Thursday, January 7, 2016

Metal Magic - Pantera

I planned on doing this New Years Eve, but I feel God had other plans. I don't really want to talk about it, because I know it's for the best, but my grandfather died on New Years Eve. I was there when he died, and he was surrounded by family, I couldn't ask for anything better. So I will still review this, just not the intended date. In honor of the recently release (December 4th, 2015) Pantera compilation 1990-2001 and the fact they won't pretty much don't acknowledge that they came out with albums before Cowboys, I decide to only review their 80's albums. After that I'll do the 90's, I may do all of their albums up to Reinventing the Steel, but not until the first four records have published reviews. In fact I think the only reason any knows this cover anymore is if they are a die hard, or have seen it on a list of worst cover. The other possible outcome being that they, like me, stumbled upon it one way or another. Oh by the way, don't say this isn't Pantera because the only member who was on Cowboys that wasn't on this is Phil. That's because Terry Glaze is on vocals for the his one. This album was released on their own label Metal Magic Records on June 10th, 1983. So 7 years prior to Cowboys. Also this was on the 20 terrible debuts by great artists list from rolling stone... So chances are its fucking good :)
  1. Ride My Rocket: Opening with a title, that with this cover, is cheesy as hell. Opening the album we get what sounds like people cheering, then it progressively gets turned into a loop and hypnotic. I could almost see this being on a Hawkwind record. I can't imagine the song, but the main riff reminds me a tad of Detroit Rock City. When the song plays it isn't terrible, just kind of forgettable and generic. But I can tolerate it.
  2. I'll Be Alright: I'm so damn close to making a Kenny Logins joke. I'm going to be 100% honest right now, this reminds me of Judas Priest. But one of the good songs by them. There a a lot of forgettable songs of their's from the 80's that seem to appear on greatest hits, songs like Delivering The Goods or Unity. Both terrible songs, this is more in line with the heavy hitters.
  3. Tell Me If You Want It: "Tell Me if you need it. I'll be walking outside the door, around you I'll confide it". This is so 80's it isn't even funny. That isn't a bad thing, I just can totally see this being of it's time. Although, Diamond is really killing this solo. Nice to hear something that uses the same distortion as Cemetery Gates this early.
  4. Latest Lover: This is pretty generic 80's I could almost mix this up for a number of bands. I don't know.
  5. Biggest Part of Me: The beginning has synths that remind me of something I can't pin down. But this song turns into a pretty generic power ballad. Also maybe if the album was an Ep this would go over better.
  6. Metal Magic: Do I like the title track, yes. To be completely honest, it makes sense this is how theyd sound. This is hair metal, but there are hints of like Priest in this. This was the first track i heard alone, and you know, I liked it. Honestly, outside of the vocals, this could be a priest song. I do like that Halloween-esque horror film vocal thing and its got tasty distortion on this. If I'm being honest, lots of glam metal/hair metal groups look and sound faggy. They just sound weak and don't deserve the Metal title. But this, while yeah it kind of is, its not half bad. I won't listen to it outside of maybe to remember because I forgot about it, but its not terrible. 
  7. Widow Maker: I really don't know what to say other than, Priest track. Also terrible name for a song.
  8. Nothin' On (But the Radio): I have to say, me personally, I think this is the stupidest fucking title ever. It bothers me a bit. What the fuck am I listen to, there is this beat in the beginning. It almost sounds like it's a joke, then it goes into a rendition of Hearbreakerby Pat Benetar. Shockingly, this chorus is more 80's than anything I've heard her.
  9. Sad Lover: Ah, what could be better than hearing Diamond Darrell playing guitar on two song with the word Lover in the title, and it having a very ordinary word in front of it. To be honest that song came and went. Also I feel it takes too long with the fake ending and then how it comes back.
  10. Rock  Out!: "With you cock out, like who this kid, it's just something I've seen Prince do. Its true. No matter what, I'm showing up Who gives a flying floating fuck What people say, or think? Cause end of the day, start of the day they all said we wouldn't get here anyway You blink, and Wolf Gang's in this bitch...". 
Overall I have to give this album a 4/10. Is it their best, no. Is it a piece of shit, no. I still think it's worth checking out where they started. I hate when people do stupid shit and try to cover up their past. We deserve to hear it if you released it. Even if it's an hour of you shitting, you released it. Let us hear it. There was a episode of South Park and it brought up an interesting point. Once you put out art and it touches people it not longer is yours, it's everyone's. It's for anyone to enjoy and have and hold and used for their own use. Hiding this and covering it up is like cover up all the embarrassing parts of history because no one wants to admit it. I'm also of the belief, if you are truly a fan of something you will be able to critically analyze and understand why you don't like certain parts of their career, or story or whatever it may be. At the end of this confusing pointless paragraph, this is pretty generic but if you like 80's glam metal or Pantera then just check it out. If you want to just hear it for shitts and giggles, then there's that choice too. But I've heard far worse music than this.

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