Sunday, May 18, 2014

Electric Revolution

This is the debut Ep by Kenosha, Wisconsin band Electric Revolution. This was released earlier this year in 2014, and my friend Justin did a review here. I thought I would review this because it's an EP and the points he brought up were points I thought I could shed light upon.
  1. Helpless: This opens the album up. I like that this has a hint of Draw The Line in there, and the tones are pretty cool. But the thing is, in today's day and age this might as well be a cover/tribute band with their sound. The vocalist sings ok, but nothing that amazes me. It probably hurts the songs more. Also the song structure isn't interesting. I'm picking up Yngwie 80'a vocalist flavor here, but is rather listen to him. Malmsteen's much more interesting. 
  2. I'm Just Like You: This could pass as a Stone Temple Pilot track. You know, if Scott was afraid of singing out of tune so he doesn't try to hit pitches.
  3. Hero: Hey, I didn't know the Pilots teamed up with Scott Stap, you know after he had his voice removed. This guy can't sing enough power into his songs.
  4. The Love I Have: This song sounds like a Stray Cats song, and honestly is probably my favorite track here. I'm not saying it's good, just saying it's a nice little surprise. The vocals here remind me of Jerry Only. This actually could be a song off one of the Only led Misfits albums. Kind of Rockabilly flavorings here.
  5. Brand New Day: There isn't anything I'ven't said earlier that I could say here. Maybe the slower parts that are heavier are cooler, but nothing that is great.
  6. Gonna Make You Sweat: Justin mentioned jazzy drums, so I was looking forward to this track. The past two or three days I've been tampering with tones and listening to Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Wes Montgomery, The Ventures, The Shadows and other kind of things that would be jazz or surf music. Well, there isn't anything overtly jazzy here, this sounds just like an Aerosmith track, or maybe a Guns N Roses track. I know what he meant, but my hope was just a mis-communication.
Overall I have to give this EP a 4/10. These guys are a straight Steel Panther the thing is they aren't youthful and they probably won't ever change their sound. Also if they don't change a little tiny bit on their debut album I won't probably even take a chance listening to it. Sorry, if you want to check them out go on Spotify before you put up $5 for this ep. There isn't anything slightly revolutionary about this band.

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