, while it's different from the original, it's not nearly as good and Debbie sounds kind of bored. That is until the songs half over, then they make a techno sounding version that sounds more like the music from DDR.
  8. Take Me In The Night: I don't really know what to say about this. It's okay, but I mean I'd probably skip it if not for the review. The sort of bridge is pretty solid in my opinion though.
  9. Make A Way: I don't really have anything to say I didn't say in the previous track.
  10. Mile High: I think this sounds like a song I would have heard in High School on the bus to Summer School. So I guess there is some nostalgia value, thought I don't love it, but I do like this tune.
  11. Euphoria: This kind of sounds like a glitchy remix of The Sign by Ace of Base. I dig that tune, but I mean.... This isn't as good. Or like another song is playing in the background while I'm listening to this because I was on a Tab site or something. If you play guitar you know what I'm talking about. I like some of the 80's sounds here though. This does go a little long though.
  12. Take It Back: Ehhh
  13. Backroom: Not half bad but again..... I don't really know how to feel., It's okay I guess.
Overall I have to give this album a 5/10. This might have worked better as an EP, but I mean I don't like the 13 tracks. It isn't terrible, but I just...... I just don't really think it's as good as I wanted. I still think it's cool they tried this and did something more current, it just didn't work for me. This feels like more of a celebration album than a serious one though so.... whatever it may be, it wasn't horrible.

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