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Go West - Village People

Well I am doing this review, so I didn't asphyxiate myself. I chose to do the alternative instead. This is the fourth studio album by Greenwich Village's disco group Village People. They were founded by Jacques Morali and Henri Belolo. Both men had success with a group prior, The Richmond Family. According to legend Morali, a homosexual, was frequenting gay bars in New York. One of which he saw a young Felipe working at (the Indian), he looked around and he took the costumes of the most common he professions people were dressed up as. That last sentence makes no sense, but basically the most common costume he saw he used as the basis for the Village People. He also named them after the Greenwich Village. Now how do I know this, I looked it up. Why should I review this, well I recently watched Can't Stop The Music. To be honest, it's just a little too long..... at spots. I mean it's not actually a good movie, its very campy, but its entertaining. The only serious problem is it's too long, it has terrible dialogue, and the lead singer (Police Officer/Patrol Man) Victor Willis isn't in it. He's honestly the thing that makes any of these songs, and any of their any songs. Well and its ridiculous, makes no sense and is also kinda stupid. So many non-sequitur esque jokes and scenes. And they should have been cut, especially since there is no room for the lines to breathe in this movie. Some lines are even cut off mid sentence. Hell if they cut the dumb fucking scenes maybe other scenes could have been drawn out. Whatever its the Village People so who would want to read this review. Well to those who believe this to be the fruit of love, I say then read on.
  1. In The Navy: This is a famous song which is kinda ridiculous. While not their best song its still worth listening to. I don't think the chorus is as effective as on the following track. It's kind of a little too over blown. This is also, like Y.M.C.A., very propagandist. Like seriously, under a different musical beat and style I could see the lyrics having been written to those two songs in the 40s or 30s. This, in list in the Navy help your country and grow. But it's like the lightest propaganda I've ever heard in music. It's almost in genius. What's the best propaganda, either shock or light hearted and openness. And the latter usually opens people up to your cause a lot easier. Victor Willis, the sadly unloved lyricist of the 70's. And if you actually read theses lyrics they paint a vague, but clear enough picture for you to get it. Oh also the beginning is so Santa Esmeralda it's not even funny. Hey two Esmerelda references in two days.
  2. Go West: Lets be honest with each other, we are all grown adults. Its 2015, I have a secret to admit. This [track] is the sole reason for this review. I really wanted to talk about this track and how much I love it. And if you disagree you suck. Based on Pachabel's famous Cannon in D (The Wedding Song, not Here Comes The Bride) this is just as moving as that piece, but for different reasons. Cannon in D gives me a feeling of reflection, and being associated with weddings, leads me to ponder on the past events of ones life leading up to "the happiest day of your life". Almost like a sitcoms finale, or a wedding in a sitcom. It's a real tear jerker in the same way Independence Day makes me reflect on my relationship with my father..... well not exactly but you know. It's that gut feeling that just makes you think and, honestly, feel. This on the other hand is glorious and large, even epic. Where one starts in the past and leads to the present, this takes off now leading to thoughts of the future. While it may be about living in Cali and going to beaches and living that free life, Or it could be about moving West because it was cool (acceptable) to be gay there in the 70's. Maybe it's a call back to the old phrase it's named [allegedly] after from the Gold Rush era. No matter what its about its all irrelevant to me. I believe it's best suited, and truly is meant as a " Go Forward" and "Don't Look Back" and there's A Better Tomorrow. And musically the song agrees 1000%. The strings, horns and vocals here are at top notch, and while I love cheese and camp this song is so happy it isn't really that cheesy. It's almost innocent... Hear me out, someone looking to move to better themselves. Someone being hopeful and there's a feeling, and the fact it's so happy, its a child like innocence. And this is also so infectious, as long as you are one of those people who has grown up since they were 15, I feel like there isn't anything wrong with LOVING this track. Well that and as long as your comfortable with you're sexuality. You know I feel like instead of having police talk people down, just blast this and it'll get the job done. There is no way it won't make your sadness dissipate, and just nonexistant for the full 4 minutes it runs. Who knows, maybe I'm looking to deep into a silly song from the 70's that might have more real meaning. But, as I've said so many times be fore, let's be honest.... I can't find a single flaw in this track at all. If you can I'd love for you to point it out. Please, I dare you. (Since it's hard to tell, this track is bolded and highlighted. That means it's one of my favorite songs ever.) {10/10}
  3. Citizen of the World: This is similar to In The Navy's intro and then most disco. This is a pretty solid track, I mean I think it's a 6 tops, but it's so disco I can't really say I think it's any better than any other disco track. The strings are pretty great, but that is something you often hear in other disco tracks. I do like the chorus, and the vibe of this track. But I mean it takes elements from the prior two tracks and just does them but waters them down or does them not as well. That's probably more accurate.
  4. I Wanna Shake Your Hand: When I saw this title the song that plays in my head is Milkshake, from the movie. When people thing of camp, don't think of Y.M.C.A. think of this instructional that gives you advice on how to shake your hand. It assures you not to be "shy" and that they "are not rude". I think this is either so ridiculous it was intentional, or it's part of the I Am Who I Am type of theme. Don't fear someone because they are different, except each other, equality. But that fricken rap, not hip-hop rap but what a rap was before the genre, it's.... just listen to this track. As dumb as this song is, it's not half bad.
  5. Get Away Holiday: Does this intro sound similar, the percussion. And you know I really can't say anything about this track that hasn't been said earlier. The instrumental break is pretty dandy. But it just takes me to the far better Macho Man. At 5:22 this song just kinda keeps going when I listen front to back. Maybe it's the anticipation of the review being over, maybe it's just I want to stop. But this is the least entertaining track here. Don't get me wrong that clavi (?) in the beginning sounds cool, but I don't know.
  6. Manhattan Woman: That first note, not percussion, synth reminds me of John Carpenter. And then to imagine these guys singing over John Carpenter. But the song comes to bloom, just as the others do.This is more interesting than the last track, and I think deserves some plays by it's self. This is at least on the same, or maybe a similar plain to that of In The Navy. I like that bass, and like the keys they could do something really interesting here, but they instead do the stereotypical Morali thing he does on this. Well the guy who arranged it does. I don't know. I can't really damn this, it may not be prefect, but there is still a charm I feel inside my soul. I also like the strings here.
Overall all I have to give this a 6/10. This album isn't that bad of an album. It's biggest downfall it's the repetition of sounding like other songs they'd done by then. While there are some variation, it's almost like a variation on a theme. This has saxophone and flute, this has cello and harpsichord, this has banjo and stylophone. Either that or they are all different movements of the same piece. But the thing is they are all basically the same thing, or similar enough. But the best tracks here are still decent to the sole AMAZING track. I'm gonna definitely do some more of there guys albums. I almost want to review their movie also. I'll do the soundtrack for sure, but like the movie on it's own. 

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