Monday, July 14, 2014

Stay Gold - First Aid Kit

This is the third album by First Aid Kit. I listened to the LP front to back the day it came out. As I did with Lazaretto and Ultraviolence and The Hunting Party. To be honest, this is slightly not on par with those subpar albums. This is slightly lower.
  1. My Silver Lining: They are kind of cute. There's one thing. Also where is the Man and the Mountain. Also is there a play book that can help make this track better?
  2. Master Pretender: Question, is this guy an expert at exploding also. 
  3. Stay Gold: Stay hopeful Danny, you can do it. 
  4. Ceder Lane: I've heard of the lake, not the lane though.
  5. Shattered & Hollow: I wonder how Sleepy Mick & Phil are? He's getting older, they probably need a naps.
  6. The Bell: Lou Reed is a Stupid Man in 1979's The Bells.
  7. Waitress Song: What?
  8. Fleeting One: I wonder if this is a cover of the Children of Bodom collab with Fleet Foxes.
  9. Heaven Knows: What, this album was made?
  10. A Long Time Ago: In a galaxy far away. 
Overall I have to give this album a 3/10. My biggest problem is it gets boring fast. Also there aren't any surprises here at all. Hebrews I think was an all around better album then this, and it kinda sucked. To be completly Honest I began tuning ithis out upon first listen. 

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