Friday, September 18, 2015

Honeymoon - Lana Del Rey

This is the third, forth if you include her pre-Del Rey album under her real name Lizzy Grant 2010 release, album by singer Lana Del Rey. One of the first reviews I did was Born to Die back in 2012 and I liked that. Sadly I still haven't picked up a copy, but I also dug some tracks off Paradise. So I was anticipating the Dan Auerbach produced Ultraviolence (note this was before I saw Clockwork Orange. If It was after I'd probably have shit my pants in anticipation). That album ended up being kinda not very good. Actually a review of that will be coming out next month maybe.And after some of her worst string of promotional singles..... well you know how this is gonna be.
  1. Honeymoon: This is the only track I heard prior to the albums release. And to be honest, I don't remember a single note about this track. I have listened to it now -- times and nothing. I seriously don't retain anything, other than Lana sings, well a woman's voice, slow and that's all I can get. Not a good sign. But anyway, this very much sounds like it wants to be a subdued Skyfall. It doesn't come close.
  2. Music to Watch Boys to:  I prefer watching girls, but to each their own. I also prefer Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By. Much more interesting than this. All these singles, or promos, released to promote this album are so.......... boring. I kinda want to give this album a shot of heroin to at least give it some energy. This is like if Abel was seriously going to kill himself. Or he just wanted to seem more shallow sad.....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Actually It's funny, that wind in the background. I have and idea, but it'll have to wait till the end.
  3. Terence Loves You: Ah finally, a love ballad written to Phillip. They finally get to express their Canadian Love for one another. Another track that I heard before listening to he LP front to back, and it proves to me this albums seems to blur it'self together. I almost think I'm gonna have to listen one by one vs in bulk. Another Bond connection, that intro singing and arrangement sounds familiar to that of You Only Live Twice's. And I'm not acknowledging the reference in the song. At the end sing intro to the YOLT theme. Trust me.... it'll it's uncanny.
  4. God Knows I Tried: I thought it was I'm Good, maybe I'm dyslexic. "God know I tried, God knows I tired, God knows I tried. Surely God Will Look the other way"... actually it still kinda works. As much as I think the title is reminiscent of a far better song, actually a song that is at least good (thought it's fucking great). There is a song that I at this point care too little to look up, what it reminds me of. Thought there are hints of Ennio's classic Spaghetti Western scores echoed in the tracks. If you want a good modern take listen to Cat Edmonton's album from last year. There whole thing is pretty good though.
  5. High by the Beach: The first track released as a single, I believe the rest are just promo singles. It opens with an organ that I kinda like the vibe, but once the chorus comes in with the drum machine or programmed drums..... it looses it's "nostalgic" feeling for me. It just sounds... I mean it's not terrible. Its more of a drone to me than anything. And I've heard more exciting drones. And I literally mean drones.
  6. Freak: Ahhhhhhh (sound of pain)
  7. Art Deco: I hope she knows what that is. And sadly, first time through it just went in one ear out the other. Also her singing is so back it's more atmospheric than a singer actually singing on an album she stars on. This would be better fit as a filler, or lesser Bond themes. Well lesser lesser.
  8. Burnt Norton (Interlude): If you sub tracked her fucking voice, this wouldn't be that bad of an interlude. Actually this might be the best original song here. The words are taken from a T.S. Elliott poem, he's credited as writing the words.
  9. Religion: Never has there been such a thought provoking title of this capacity since awe inspiring Wow by Prince & 3RD EYE GIRL. I don't expect this to have any type of insightful, heartfelt and maybe something that makes me think. Nothing even close happens, in fact my brain shuts off. I want them to make a law, unless you are truly making a heartfelt expression, religion should be an illegal song topic. Like you can say it's retarded for all I care, just please do it with taste (and by that I mean do it with heart and emotion). Convince me I'm wrong for believing in God, you won't be able to, but at least try. Don't just go..... Shallow Shallow Shallow Religion Shallow Shallow Shallow UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also I looked it up to make sure I was right, I can't stand, I love you so much you're my religion type songs. They have become a cliche in their own right
  10. Salvatore: This has to be a tribute to Dali. Thought I prefer the shout out in Dali's Car. Hahaha, it's actually with a 'd' not a 't'. This word means savior in Italian. And I think it'd be awesome if she did an Italian feeling song. Get out the old pipe organ, or the accordion, or even an other Italian instrument I can't figure the name our form. But not Italian enough for me.  
  11. The Blackest Day: Dammit, if it was "the blackest night" I would have put the entire lyrics to Titties & Beer
  12. 24: "24 Hours Ago, __fill in the blanks__". There is a glimpse in this song where it seriously could go into a jazzier rendition of the Monty Norman theme.
  13. Swan Song: Is this a cover of Symphony X's new song, or did they do it later and release theirs first. While I was listening to this I told myself, I kinda wanna asphyxiate myself. Not for pleasure (I don't get how that sounds fun), no to hope I kill myself in the process. Also chocking yourself to death would be more exciting than anything on this album. I'll do that or put on Dead Goon. Which ever I'm in the mood for more. Though the strings here remind me a little of the more 90's songs on Beauty Beyond the Madness.
  14. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood: I've heard her ruin epics such as Blue Velvet, though Another Woman is a solid cover. So going into this I was unsure. But seriously, that Blue Velvet cover is horse shit.... it hurts to listen to. Opening with a organ that sounds very childish, or rather more like what you'd get from a child's organ. It also features I believe a music box. This opening has guitar that is very reminiscent of  Bang Bang, but strummed chords not that arpeggios. I'm getting more of a Bang Bang feeling from this more than a Nina Simone or Santa Esmeralda vibe. And I don't think she does a terrible job, I think the arrangement is very mellow, and should get more exciting, but maybe that's Leroy Gomez imprinted in my skull.
Overall I have to give to give this album a 4/10. I really can't say that I have any feelings on this. Serioulsy, I forgot how I felt after each song ended. This doesn't really have any highlights and it's more of a blur ;). I'll never revisit this album and never care too either. This album is so samey it's crazy. I mean all there songs sound like if they didn't stop at the end of each song, it'd be her take on 1975's Timewind. Anthony Fantano once said she steals her style from the past, which her look is very very indebted to the past. But this, the similarities to Nancy Sinatra are so forward it's garbage. I can now say, this is probably the worst year in music since I've been listening to new albums. Everyone who has been able to put out decent to great albums have either put out shit or uninteresting and forgettable music. Iron Maiden, Prince, Tyler the Creator, UFO, A$AP RockySublime with Rome, Scorpions (thought it's not too bad), Motörhead (again same as usual so), Retox, blur, Falling In Reverse hell even Faith No More. I've heard about 70 new albums this years and only about 11 of them would be eligible for a top ten of the year. And of that only like 4 are actually on the list of best albums of this past 5 years. And sadly those four probably wont be done until next year (the reviews). PS please listen to the new Tuncle Tacid album. It's an 8. Also when I look at the list of instruments actually used on this album (Mellotron, Omnichord, Sampler, Organ, Dulcimer, Celesta, Vox Organ). DAMN IT! Those are things I'd kill to touch let along use on an album. And you can't even hear them being unused in an interesting way. I almost want to give this a 3 for that.

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