Friday, January 22, 2016

Days Are Gone - Haim

This is the debut album by sisters Haim. I've been waiting for this thing since the beginning of the summer. The one thing that sucks is in Cali it's always summer, in Chicago we have winter. This is perfect summer music. But whatever, I think after three years it's time to review this thing right. Well... Not three years, this September it'll be three years.
  1. Falling: I like this tune, it still seems pretty awesome. I mean I think the whole feeling of it is pretty nice and I love that bass. The vocals are really nice and the echo effect is pretty sick. I mean, there is an electronic element I think is working extremely well here. Also nice guitar solo, great tone too. I also love that "steel drum" sound towards the ending of the song. Nice little touch 
  2. Forever: I already reviewed this tune on its EP. I still dig it and it's pretty fun, to be honest. 
  3. The Wire: The opening of this reminds me so much of Eagles, until the vocals come in. I mean it still sort of reminds me of it, but it is much easier to take. This is a fun little ditty, that isn't really serious. I mean it could be, but I think it's best when taken as not a serious thing. I like the tones here and the synthesized bass on this things awesome. Then the strings at the ending are another nice touch. 
  4. If I Could Change Your Mind: This song is very 80's. Is that bad, no. I actually think it's kind of fun. It has that same feeling as Forever. I mean it's a different track, but there are some similarities. Also I love that whatever synth that sounds like chimes. Damn is that awesome. The handclap break down is another nice touch. 
  5. Honey & I: I really like this tune. It's pretty awesome and it's catchy. I like the backing vocals, and there is just something here that I didn't originally pick up on when the singles came out but with the record.... There was a sort of magic. I mean not Star Wars magic, but there is something that just clicks on this track. The overall feeling of this is pretty great and it feel like a 90's tune updated.
  6. Don't Save Me: This is a fun song, but it isn't as fun. The vocals remind me a bit of Stacy from Eisley at points in the vocals. I mean this song is very much in the style of the album, but at this point there isn't anything blowing me away. Like the hits happened, this is a bit weaker. 
  7. Days Are Gone: I wanna say my girl Alana, she's my favorite, is singing this. I'll check, but this has a weird vibe that is also sort of accessible. Really the only thing I can think of that has a sort of odd but easy to listen to feeling is Fashion. Though that's weirder, but still. Nice tune. 
  8. My Song 5: I like this song a lot, it's weird and I guess a garage band sort of demo. But I do really think this is a nice little addition to the album. The kind of dubstep feeling is kind of nice here. I think it doesn't overwhelm and work nice. But really I do like how this kind of breaks up some of the similar atmospheres songs. Nice guitar work here too. The remix with A$AP Ferg is pretty solid also. Plus the single has Alana'/s ass as the single pic......u You really can't loose with this one. 
  9. Go Slow: Another track on the Forever Ep, and well... I like it more than I used to to be honest. 
  10. Let Me Go: This opens with singing and an atmosphere. I kind of feel like the singing could be like an outtake from maybe The Wire. Or repurposed lyrics. This is pretty solid, with an intense verses section. I do like the percussion and and I'd love to see what was used to make this sound. The solo also works here, I like it. Solid tune and a nice surprise. I wasn't expecting this. The guitar also, towards the end, reminds me of Bond. That riff. Also the keyboard thing at the end, nice touch. 
  11. Running If You Call My Name: I don't care for this introduction much. I mean it works, but I'm not feeling it. And I know the live version of this is superior to the album version. This sounds too, produced? I mean it's pretty but, I want something to get me pumped or to give me closure. I'm not getting that here all that much. 
Overall I have to give this album a 7/10. This is a pretty fun record, what can I say. I think a lot of its strength come from the little touches here and there. That on top of th solid song writing, you have a solid album. I'm glad I decided to do this review or this month. :) It's always nice to hear something good again for the first time in a long time. Hopefully LP 2 throws left hooks and more sick percussion. 

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