Sunday, September 27, 2015

Drones - Muse

Now I felt I should review this, considering I liked The 2nd Law as much as I did. Now I'm also aware there is a message, but I don't give a fuck. I mean I dig the messages of songs like Uprising and......... Uhm?........ That's really the only one I can think of off the top of my head. I also felt I should review this because the had an awesome cover if their song in Pitch Perfect 2, probably the best song in the entire movie. So let's dive in. Also I should note I mentioned in the last Muse review that I loved The King of Limbs, but then I heard Ok Computer. So I should note that I am not as in love with it. The guy who produced this has also produced such monstrosities as Highway to Hell, the awful Back In Black, the mostly garbage Hysteria, and worst of all Maroon 5's 2010 album Handsallover (even offering to produce that album for them). He has only contributed, in my eyes as good albums, Pyromania and High And Dry. I guess he was married to Shaina, so that thumbs up for him.... But he cheated with her friend and now they had a D-I-V-O-R-C-E because of it. So at least she's single last time I checked, :) [Note: This album has not been impacted by Mutt and my irritants regarding him. This is just a Muse record, not a Butt Lange album.]
  1. Dead Inside: While the hook was  interesting, and the song seemed not half bad I guess it hasn't clicked. Or well I guess it won't click. I could compare this to King Kunta, in that it's hooky but I just don't like them and they don't click for me, with my brain. Although I still kinda feel the King Kunta song, it's still a decently written song. This song though is too simple and not really enough going on or that makes me want it to click. It's more borderline, doesn't hold up well upon re-visitation. It only falls apart more.
  2. [Drill Sargent]: This is kind of a fucking stupid interlude. To be honest, that Drill Sargent sounds kinda weak.
  3. Psycho: The first thing that pops in me head from the riff is, I've heard this before. The first name that popped in my head was Marilyn Manson, then I thought no.... Well not entirely. The if the song was darker maybe, but outside of the pre-chorus I'm not feeling the connection. Also the whole breaks in the Sargent just make the song fucking stupid. And while I feel like this riff could be cool, not enough power. 
  4. Mercy: "Mercy Me, The Ecology". This song is kinda............. gay. Not like homosexual, but like if this was the 90s and I used the term. I hope that makes sense.
  5. Reapers: The beginning is an obvious cover of the Eddie Van Halen guest outtake of Modern Love. You know after hearing Beat ItBowie wanted to feature his shredding on the album. But after that part the song kind of turns to crap. With the addition of a Jack White guest solo, which who was asked to do a variation of his Lazaretto solo. Also, if it's not [the beginning] a cover of that it could be a variation on Play With Me by Extreme.
  6. The Handlers: This isn't any better or any worse than any of the previous tracks. Also I typed this without looking. Hopefully I don't have too many errors. I guess that electronic figured bass part sounds kinda neat. And about the typing thing, I meant this songs description, not the entire review. (This part was typed while looking: I don't know why, but I woke up today and thought to myself, sequence is the correct description. Or at least it sounds like it)
  7. [JFK]: Obviously standing for Jenny Forrest King, or something else with those initials. That guitar sound really scared me. I don't think I'll sleep for nights. Also, seriously, the strings on this track are one of the most interesting things on this album.
  8. Defector: ................................................... It's like the took the music that made them cool, and made it stupid. Like they literally took it, bashed it in the head, and left it to absorb the brain damage.
  9. Revolt: This is another non-offensive song that wouldn't be out of place in the New Wave category. Does that mean it's a good song, not necessarily. Does that mean I don't like it, for sake of thinking too much, I may be revisiting this track post-review.
  10. Aftermath: Is it the US or UK version. I prefer the UK version because, as a sort of rule of thumb the home country edition is the "official" version of the record. Though the one exception I've come across is the US version of Fireball is much better than the UK. This track, the guitar, vaguely reminds me at parts of Jimi Hendrix. This is soft, and relaxing. It isn't half bad, but I also feel like these bolded tracks here mean nothing. Like seriously, considering that the other tracks didn't offer much. But regardless, this is the best written song here. This would be a nice closer.
  11. The Globalist: At over 10 minutes this is long, nothing happens. By that I mean I can find a much more exciting song where this western style originated with Ennio Morricone. After that it kinda goes into a more rocking style. But I kinda feel like I've heard this before...... And it closes with a piano thingy. I really don't care enough to describe it beyond that. I give them props for playing with a song structured that's 10 minutes. But I kinda mentally check out before the acoustic guitar part is done. I looked it up, I think the thing I've heard before is the part of the The Enigma Variation that it's based on.
  12. Drones: Funny story, I was 17 and they were talking about drones. So I told my parents I'd run outside nude when the drones come by, so they'd have naked pictures of me and I'd sue the government. Sadly I never did it. :( Maybe if I did I could have gotten rid of these Sargent. And while this is angelic, I kinda feel like I'm not completely feeling it. I think the fact that the other songs took it out of me, and I'm waiting for "Glory Glory Hallelujah", I think it's safe to wrap this review up. Also you know what, fuck this. I jsut read it's based on some other piece of music and it's credited to someone not in Muse. It's also the only track here that isn't.
Overall I have to give this album a 5/10.What's with this year and bringing the few albums I'm anticipating and shitting on all of them. For the record I didn't really get into the whole concept, but I don't ever think I've looked at Muse for concepts, more for their music. The thing is this would be far more compelling if it came out, thematically wise, during or shortly after Vietnam. The thing is people hugely opposed that war, but now the war going on people oppose, but no one really gives enough of a shit. Not to say that people don't care, but there isn't as much of a youthful rebellion against a war, that we may or may not be necessary. Not that I don't find problem with the military and their practices, I do and that's why I'll never chose to join. But the thing is I still respect the people who chose to fight for my right to chose to not fight. They [Muse] didn't convince me the Military practices are evil, I know some of them are unethical... or at least were. At the end of the day I'd rather someone who fought in the war make this album instead of British people go back to their roots and try to convince me war is wrong because as bad as it is, I doubt human's will ever exist without it. I mean how else are the sadistic drill Sargent supposed to get off. ;)

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