Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Story of Light - Steve Vai

This is the 9th studio album by guitar virtuoso Steve Vai. I remember when I heard about this album, I was anticipating it's release. I was really into what it might sound like.... then I saw the cover. Now I appreciate it a lot more and thing it's kinda cool and fits the album, but back then I was an ignorant asshole sod I decided not to check it out. Now about 6 months short of 3 years later, I finally give it a spin. Well I did an informal review first time through and realized how good it was, then decided to give it multiple listens.
  1. The Story of Light: This song starts out the album and it has this foreign language voice that reminds me a ton of Scary Monsters' opener. You know what this track really reminds me of, oddly enough, Trance-Fusion. That's the 1988 tour solos album released 2006 by Zappa. Now Vai played with Frank back in the early 80's. Like I think from 1980-1981, no later than 82.
  2. Velorum: So far this album sounds very reminiscent of the 80's for me. Now this isn't a bad thing, this is a very triumphant album thus far. After the intro starts I hear beautiful strings that are just gorgeous. If the album keeps this up it's bound to at least get an 8. I casually listen to Buckethead's 2010 series The Pike where now he's one like 110. This track sounds like it could fit, following the strings, on one of those albums very easily, or at least one of the ones I've heard. Also I really dig that like double solo towards the ending, reminds me a bit of Inca's Road.
  3. John The Revelator: This song title sounds like a Priest or Yngwie song. This is also one of two tracks that features Beverly McClellan who I think was, according to her discography, on The Voice. This song opens with a sample, or what sounds like one. I assume it's Steve singing, but it reminds me of Axel's when he does that deep vocal harmony thing on tracks like Pretty Tied Up or Colma. You know, this is just an ok track, it's not as good as one of the other two before it. This not as cool 
  4. Book of the Seven Seals: This track segues from the last track and this is actually more engaging then the prior, and actually it's more gospel. I had my guitar and played a solo along and got so into that track, I can't really remember what happened.
  5. Creamsicle Sunset: A very approprate title for a track that sounds like it was recorded with a possible Hawaiian flavor to it. This also sounds a lot like, to me, Zoot Allures' title track. This is a great choice to follow that intense soulful track. This is a very mellow track that I just wanna fall asleep to, I really do feel like I'm st
  6. Gravity Storm: This sounds like that classic Vai that I know. I can't quite put my finger on what the riff reminds me of, but when I do, I will say what it is. I like that the soloing isn't the sole focus on this track. The elecytronics here are nice, and this just is a pretty solid track over all. I mean 
  7. Mullach a'tSi: This is a traditional Irish lullaby. I don't really like Irish things, but thats a little beside the point. This sounds very oriental in the intro to me. This title is very odd, but what ever. I really like this it's very relaxing. I also love that I picked up on the harp in the track. I love harp :)
  8. The Moon and I: I guess this was originally released in 2010 but was remixed for this album. This reminds me of another type of mellow song in the realm of ZA. This also sounds very 80's esque. This is a nice relaxing track and feels like a pleasant little instrument (with vocals). I wish there weren't vocals but I think it might run a little long.
  9. Weeping China Doll: This track really reminds me a ton, I mean a ton, of For The Love Of God. I really like the acoustic guitar sounding steel things right before the 2nd solo starts up. I really don't know what to say about this track. It's nice, but nothing new or special to add to this album.
  10. Racing the World: This has a nice change of pace, kind of, feeling to it. I wish the last trackwas cut and replaced with this instead, but you know it's all good. There is a bit of a Madden sound track feeling to this song. But you know.
  11. No More Amsterdam: Steve sings on this track. It's okay, I mean I really don't have much to say.
  12. Sunshine Electric Raindrops: Closing the album is a tune that's okay, I mean at this point it isn't special. It's just kind of a tune. Nice solo thought
Overall I have to give this album a 7/10. I need this album, and would go back in time and kick my ass to get it. I mean upon second time through it isn't a mind blowing, but you know it's okay. I still tink it's better than I expected, but yeah. Check it out if your so inclined.

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