Thursday, January 14, 2016

Lego My Ego - Mercury Rev

So basically, I'm not expecting that Blackstar review to be complete until at least March. So yeah, this is the bonus Ep released with the 1992 re-release of Mercury Rev's 1991 debut album Yerself Is Steam. This was one of the first albums I added to the site for review. It wasn't until recently that I started the review. I hadn't even listened to this until this review. Considering how I needed some 90's reviews, I decided why not do this Ep. It's been sitting around, plus I really liked their Car Wash Hair single, thought I consider it more of an EP. Also, look at that girl, she's gorgeous. This could almost be screen shot from a Jess Franco film..... almost. Though if anyone knows where this photo is from, or who the model is I'd be ecstatic if you'd let me know. I'm serious.
  1. If You Want Me To Stay: This is a cover of the Sly & The Family Stone track. And if I'm being honest I like it. This opening reminds me of something that I'd hear Mike Patton doing. I'm 100% serious right now. Once it goes into the song I think the do a solid cover of the track. There are voices and things here that remind me of Mr. Bungle (in a good way). This is one of the funniest funk covers I've heard and you know they kind of make it their own, by way of Mr. Bungle. But I don't know, I still really like this. I also like the Wild Cherry-esque Brick House inflection vocals.
  2. Shhh/Peaceful / Very Sleepy Rivers - Live: A live version of a track that would be featured on from Yerself Is Steam. This opening reminds me a bit of like this was recorded in the audience vs an actual soundboard recording. But it also reminded me a bit of Street Collage section of Movement for the Common Man. This drum rhythm and atmosphere reminds me of Love Is A Fist, either that or Travolta. I mean I do think this is good, but if these comparisons come back.... I don't know. While this isn't that bad of a track I'm waiting to read a, featuring Mike Patton on vocals credit. I like how it gets more intense and freaks out, but at 14 minutes I think it's a little long. Also I should note the album version of Very Sleepy Rivers is 20 minutes long. Also I knew it, Shhh/Peaceful is a cover of the Miles Davis 1969 track from In A Silent Way.
  3. Frittering - Alt. Version: Another YIS track. I actually like this song, it's got a lot of feed back and there is some woodwinds. This is pleasant, sort of, but I mean it isn't like amazing. I think the song was a little too long.
  4. Coney Island Cyclone - Alt. Version: This is a track that finds it's original home on CWH. There is this sample that reminds me of Bungle, and then the song starts. I like the song, its not half bad. But I mean I can play Let It Be Me at parts. I think that's the right song. But the horns are nice touch on the song, it's just.... I don't know.
  5. Car Wash Hair - Extended Version: I wonder where this was originally from? I still like this song, and this version reminds me of the original. I can't complain about this.
  6. Syringe Mouth - Alt. Version: I don't want to go into to much detail, the reason being I want to save some for the album review, but I do enjoy this track. It's pretty solid.
  7. Blood On The Moon: I believe this to be one of two tracks not to be on another release, either YIS or CWH. This isn't half bad, I guess it was featured in some movie. Kind of reminds me of if Elliott Smith did psychedelic music. And with a very long thing. I don't know I've heard this before so it isn't as awesome.
  8. Chasing A Bee (Inside A Jar) - Alt. Version: The last track to be on CWH and also YIS. Oh this and all the other Alt. Versions were recorded during a John Peel session. Also the thing continues into this track. I remembered I liked this on the original single. But the thing is I mean this isn't anything special. I mean I like it, but not love.
Overall I have to give this EP a 5/10. This is like a better, not great but better, Flaming Lips. Sometimes when they do Deluxe Editions of albums, older ones, they release a Rarities Edition. That contains all non-album tracks. on there. Basically the tracks that are bonus tracks with the Deluxe Edition. This is basically that, except released separately and the following year vs 20 or 30 years later. I'll still pick up this 45. Why not? But seriously, there is something that I liked about Car Wash Hair that seems to be missing from here.

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