Friday, January 29, 2016

Highway to Hell - AC/DC

I figured I'd review this because I have stuff to actually say about this album. I can't say anything about Back In Black because it'd be either, this blows or too repetitive and uninteresting. Now I can't believe I'm doing this review, but to be completely honest outside of the reviews I do for this band I don't listen to them anymore. I wrote a very heartbreaking, for me at least, review of T.N.T. the album that I held highest (behind the Aussie High Voltage). I'd usually do a review of the Aussie version, but they are the same songs, and the cover for that's just as dumb as this bands direction post-1977. This is also the last album to feature Bon Scott., who would die from alcohol poisoning. I read a review once and it said "it takes a real asshole to write a song called drink to a year after you lead singer dies if alcohol poisoning." I laughed but whatever.
  1. Highway to Hell: This song is very over played it's like Stairway to Heaven. But the thing is even thought that song has no effect on me, the solo is still pretty solid. And even if every note of the moving ibtro is stolen, that solo keeps that song off my never listen to again list. I can't conjur a good thing to say about this song, it's just so....... It's so dumb it gets crossed out. Infact this song doesn't even play a part in the score of the album. I'll be fair. Still not as dumb as TNT, but this time I don't... There was something about that last album that let it slide, but not this time.
  2. Girls Got Rhythm: Sounds like a remake of You Ain't Got A Hold on Me off their 1975 debut album. Really, I don't remember if I said this, but I could sing this song to that song while it was playing. That irritates me the wrong way, not the right way. I mean this song on it's own isn't terrible, but that whole thing bugs me a bit. There is a groove that reminds me of that first album, and the second, so maybe it's why I don't despise this.
  3. Walk All Over You: This opens pretty decently. I mean there is a real rocking feeling that harkens to the feeling of Let There Be Rock. I mean yes this kind of sounds like a mix of the title track and Whole Lotta Rosie.... but again I isn't a sin. But as the song progresses it makes me loose all interest, really. The verses are so boring, the instrumental parts are the only thing that make this at all worth listening to. Really.
  4. Touch Too Much: Stupid Uncle Fuckers, sorry that was harsh. I can't get behind the title. I feel this is kind of childish really. A bit too forward. This really sounds like a song that could be on an 80's record or 90's album by the group. I mean the production here isn't terrible, there is still some 70's stuff here. But not raw enough. Thought at the same time, this doesn't really sound like the groups call and response vocals. They must have mixed it different.
  5. Beating Around the Bush: Kind of a dumb title, also a dumb song. Sounded cool when I was twelve, but not anymore. It's lost its coolness factor. Also fuck them for stealing the riff to Oh Well. But seriously, tons of people steal stuff form other songs. I can go on and one, one of my favorite Bowie songs Queen Bitch pretty much stole the riff to Three Steps to Heaven by Eddie Cochran. But this just sounds like they pulled a Jimmy Page, in changing it just enough to make it your own. And even though I like songs what sound odd, with a weird time signature, this track just doesn't click at all.
  6. Shot Down in Flames: I mean, it's an okay track
  7. Get it Hot: Takin' Care of Business everyday. Also I'm pretty sure this is based of another track by these guys.
  8. If You Want Blood (You've Got It): This isn't that terrible of a song titles, and I had expect high hopes out of it. First mistake. I mean they named "one of the best live albums ever" after this song. It's not like reading something widly regarded as the "one of the best" could be bad. Second mistake. I think this is taken best with a "If You're Fucking Dumb (You'll Like This)" rendition I wrote after the first chorus. Why, well boredom.
  9. Love Hungry Man: I think they're hungry for something else that comes from men...... what? Nice solo though, even though you could mix the intro to that last and this track up.
  10. Nigthcrawler: The slowest most boring motherfucker I've ever heard, maybe in my life. And this is coming from someone who enjoys. Also a shit way to end an album.
Overall this deserves a 5/10. This song, like every other song by this band (unless noted as an exception on my reviews), doesn't do well with open minded people. Or people who pick up on patterns. I mean I guess people can like this, but I mean I'd have to lobotomize myself to probably stop and be able to not pick it apart and keep getting the same result, track after track. Also their songs titles sound like a five year old came up with them. How the fuck could this band make Let There Be Rock (album) and Love Song.

In all honesty, all joking and humour aside, I just don't find why this is their among best albums. Let There Be Rock is one of the best rock records ever. How could they go from the raw power of that album and make this piece of clean.... poop. Seriously I kind of think this album is terrible, all jokes aside. The thing is the 1980 record is even worse. These are the albums that lead to me not liking this band, not their best 1974-1977 albums. Really I'm not kidding. 

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