Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2001: A Sex Odyssey - Blowfly

So let's keep this train a rollin' and review another record. This is the 1996 or 1997, different sites day different dates, album by the classic Blowfly. There isn't much info that I can find on this album. AllMusic doesn't even have a review with info for this specific album. But I'm pretty sure this is from 1997 and I'm putting it as that. This was released on Hot Productions and was one of his few released on that label. One thing for certain is this is one of the first album I heard by Blowfly, and it may not be is best but is a good starting spot. Also I want to note, I don't know if all theses are parodies so.
  1. 2001: A Sex Odyssey: This takes spoof of the Also sprach Zarathustra  by Strauss. It was the theme used in Space Odyssey. It's funny because this isn't the first time he's using that song, that honor goes to the appearance on Zodiac from 1975. Also for the record, I never though that was too bad.
  2. Cum For Me: This could be a parody, but I'm not sure of the original. I do like the tune though. This has a DDR vibe to it, but not the annoying songs. This is pretty solid, almost a song that could be (with clean lyrics) in Night at the Roxbury. Also if Fly's correct about being the first rapper ever, he's also the only one to say he has a small member. I really like the chorus vocals, they aren't as bad as some of the other vocals one later albums (post-1980's). Also that woman is hilarious, she appears on other tracks. I got to find out who she is, I hope she is on other albums (not just Fly records).
  3. Y.M.C.(G.)A.(Y.): This is pretty obvious the spoof. The Village People's hit Y.M.C.A. from the 70's. The intro to this makes it ok for him to make a track like this. I guess it does, I mean I don't need him to justify why he can I still think it's kinda funny. This is only made all the more funny now that I reviewed two of their records. 
  4. Another One Learns To Fuck: I'm surprised he didn't do this sooner. This is the Queen track from 1980 Another One Bites The Dust
  5. Insomnia: Thanks in part to AllMusic I was able to find this is a parody of the track Insomnia by a group called Faithless. I mean to be completely honest, he changed the song to being about his dick not being able to sleep because of he's "horny". I didn't like the original, and I don't care for the remake either. The upside this one has is this is almost 4 minutes, the original is over 8.
  6. Planet Twat: I don't believe this to be a spoof, if it is let me know, but I can't think of a song or couldn't find one it was spoofing. Although, that part (the synths) sound very similar.
  7. Fuck Is Love: some tracks he spoofed here are old, even in 1996. This makes sense since its from the 90's. it's What Is Love by Haddaway from 1991. That is one of my favorite songs ever. Not only is it hilarious, it's music video is even more so. That beat thou, so infectious. I'm glad Fly'a dirtified this. 
  8. Please Don't Blow: A parody of KC & The Sunshine Band's number 1979 Please Don't Go. Now while I'm not insane about this band some of the originals and Fly parodies are pretty solid disco tunes. This on the other hand..... it is not. So honestly, I don't think he picked the best track to use you know.
  9. Blue Monday (How Does It Feel?): See, based off the title I can assume this is a parody of Dylan or The Doors. But when I listen to the track, I realize I don't really care for this. Thought it does remind me of Fashion Is Danger by FOTC.
  10. When Doves Cum: This is a spoof of the classic When Doves Cry off Purple Rain from 1984. The intro to this track features one of the funniest intros to a Fly song I've heard. It's him having sex and the woman is saying it's messed up. Classic.
  11. We Will Fuck You: Spoofing Queen's 1977 classic We Will Rock You off News To The World. This is the full track spoof, an earlier WWFU appeared on Fuck Wars, I believe, off 1988's Blowfly For President. To be honest, I don't like the original that much so this isn't really up my alley. I prefer the abridged version from BFP.
Overall I have to give this album a 6/10. Now someone who is into classic rock, or 90's electro music, may appreciate this album. This is also a good starting point for someone to maybe get into Blowfly. Outside of those two very redeeming qualities of that this album somewhat has lost it's flavor with me. And the thing with Blowfly is either I liked it at first and it grows on me, or I don't like it then it grows one me. This album has kind of done the opposite. Though I still enjoy it, it's not his best, but a good starting point. This covers songs from the 70s to 90s.

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