Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Turn Blue - The Black Keys

This is the latest album from The Black Keys. Before this album was released I knew its be problematic. First the promo was way to similar to the last albums promo. They were using like 90's VHS quality tapes. Also that wasn't that funny, but that's really not the end of the world. What pissed me off was that the album continued their Danger Mouse collaborations after they said something along the lines of "we sold out on that last album". Also what's why psychedelic music, if you want to make good psychedelic music use Sonic Boom or MGMT as your producers. Now I don't know if you know that but I'm not huge on Brian, and the only thing he's done I liked was The Grey Album, which he only mixed previously recorded albums together. He did a great job, but still. Outside of listening to the Gorillaz's there isn't anything else that I'm even that remotely interested in that he's touched.
  1. Weight of Love: This is a track that sits at a long 6:50. The intro sounds psychedelic and is probably a great direction for the Keys to head. They aren't over using that stupid Danger Shit and this is a pretty interesting introduction. The vocals here are actually pretty cool, and I think this might possibly, with numerous listens, be my favorite Keys track I know. This is definitely their most experimental and ambitious I've heard. There is a very Breathe In The Air feeling I'm getting here. The ending reminds me a little of Black Sabbath's opener Black Sabbath. Overall a great track that I doubt will have others living up to it. Upon repeat listens this intro, until the percussion, reminds me a little of Gorillaz track Clint Eastwood. Maybe it's because of the western feeling of it.... I don't know, but all I know about this track is this is the best on the album, but I'd still get a better sence of what this is going for if I listened to Dark Side. That first note reminds me a little of Flight of the Conchords on one of their songs, I think it's Foux Du Fafa. As neat as this is, and baren a wasteland it paints I think it just doesn't 100% click with me.
  2. In Time: This is kind of a part two of the last track. Well, if there was a segue it'd work better and be cooler. Some of the guitar melodies are interesting here, but you know for some reason there isn't anything sticking to me. This is another Gilmore inspired solo. This also has a feeling of Dr. John's album Locked Down.
  3. Turn Blue: This is a pretty bland song, and the reason I use that word is because I don't care to think of any other description. This sounds like Foster The People's new album, but worse.
  4. Fever: This was the first track released from this album. And honestly the song reminds me way too much of El Camino, with the exception of making it more trippy/electronic. Upon first listen, esp with the backing vocals.............. If I didn't know multiple listens help I'd probably never listen to this song again. Also if the whole album is any foreshadow of this track..........
  5. Year In Review: This intro reminds me of Haim. But I can't stand this title, why I hope it's not gonna be a political message. But overall there wasn't anything that I picked up from that track. This is a pretty straight song, but you know it just doesn't click with me.
  6. Bullet in the Brain: This is another decent song, but it kind of just gets lost in this albums "wasteland". As much as I like the ideas going on here, there isn't anything that makes me want to come back other than to not be indecisive about it.
  7. It's Up To You Now: This song sounds like a I Want Candy, but more in line with the original. Also I think those wolf howls sounded better in Howlin For You. Actually I'd rather them cover the song then play this song.
  8. Waiting On Words: I hope that he doesn't, post this album, use those falsetto vocals. Why, it's not that it's terrible, but he sounds like a girl. They should have just had a girl come in and sing this with him. But it's a decent song.
  9. 10 Lovers: You know, they were going for a soul thing, but then they have this kind of synth that after a few listens will probably grow against me. Why couldn't have they just cut that out. It'd be a better song and fit better on the album if they left it off. I'm also not into that noise that sounds like me speakers are broken.
  10. In Our Prime: Are you really? This is, no offense, kind of gay...... I mean the strings are kind of cool, but really this sounds like a rip of a Crimson song, mellotron. Just like with the Weight of Love I'll listen to the original instead. I do like how the song changes and the guitar fades out into an atmosphere. But still.
  11. Gotta Get Away: This is a pretty straight forward ending to the album. The thing is that this is a song that is so so. I think this remind me a little too much of a Bob Seger track, but maybe with a synth. And the vox aren't that great here.
Overall I have to give this album a 5/10. I am a supporter of the further experimentation and pushing boundaries in music. In order to do that you need to push you boundaries first. Now with at in mind you automatically score support in my eyes. The next things is when you experiment and grow you try new things, see of they work or not and then that shows where you stand on that idea. That scores you points in my book too. When you make and album called True Blue it should basically be an album before Attack & Release. While there are good intresting ideas here they just didn't work at all. I hope they decide to either throw in their bags or make another Thickfreakness or if they dont want to go back FIRE!!!!!!! DANGER MOUSE. Now in the future I may review their next album, but remember that unless certain things change it won't look very good. I was glad to see Fantano agreed with me on this being not so good. 

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