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HITNRUN Phase Two - Prince

A surprise release, dropped the 12th of December, this follows HITNRUN Phase One released earlier in 2015 (September). If you read that review, I kind of didn't really like that he did what he did there. There were previously released songs, some he remixed that led to results lesser than the original. Overall it was just kind of uninteresting. For all the interesting parts, there weren't as interesting by the end of the song. So here is Phase Two, a sequel and looking from the track listing you can tell. At least going in I know there are a few songs I like. I downloaded the album, and to be honest I didn't expect much from this.
  1. Baltimore: A song that I was bummed out wasn't on Phase One. It dropped as a single around the time you'd drop a single from the album for the last one. Like this dropped in May 2015, and the first Phase dropped in September. This song is pretty slick sounding. This is honestly how I feel The Purple One'd sound today. While I'm not crazy about some parts of what he's saying, I do think the sentiment is meant for the right reasons. Getting rid of guns all together solves nothing, bad guys will still get them. If that wirks, how come they found child pornography on Jared's computer? The track seems to be about the shootings and what not as of late. You know that Police bullshit. I'm not saying that the Police are in the right, I think if they were wrong let them hang. I meant it as its bullshit its happening. This is a very well put together song, and is probably how his last three should have sounded. I love those strings at the ending. Great, great, great, great song that melts my fears away. This is easily his best song in the last decade, better than FallInLove2Nite. For whatever reason, I get a Philly Soul feeling to this track. I should note, the original relase didn't have horns or strings. It was re-relased with added strings and horns. I've heard both versions, and this is the superior.
  2. RocknRoll Loveaffair: A solid track released as a single in November 2012. This version is the same as that single, well with the exception of added horns. I remembered why I never revisited this track, it sounds like a Revolution track. I mean I could swear that Lisa & Wendy or maybe Susan, spoke something on this track. The horns and strings remind me somewhat of that Under The Cherry Moon soundtrack. I don't think this is a terrific song, not as good as the last, but I do think it's a bit of nostalgia that would be nice to have. It isn't to the point of overkill, but it's nice you know.
  3. 2 Y. 2 D.: Not a fan of the title. Why not do it in the fashion of a Prince song and drop the 2-Y-2-D part and just what it stands for, with the obvious 2's. These horns in the beginning are pretty awesome, and that flute. Damn, this reminded me a bit of Roland Kirk or Dolph with that flute. But this song overall would be another snug addition to Parade. This almost reminds me of Boys & Girls. While I do like this, I could totally see me getting bothered by this in years to come.
  4. Look At Me, Look At U: This reminds me a ton of 70's soul. There was this record I was listening to and it sounded similar to this, 70's or 80's. I like the woodwinds on this tune and love that piano. The vocals are pretty solid and I think the bass here is nice too. This also has a nice solo in it as it's a very peaceful song. I could see this being on a contemporary Lets Get It On
  5. Stare: Another single that seemed to drop and was an outtake. It was almost for no reason. It's also one of the few Prince songs still on Spotify.  When I looked into it I guess it was Spotify exclusive until this album. Nice slap bass starting the track out, and this is pretty funky. The horns remind me of some other song a bit. And the horn solo section, or fill rather, remind me of the "solo" in Macho Man.
  6. Xtralovable: I had to check one this one. I was not sure if it was a single or not. And guess what, it's from 2011. If you are a nerd and care, this dates back to Vanity 6, written back in 1982 and demoed but scrapped. It was later rerecorded by Andy Allo to promote a tour for Prince. That version had a rap and was recorded and released in 2011, this version present here is from the 2013 release on the 3rdEyeGirl website (they dropped Andy's rap, and added horns). I'd assume with all that background info, I like the track. Why would I go through that for nothing right?
  7. Groovy Potential: I believe this was dropped as a free download, if I'm correct, and I think I had it before the release of the record. I'm glad I finally get a chance to hear it. This beginning makes the think of a lullaby. With the soft guitar, and "star dust effects" make me think of that more. I mean this is a solid tune, it's just I don't feel magic. I don't want him to do what he was doing, I just want to feel the magic I felt on album like 1999, Dirty Mind, Purple Rain even Sign "o" the Times. I mean this is pretty nice and good, I just..... I don't know. I do like the jazzy, real horns here. It's like a updated Prince.
  8. When She Comes: This title reminds me of The Velvet Underground's 1968 ballad Here She Comes Now. That's neither here nor there, damn I should review that record. Maybe this year... why not. Don't get me wrong, I love jazz.... but at this point..... the appeal this had has now gone.
  9. Screwdriver: The last song to be released prior, this is a February 2013 single. Oh, by the way, I'm not really feeling this one. Also I want to hear another copy of this, because it sounds like it was mixed horribly. Like the mixing from the other one. There isn't really much to say, this is rather straight forward. 
  10. Black Muse: This is kind of nice, but again, I mean..... I'm not ecstatic about this track. If you want it straight, my favorite part about this is it reminds me of the title Muse 2 the Pharaoh. Also there is hints of songs like Playing in the Sunshine's joy in this tune, but 7 minutes is a bit long for this. I'm completely honest, not digging this.
  11. Revelation: At this point, I want to make it 4 times to listen to the entire album. I mean I get this, but this isn't interesting. Part of this reminds me of Blackstar, and I'd much rather listen to that. It would play with sort of smooth jazz vibe. I can't stand smooth jazz. What's with this month. I wanted to finish up some reviews, and most of these have disappointed me. Seriously, I can barley listen to this. I just so badly want to skip................
  12. Big City: You really think this is going to fix the album...... make up for this disapoint ment. I'm sorry. It's just, the thing I love about The Purple One is he's fun... this is not.
Overall I have to give this album a 5/10. Out of the 12 tracks, 6 dropped prior to the record. This really functions as that Circle In the Rounds comparison. While it's nice to have tracks that are hard to find in one convenient place, that doesn't make this a good record. I guess, this could also be compared to his Chocolate Invasion and Slaughterhouse albums. I thought this would be a completely different record, but thankfully it came out not as a sequel to PlectrumElectrum, but as what he really would sound like in today's day and age. There were sounds that came from the past, and the Nostalgja is probably nice from fans from when this was coming out originally. I mean I like it, but I hope he does something new I guess. Move forward from this, but it's pretty nice regardless. Also even thought I enjoyed it, I can't really say I had fun listening to it. For whatever reason, when I returned the magic was gone. I don't remember if I mentioned but this took 3 time to listen to this entire record. It wasn't because it was had to do, it was because I wanted to listen to something else...... That isn't good for a Price record.

Also, even thought it might seem inappropriate, 

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