Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ultraviolence (Deluxe) - Lana Del Rey

Finally, the day has come, this very well could be my last review of this woman. Now that doesn't mean I enjoy don't some Del Rey tracks, I do. It's just this and her last record are..... Poopy to me. This is the third album by Lana Del Rey, if you include her 2010 Lizzy Grant album. I already reviewed her 2012 LP Born to Die and I liked some songs on Paradise EP, which I still plan on doing. But regardless, I wonder how much of a Clockwork Orange theme this album may have? The album is set for June 17th, 2014 and I plan on having it up within that week. Also I plan on Larazetto going up soon this week also. Now unless you don't know how to read English, you know that was written well over a year ago. This is an album I've been sitting on since the day I heard it. The only reason I'm finishing it is because of Honeymoon and her appearance on BBtM. This review is historical because if I remember this contained the first time I made jokes instead of actually talking about the songs. So keeping as much intact from the review from June 2014, here's my review of the follow up to Born to Die.
  1. Cruel World: At 6 minutes and 39 seconds this song is way too long. This production kind of reminds me a little of the wasteland on Turn Blue. Well, that should probably be good enough. Also there's a part where is sounds like she stops singing or her voice cracks at the end, around 5:30ish.
  2. Ultraviolence: This track, while it sounds like her second album, this track is great. I can't believe how much I like this. Now does that mean it's a "TRACK OF ALL TIME", no.... but it's definitely one of the best I think of this year. This actually really reminds me of Bel Air, which was on the Paradise ep.
  3. Shades of Cool: The beginning of this reminds me of The Sprawl II mixed with James Bond Theme and when she starts singing a little of Skyfall. And when the song "explodes" she just doesn't hit those notes. I wonder what sounds better Lorde singing All Apologies or this. The guitar that overpowers her voice is a little too close to a Bond theme to be forgiven. Dan doesn't copy Jack White, yeah that's funny.
  4. Brooklyn Baby: This was a single released prior to the LP and you know, the strings are pretty but I can't really say that she's being funny. People feel like satire is an easy thing anyone can do. I don't think that's true. Part of satirizing something means being observant and paying attention and kind of not fitting the "stereo type" yourself. This song is the equivalent of if Oasis made a songs making fun of Britpop and other bands that pretty much just copied 60's music and The Beatles to a T. Not the "Fucking explain" sounds better on the clean version.
  5. West Coast: This song kind of just loses my interest after not to long. For whatever reason I re-read this title and the song Sell Out started playing in my head. And frankly my dear, I'd rather be listening to that. 
  6. Sad Girl: "Bad girl, nothing but a sad sad girl. Bad girl (I can do the whole song if you like). "See them out on the street at night, walkin' Picking up on all kinds of strangers If the price is right You can't score if you're pocket's tight But you want a good time You ask yourself who they are Like everybody else They come from near and far Bad girls, yeah" (I'm stopping because I don't know If I can have all they lyrics).
  7. Pretty When You Cry: uhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my ear hurts. I can't imagine this for someone with perfect pitch. But the title got me thinking, I can't think of anyone who's pretty when they cry. I mean yes you are not magically turned ugly whike you're crying, but while you cry I don't think people are gonna try and bone you. Unrelated but I'd you want to know good songs with cry in the title here's a few off the top of my head. Cry Baby Cry, When Doves Cry, Do The Cry Baby, Cry Me A River, The Sky is Crying, Cried
  8. Money Power Glory: What are other words that sound very strong and attractive to people. Sex Fame Memorial. No how about Sex Sex Sex. If you think of somethign let me know, cause I can't. Sadly. Or maybe go with the classic Dance Music Sex Romance.
  9. Fucked My Way Up to the Top: See this is why I should be a record producer, or an executive. ;) This very much so fits the rest of the style of the album. I mean alone it isn't horrible, but I mean those lyrics.... this is funny right. I guess it could be tongue and cheek, but I mean she doesn't pin me as the person who can pull this off.
  10. Old Money: At least when you get married you'll only need your something new, something borrowed and something blue. But I mean this sounds good, but this just drains you by the end of a sit through. I mean alone it's nice. It really does sound good. I listen to this alone, and the rest of the tracks alone. They work like that. But I mean, wouldn't you rather site front to back for an album. Also for whatever reason I'm waiting for the dumb Hunger Games song to start playing.
  11. The Other Woman: A cover of the amazing song done by Nina Simone. This, while not the original, isnt half bad. This in general is a great tune. But I mean at least she didn't kill the song like she did with her cover of Blue Velvet. Seriously, that hurts my ears to listen to. This is at least decent.
Now on to the bonus tracks from this album
  1. Black Beauty: The correct title is Black, Brown and Beautiful and it's... an album I haven't been album to get my fingers on so I can't say how I feel. Straight Ahead is solid and so is The Blues and the Abstract Truth. What I heard on Sound Pieces, Screaming The Blues and The Kennedy Dream are good, but I haven't heard the entire albums yet. Oh this track, yeah it's so so.
  2. Guns and Roses: No comment. Well other than Use Your Illusion I & II are the best studio albums and the best over all is Live 87-93. I do have a Gameboy, Its probably older than me. I got it as a hand me down. I'll save you the trouble, don't listen to that song.
  3. Florida Kilos: Hopefully I wont have any there, I don't want to get caught by Crockett and Tubbs. Nice voicing with the guitar. But as the song progresses, it makes me like it even less. Also, your really getting me hot Lana......... I'm kidding, just to let you know.
Overall I have to give this album a 4/10. At the end of the day any jokes were said in good fun. But now to be serious, the closest thing I think I have to a guilty pleasure when it comes to music is chanson music. In other words music along the lines of the Emmy Rossum albums, but still that kicks the crap out of this. Hell, outside from the title track I'd rather re-listen to Hebrews by Say Anything again and do a full review then sit front to back again through this. (PS on my RateYourMusic profile I did a short review of that, and some other album's also.) Something else I want to say is I looked up the instruments, just as I did on Honeymoon, and look at these. Philichorda, Mellotron, Pedal Steel, Saxophone, Electric Upright Bass, Omnichord. AHHHHHHHHH

ALSO I will be doing a Clarence Reid Month, a David Bowie Month and a Zappadon in November sometime in the near to next year.

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