Sunday, January 31, 2016

More, More, More - The Andrea True Connection

This is the debut album by, then porn star, Andrea True. The story goes she was in Jamaica for a commercial, got some money, the money couldn't leave (for whatever reason) the country so she invested in a record. She then called Gregg Diamond to produce, arranged and write some song (which ended up being all of them). The thing is, that I can't get how this was released on Buddah Records. A label that dropped Captain Beefheart because he wasn't poppy enough, which makes sense, but still. After all the label [and it's subsidies] are responsible for helping artists release such singles  as  Lean On Me , Super Fly (Curtorm), but it also spawned the devil's bubblegum pop. With singles such as Yummy, Yummy, Yummy and many other pop hits. Now, as everyone knows, the Mr. Bungle review is waiting for me to watch Raw Footage, so why not watch some of Andrea's films before posting this. Plus she's pretty attractive, so why not do a little extra "research" before I complete the review. Oh and one last comment, Gregg had to have known she was a Pornstar.... look at these titles. I mean they aren't overtly, some are more of a stretch, but none the less. I mean I could see someone making an innuendo with any one of theses titles, with the exception of the Heart to Heart part of Fill Me Up (the worst offender). But anyway, who cares really. Let's get this review on.
  1. Party Line: Blowfly, you sick perverse bastard, you have destroyed my innocence. I will now forever misread that as Panty Line because of you..... I'm kidding, but I do always read that in my head as Panty Line for whatever reason. This song is very slick sounding, and just sounds like a bunch of fun. I kind of feel like this is classic disco sound, It slightly bothers me this isn't in a movie with disco tunes. I mean for all the bullshit there are this isn't half bad. And even thought it isn't a "thought provoking character study" who the fuck cares. It's fun, and I'd boogie with you Andrea.
  2. Keep it Longer: For you I will Andrea ;) This opens with some fun strings and it's just a fun old time. This kind of makes me what to just kick back, dance, and not give a crap about the world. I mean it's disco, what can I really say. I like that instrumental section and am diging the bass playing that is happening.
  3. More, More, More: This song is a song you will know. I think it was recently in a Swifer mop commercial. This isn't surprising it's a hit, you can't get the chorus out of my head. I do like this song, the chorus is probably the weakest part for me though. This is so smooth I really don't know what to say. It just goes down like it's lubricated and just is pleasant to my ears. There are times where I feel like she's singing in that AFL or whatever where people like to hear the soft voice to help them fall asleep, but it's really a sexual thing. Makes sense, considering Andrea's career.
  4. Fill Me Up (Heart to Heart): This intro kind of reminds me of the song, For The Love of Money (just a bit). This is also probably a stick out as my favorite track, besides the hit. I really like everything that's happening here, from the vocals to the guitar riff (back and forth) and the bass and the drums. The strings and the keys too are great. The only complaint is it's over 10 minutes long. Maybe a shorter version would have sufficed. Like if this was cut in half it'd accomplish the same thing as it would at 10 minutes. In fact the 7 minutes extended mix of Can't Stop The Music is more warranted than this 10 minute version.
  5. Call Me: This closes the album, and all things aside this still isn't that bad. I mean maybe higher mixed vocals, but still this feels like an ending. There is just an completion feeling that come when listening to this long instrumental intro. While this is long too, it's not a bad as the last track. I also think the strings are more interesting, but who cares. This is fun, and this as a whole went down pretty easy.
Overall I have to give this record a 6/10. I mean it's clean and poppy enough to be on Buddah, it's just odd they associated themselves with a pornstar. As a whole I don't think any tracks here are bad, some are better, but nothing is overtly bad. While in reality I could have just done a quick, not track by track review of this, I still think you should listen to this. It's so slick, and shiny I feel like this IS disco. Or at least a sonic equivalent of what I looks like. I don't know if I'm doing the White Witch album, and if I can get my ears on a copy of War Machine I may do that.... but who knows. What's Your Name, What's Your Number is a solid track. Also I watched Lialeh, it was pretty solid for a porno. 

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